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YPLD Mauritius

  1. 1. Young Professionals in Local Development (YPLD) Mauritius March 2012
  2. 2. The Young Professionals in Local Development (YPLD) YPLD was established in November 2011 as a network of professionals aged between 18 and 40 involved in both international and local development through the nature of their education and professional activity in response to the young generations’ increasing lack of interest in:  Working towards building their communities  Insufficient participation of young professionals addressing critical development issues  and inadequate access to resources to address these issues
  3. 3. The Young Professionals in Local Development (YPLD) YPLD serves as a platform for Young Professionals (YP) in Local Development (LD) to share their opinions, grow knowledge and skills and foster innovation towards a more sustainable local development. The movement is a global platform through which young professionals can express their ideas and realise their full potential towards dynamic agricultural research for development.
  4. 4. Vision“Growing Communities, Fostering through Innovation”
  5. 5. ImpactYPLD enables young professionals to beactively engaged in shaping the sector’sfuture to work towards a sustainableglobal community and meet global needswithout depleting its resources
  6. 6. Objectives To facilitate knowledge sharing between young and experienced professionals willing to contribute to international and local development regardless of age, nationality, profession; To empower young professionals by facilitating the acquisition of skills so that they can contribute better and more actively to the development of local communities on one side and to relate better with local, regional and national authorities in order to increase youth participation in the decision making process;
  7. 7. Objectives To create synergies in regards to international and local development by spreading knowledge, information, best practices; To create networks in order to promote young professionals through a capacity building process by developing creative synergies between different stakeholder groups in LD including research, academia, NGOs`, CBOs`, public authorities (local and national) and private sector organizations
  8. 8. YPLD Structure
  9. 9. YPLD Mauritius New Country in the YPLD Network Country Representative appointed in March 2012 Initial activities of YPLD Mauritius would include:  Member recruitment  Promotion of YPLD on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc.)  Organizing events and running projects on development issues
  10. 10. Current Challenges - Mauritius Agriculture contributes 4% in GDP Net food importer (>70%) Climate change Ageing Farming population Lack of youth interest in Agriculture & also lack of incentives for those in the sector 23.9% of the population are youth High unemployment rate among youth in Mauritius (7.9%) & lack of decent employment in agricultural sector
  11. 11. Desired Situation Higher investment in Agriculture Involve more youth in Agriculture Raise awareness on Agriculture and other development issues, discuss the challenges faced by young professionals and find solutions through innovation A new approach is needed for engaging with young people, to use their insight to contribute to new and innovative approaches to problems in order to tackle the problem in a sustainable and growth-led manner
  12. 12. Future activities of YPLD Mauritius Online forums and e-discussions (Topics: Climate change, Food Security, Local Economic Development, Civil society Development, Local governance, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment) Create opportunities for YPs to work on projects Training opportunities for YPs (Web 2.0 for Development, leadership, entrepreneurship etc.) National conference for YPs in LD Seminars engaging all stakeholders in the sector An office and resource/training centre Exchange programs?
  13. 13. Flow of Activities1. Promotion of YPLD 6. Prepare Concept Mauritius on social notes of events and 7. Look for partners networks projects and Sponsors 5. Identify Local 2. Member 8. Run projects and Development issues Recruitment other events in Mauritius 9. Support other 3. Engage YPs in e- Initiatives by the 4. Organize workingdiscussions on issues Regional and sessions for YPs related to LD International Steering Committees
  14. 14. Want to Join YPLD Mauritius? YPLD Mauritius is now looking for members to contribute actively to local development and to a growing network of YPs’ Members are expected to be open minded, enthusiastic young professionals (under 40 years), who are willing to work voluntarily towards promoting the organization’s strategic objectives and LD in Mauritius If you are interested in becoming a member of YPLD Mauritius, please send us an e-mail telling us why do you want to join us, accompanied by a 2 page CV to ypld.mauritius@gmail.com
  15. 15. Follow us!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/YpldMauritiusTwitter:https://twitter.com/YPLDMauritiusBlogger:http://ypldmauritius.blogspot.com/