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Salesforce DX Test Data Migration

Salesforce Saturday session slides on Salesforce DX Test Data migration

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Salesforce DX Test Data Migration

  1. 1. About Me Abhishek Tripathi Salesforce Application Architect Lucknow Developer Group Leader Twitter : @cloudy_abhi Blog : About Me :
  2. 2. Going Social! @cloudy_abhi /@SalesforceDevs / #SalesforceDX / #SalesforceSaturday /@MadanKhichi Salesforce Developers / Abhi Tripathi
  3. 3. SalesforceDX : Data Migration INTRODUCING
  4. 4. Agenda  SalesforceDX overview  Key Features  Why Scratch Orgs  Developer Hub Orgs  Test Data Migration overview  Demo Time  Question & Answers.
  5. 5. Salesforce DX Overview  What is Salesforce DX ? Salesforce DX is a brand new developer experience that will change the way we bundle applications. The tool will provide integrated, end-to-end lifecycle design for high-performance agile development.  Why Salesforce DX ? Salesforce DX aims to remodel your development process by providing the major improvements required to manage a complex org with multiple development teams. To realize these improvements, Salesforce DX shifts the model of development from a monolithic org-based development process to a modular artifact based development process.
  6. 6. Key feature of Salesforce DX  Scratch Orgs  Source Sync  Salesforce Command Line Interface  Test Runner  Continuous Integration  Brand new Force IDE with DX Support
  7. 7. Why Scratch Orgs ? Scratch orgs are the right stuff—dedicated and configurable Salesforce environments that you can quickly spin up for many different purposes. They can be your own personal development environment, or you can create headless scratch orgs for automated tests.  Start a new project  Start a new feature branch  Test a new feature  Start automated testing  Perform development tasks directly in an org  Start from “scratch” with a fresh new org
  8. 8. Developer Hub orgs  The Dev Hub allows you to create, delete, and manage your Salesforce scratch orgs. After you set up your project on your local machine, you authorize with the Dev Hub org before you can create a scratch org
  9. 9. Create Scratch org JSON File Command to create
  10. 10. Link to Install Salesforce DX
  11. 11. Demo Time!
  12. 12. Continued..
  13. 13. Continued..
  14. 14. JSON Data file
  15. 15. Resources  Salesforce DX: Test Data migration using Salesforce DX  SalesforceDX : Get Started
  16. 16. Trailhead Modules Continuous Integration Using Salesforce DX Git and GitHub Basics App Development with Salesforce DX Salesforce DX Developmen Model Quick Start : Salesforce DX

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Salesforce Saturday session slides on Salesforce DX Test Data migration


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