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Developer Week 2019 Delhi + Spring 19 Features


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Delhi groups organized the massive Salesforce Developer Week 2019 Meetup.

Spring 19 Release Notes and Features

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Developer Week 2019 Delhi + Spring 19 Features

  1. 1. Developer Week 2019 LWC Meetup Gurgaon Developer Group New Delhi Developer Group Gurgaon WIT Noida WIT New Delhi WIT Noida Developer Group New Delhi Non Profit Group
  2. 2. Special Guests Nirankush, VP, Product Management, LWC, Salesforce Shashank Srivatsavaya, Developer Relations Team, Salesforce, India
  3. 3. Groups and Leaders New Delhi Salesforce DG - Atul Gupta and Nitin Gupta New Delhi WIT - Meenakshi Kalra Delhi Pardot Group - Prashant Gandhi Noida User Group - Pritam Shekhawat Noida WIT - Surbhi Narula Gurgaon WIT - Sonika Tomar Gurgaon Developer Group - Suraj Gupta
  4. 4. Hashtags and @mentions #codegoals #LWC #DeveloperWeek
  5. 5. Spring ’19 Release : Highlights Suraj Gupta and Atul Gupta New Delhi and Gurgaon Developer Group Leader
  6. 6. Suraj Gupta - About Me Technical Salesforce Consultant at makepositive, Gurgaon, India @surajSFDC
  7. 7. About Gurgaon Salesforce Developer Group ● Now back again with the new leaders : Suraj Gupta and Deepak Kumar Srivastava ● On-boarded in new trailblazer community (Bevy). ● We are back again with 51 members as a gurgaon salesforce community (#Ohana). ● Our aim is to catch most of the Salesforce Developers, and Introduce them from the community. ● Looking for the new speakers and awesome sessions. Call For Speakers Join Gurgaon Salesforce Community @gurgaon_sfdc
  8. 8. Atul Gupta - About Me Founder and Consultant, CloudVandana Solutions @atul31gupta
  9. 9. About New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group ● Leaders - Atul Gupta and Nitin Gupta @newdelhisfdcdug
  10. 10. Updates on Salesforce Platform Services Platform Encryption: Cache-Only Keys • key material outside of Salesforce using a key service • Fetch Key when you require (On-Demand) • Destroy and Rotate key material on demand and track cache-only key events. Change Data Capture • Receive near-real-time changes of Salesforce records, • Include all the CRUD operations. • Released previously, now Generally Available
  11. 11. Updates on Salesforce Platform Services High-Volume Platform Events • Use When you want publish and process millions of events • Works near real time. • Retain Event messages for up to three days . Salesforce Connect: External Change Data Capture • Receive near-real-time changes of Salesforce records in External Data Store • Changes includes all the curd operation on a record. • Now generally available.
  12. 12. Updates on Salesforce Platform Services Login Discovery for My Domain • Interview based or identity-first login. • Login using a unique identifier such as phone or email. • Directly login from facebook, gmail or any other Identity Provider.
  13. 13. Salesforce DX: Sandbox Cloning • Create the copy of sandbox without using production as source org. • Easily clone your own sandbox for work, no more wait for your colleague to finish work. Salesforce DX: Lightning Web Component Support for VS Code and the Salesforce CLI • No longer need to install or manage separate extension for LWC • Salesforce DX: Replay Debugger • Inspect your Apex execution through familiar debug logs and an intuitive user interface inside VS Code. Updates on Platform Developer Experience
  14. 14. ● Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update) To encourage everyone to work in Lightning Experience, users working in Salesforce Classic are switched to Lightning Experience on a weekly basis. ● Add Custom Resources to the Refreshed Lightning Experience Help Menu ● List View with Pinned Lists Updates on Salesforce Lightning
  15. 15. Lightning Flow Builder • It’s much faster and a lot of new features. • The whole new user interface. Lightning Experience Transition Assistant • Make easier for you to move your company to Lightning Experience. • Much and more simplified. • Step by Step process. • Pop-Out Utilities Windows • Multitasking is now easy, with the new pop-out utilities windows. • Updates on Salesforce Lightning