iPad, MePad, WePad


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Reading practices in using iPads in 1:1, small group, and large group reading environments.

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iPad, MePad, WePad

  1. 1. iPad, mePad, wePad Jamie Stoeckly, Grade 4 TeacherLaura Veglahn, Grade 4 and 5 Reading Specialist Sparta Area School District jstoeckly@spartan.org lveglahn@spartan.org
  2. 2. Our goal for today Share about our experiences with iPads for 1:1, small group, and large group settings Inspire you to download some apps Encourage you to maximize learning when an iPad is at your disposal Soak up bandwidth Provide ideas for practical uses you can use tomorrow
  3. 3. Reading with iPads is…
  4. 4. At our disposal: 30 1:1 iPads 25 Title 1 Reading iPads 5 Small Group Single Classroom iPads 2 MacBooks 2 Bentford Syncing Carts Wi-Fi Eager Students, Supportive Parents, and Accommodating Administration
  5. 5. Timeline for Implementation Spring 2011- Graciously accept opportunity to implement iPads in our classrooms Summer 2011- Attend iPad workshop, play with iPads, evaluate apps, dream about how we can use them with students August 2011- Set up cart, register iPads, meet with parents at open house September 2011- distribute iPads to 1:1 students, generate liability policy for 1:1 students, train students and model appropriate use October 2011- meet with parents, sign agreement, 1:1 students take them home November-present- continue to change in response to our learners’ needs, continue to meet with district iPad User Group, plan for next year
  6. 6. 5th Grader, Alex “iPads help me get closer to technology.”
  7. 7. Comprehension APPS L-A-Z Reader Minimod Reading for Inferences Minimod Reading for Details Minimod Basic Cloze Practice
  8. 8. Comprehension APPS BASIC CLOZE (MINIMOD)
  9. 9. Comprehension APPSINFERENCES (MINIMOD)
  10. 10. Comprehension APPSVOCABULARY (MINIMOD)
  11. 11. Comprehension APPSDETAILS (MINIMOD)
  12. 12. Comprehension APPSL-A-Z READERS
  13. 13. 5th Grader, Brennon“iPads display the writing in colorful ways; therefore, letting me see it better.”
  14. 14. WORD GAMES Words With Friends  Mini Word Word Bingo  Word Bird Word Solitaire HD iAlphabet Chicktionary Mad Libs
  15. 15. WORD GAMES
  16. 16. 4th Grader, Katelyn “Kids my age should use iPads along with reading because they can have fun, but still be learning at the same time.”
  17. 17. Reading Meets Writing iDiary Notability (notetaking) iBrainstorm (prewriting, sequencing) Idea Sketch (organizing, prewriting, sequencing)
  18. 18. iDiary
  19. 19. Notability
  20. 20. 5th Grader, Sean “I enjoy using iPads in Reading because I personally can never get my hands on this technology at home. iPads also make me want to come to small group faster.”
  21. 21. Figurative Language andVocabulary Building•Animal Similes•Idiom in Use•RhymeFree
  22. 22. 4th Grader, Nate “I enjoy using iPads in Reading because it makes learning fun and we are still working while using them.”
  23. 23. Building FluencyFluency App
  24. 24. Building FluencyiTalk
  25. 25. 5th Grader, Wyatt “I have made videos for vocabulary. Another thing that it is easy for me to search information connected to what we are reading.”
  26. 26. Building Background Knowledge iMovie  Google Earth eClicker  Podcasts (iTunes U) BrainPop iBooks News Sources (CNN, Pulse, Discovery News)
  27. 27. 5th Grader, Alexis “Kids pay closer attention with the iPads rather than with paper.”
  28. 28. Apps We Would Not Teach Without iMovie Notability Dropbox eClicker BrainPop iBooks Green Bay Packers
  29. 29. eClicker
  30. 30. Dropbox
  31. 31. iMovie