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30 in 60: Apps for Tech-Savvy Teachers


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These are slide to support Jason Neiffer and Mike Agostinelli's "30 in 60: Apps for Tech-Savvy Teachers" at NCCE 2012, Seattle, WA.

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30 in 60: Apps for Tech-Savvy Teachers

  1. 1. 30 in 60 App Edition @techsavvyteach @mikegusto
  2. 2. Reading/Fluency
  3. 3. iTalk• Student Record Reading• Listen Back to recording• Can send to computer• Apple Store
  4. 4. Molly and Milly • Recording Built in • Highlighted Text while reading • Extras - Coloring • 6 Books in series • Apple Store
  5. 5. Communication & Collaboration
  6. 6. Evernote• Note and information capture; syncs to many other devices• Great for Field Trips• Apple Store
  7. 7. Edmodo• Facebook like Learning Management System• Assignments/Grading• Professional Development• Apple Store
  8. 8. Wunderlist• Simple, free to-do list• Very cross platform; syncs to all devices• Apple Store
  9. 9. Wiggio• Private Groups• Great for class, clubs, committees• Share links, pictures, messages• Apple Store
  10. 10. Google Voice• Add second, portable line to your smart phone• Apple Store
  11. 11. Bento• Wonderful data capture and database system• Unlimited classroom uses• Apple Store
  12. 12. Digital Story Telling
  13. 13. Story Kit• Create stories with pictures• True K-12 application• Rewrite classics• Apple Store
  14. 14. Strip Design• Dead simple cartoon strip making• Apple Store
  15. 15. Character Prompts • Helps students use better description in writing • Give “Twists” to add drama • Leading questions to get students thinking • Apple Store
  16. 16. iMovie/Camera • Great for quick capture videos for showing learning • iMovie adds polish/effects • Camera App comes native • Apple Store
  17. 17. Screen Casting +Video and Picture Capture
  18. 18. Splashtop Whiteboard• For less than $20, create a very functional interactive whiteboard• Apple Store
  19. 19. Skitch• Diagram photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages• Interfaces with Evernote• Great way for students to show what they know• Apple Store
  20. 20. Screen Chomp• Extremely easy screen digital whiteboard capture• Apple Store
  21. 21. Show Me• Turns iPad into Personal Interactive Whiteboard• Upload to Show Me servers with Private and Public options• Great for Teachers and Students to show concepts• Apple Store
  22. 22. Math and Science
  23. 23. Algebra Touch• Tactile practice of most Algebraic functions• Will stop you if you make an incorrect calculation• Great use of color to highlight current process• Apple Store
  24. 24. Coaster Physics • Application of Physics Concepts • Apple Store
  25. 25. Virtual Manipulatives• Math Manipulative on your iPad• Apple Store
  26. 26. Control Stuff
  27. 27. Splashtop• Easy to set up remote desktop software• Cross platform; works outside your network via Google authentication• Apple Store
  28. 28. OnLive Desktop• Microsoft Office on your iPad• Apple Store
  29. 29. PDF Pen• Dead simple PDF reading and highlighting/notetaking• Apple Store
  30. 30. Writing Process So kids use English good
  31. 31. Writing Prompts • Vast amount of writing prompts • Use current headlines • Words, Texts, and Scenes • Apple Store
  32. 32. Dragon Dictation• Verbal dictation to text• Addresses accessibility• Verbal notes in a field trip• Apple Store
  33. 33. Got Content?
  34. 34. PBS• Tons of free public television!• Apple Store
  35. 35. Flipboard• Easy way to read Twitter, RSS feeds/Google Reader or your favorite content website• Apple Store
  36. 36. InstaPaper• Provide a great web-to- device conduit for long passages of text.• Even better with browser plugins!• Apple Store
  37. 37. Stitcher Smart Radio • Reenvisions podcasts as radio • Apple Store
  38. 38. SlidePlay• Dead simple PowerPoint- to-Video creation tool• Apple Store
  39. 39. And that is your 30 in 60 App Edition! @techsavvyteach @mikegusto