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Delhi Salesforce Groups United Meetups

1:00 PM Entry/Registration
1:30 PM Welcome and Introductions to Sponsors, group leaders, and speakers
2:00 PM Speaker 1
2:30 PM Snacks and Networking
3:00 PM Speaker 2
3:30 PM Speaker 3
4:00 PM Games and Swag Distribution
4:30 PM Wind Up, Group pic

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  1. 1. What are my Users doing? Feature adoption tracking in Salesforce - Johann, 25.08.2019 -
  2. 2. LLC 2 • Introduction • What to track? • How to implement? • Demo time • What to do with gathered data? • Conclusion Agenda
  3. 3. LLC 3 Name: Johann Furmann Location: Berlin Job: Salesforce Nerd Dev/Admin: Dev by curiosity, Admin by heart Favorit question: Can this be removed? Trainings: 14x certified, 280+ Trailhead badges About me
  4. 4. LLC 4 Introduction – Story Time I use that all the time! Just yesterday I needed that.This is very important to me! I can´t sell without that!
  5. 5. LLC 5 Only a clean Org is a good Org. Only a used feature is a good feature. Introduction
  6. 6. LLC 6 • Fields filled/Records created • Custom Buttons (Component/Javascript) • Page and tab views (Standard and Custom) • Flows (Start, Finish) • Specific user inputs (Based on database criteria) What to track?
  7. 7. LLC 7 • No feature adoption tracking out of the Box • A few lines of code and one custom object let you implement tracking (almost) everywhere • Implementation after initial setup is really, really fast! How to implement? - Introduction -
  8. 8. LLC 8 How to implement? - Architecture - Adoption_Counter__C Action__c (Text) Feature__c (Text) Count__c (Decimal) User (Lookup) Lighting Component Visualforce Page Apex Flow Processbuilder AdoptionCounter.cls increaseAdoptionCountPlugin  (@InvocableMethod) increaseAdoptionCount  (@AuraEnabled) performAdoptionOperation  DML operation
  9. 9. LLC 9 User Story: As a Product Owner I want to know how often the new Tab „Documents“ on my Detail Page is used. Live Demo I: Lightning Record Page usage Tech: • Add an invisible Lightning Component to the Lightning Record Page Tab „Dokumente“ • Define the two Design Attributes for the Lightning Component • Create a Report
  10. 10. LLC 10 User Story: As an Operations Manager I want to know who changes Opportunity Owner for closed Opportunities in order to stop cheating. Live Demo II: Database Level Action Tech: • Create a Processbuilder which fires every time the Owner of a closed Opportunity is changed. • For action call the APEX method ‚Increase Adoption Counter‘ • Define the Input Paramters as Feature: Opportunity and Action: Owner Change Closed Opp • Create a Report
  11. 11. LLC 11 Live Demo III: Custom Lightning Component User Story: As a Product Manager I want to know how often the Link „Appointment Set“ is clicked. Tech: • Add the AdoptionCounterComp.cmp to the Lightning component which is called by the click. • Pass Attributes Feature = Opportunity & Action = Appointment Set Component • Create Report <c:AdoptionCounterComp action="Opportunity" feature="Appointment Set Component"/>
  12. 12. LLC 12 • Before Go-Live of a feature define expected usage (e.g. 100 Page views per day) • After feature Go-Live set yourself a reminder to track adoption every month • Inform Stakeholders about adoption on a regular basis • If adoption does not meet expectations recomend either better training/communication or removal -> In doubt: Remove feautre! How to learn from tracking information
  13. 13. LLC 13 • Go-Live is not the end of feature development • Feature adoption tracking should be part of every feature livecycle • Keeping your org clean is hard work Sad truth: • You will not make friends by tracking feature adoption  Conclusion Implement feature tracking now!
  14. 14. What are my users Doing? Feature adoption tracking in Salesforce - Johann Furmann, 25.08.2019 -
  15. 15. LLC 15 Lightning Record Page Editor: https://betterhearing-- 987qgAAA&cloneable=true&retUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fbetterhearing-- Report Example Opportunity: Live Demo I: Lightning Record Page usage (Links)