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Creative Uses for iPad in the Classroom



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Creative Uses for iPad in the Classroom

  1. Creative Uses for iPad in the Classroom
  2. Mike Amante
  3. Getting Started Please download the free QR app Qrafter
  4. Getting Started Join the backchannel to ask questions, etc.
  5. Getting Started Please take a moment to complete this survey!
  6. Winning iPad Lessons Interactive content (often via ePubs or reference type apps) Apps to leverage tablet form factor Activities that can create products or publish student work
  7. App Considerations Scalability to work in Grades K thru 12 Designed for iPad & hopefully work beyond too (computer and/or web component) Can pull data/ projects out & import easily too
  8. Research & Writing
  9. Start with Google Search allows for quick text, voice, camera-based web search
  10. Gather articles from the web via Instapaper
  11. Write notes & gather web clips using Evernote
  12. Create media rich documents with Pages
  13. Store and share final drafts on or Dropbox
  14. Read, store & move files around with GoodReader
  15. Research & Writing
  16. Mobile Science Lab
  17. Gather live temperature data with iCelsius
  18. Obtain computational data with Wolfram Alpha
  19. Interact the earth science content with Our Choice
  20. Identify live leaf samples using Leafsnap HD
  21. Analyze physics in action with Vernier Video Physics
  22. Get a closer look in chemistry with The Elements
  23. Use Star Walk to see the stars right above in the sky
  24. Mobile Science Lab
  25. Video Superstar
  26. Create collaborative video projects using CollabraCam
  27. Create historical video projects using 8mm HD
  28. Web broadcast classroom events using Ustream
  29. Video Superstar
  30. Teaching Tools
  31. Teaching Tools
  32. Essentials
  33. Essentials
  34. Going Further
  35. Going Further GoodReader File Management, PDF Annotation, & More
  36. Going Further
  37. Going Further
  38. Going Further
  39. Going Further ADEs on iTunes U
  40. Thank you for attending!! Please stay connected. Mike Amante