Youth Strategy and Group Work presentation


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Youth Strategy and Group Work presentation

  1. 1. Forum for Agricultural Research in AfricaForum for Agricultural Research in AfricaRegional Workshop on Engaging theyouth in the implementation phase ofCAADPMay 9thand 10th, 2013
  2. 2. Workshop ObjectivesWorkshop Objectives• To define the best-fit role for the youth in theachievement of the overall goal of CAADP• To propose a strategy, for the considerationof African policy-makers, for preparing,equipping, and enabling the youth to playthis role
  3. 3. Expectations of the workshopDiscuss in pairs:i) One burning question that I have comeinto the workshop with regarding youthinvolvement in the implementation phaseof CAADP;ii)One outcome which, we must achieve inorder for this workshop to have beenworthwhile.
  4. 4. Input on strategy-developmentA strategy...• Is about choice-making...• Defines a desired future based on the lessonsfrom today...• Is more about the “how” than the “what”...• Is a high-leverage response to contextualchallenges and opportunities
  5. 5. Establishing the best-fit role for the youth in CAADPPreparation for group discussion...fitting the pieces of thepuzzle...1. Building the agric value chain2. Establishing and differentiating the characteristicfeatures of the youth in relation to agriculture– Attitudes– Interests– Potential– Needs3. Which aspects of the value chain are best suited forthe youth’s participation and contribution
  6. 6. DiscussionConsensus• Youth have are suited for all levels of the agric value chain– Youth are needed at all levels of the agric value chain– Youth interested in all levels, but weakest level of interest atproduction level• The fundamental issue is that agric is not an attractiveeconomic option for the youth– Enabling policies and infrastructure are needed at all levels ofthe value chain to present agric as an attractive, lucrativeeconomic option for the youth– Special attention is needed to attract youth to productionlevels of value chain.
  7. 7. DiscussionIdentifying a unique role for the youth within CAADP• Role of traditional farmers – custodians of indigenous farmingmethods• Role of the youth??• - a bridge between old and new agric technology? ( honouring theold technologies; catalysing innovation in agriculturaltechnologies?• -driving cross-learning, networking?• - policy-influencing in agric?• - driving small scale business development?
  8. 8. Group workCountry level policies and progress• What has been your country’s policy responseto the fundamental issue of non-attractivenessof agric to the youth?• Where are the gaps and opportunities in govtpolicies and provision for attracting the youthto the various levels of the value-chain?• What are common themes and differences inyour country experiences
  9. 9. Group workReview of regional level policy framework (CADP/MTOP) through youthlens...What statements can we incorporate into FARA’s MTOP to:i) Recognize the contribution the youth can bring to CAADPespecially in the KIS phaseii) Advocate the enabling policy and infrastructural environmentnecessary to enable them contribute to CAADP goalsiii) To ensure that African policy-makers accept, commit to and makeadequate provision for the role of the youth in agriciv) To ensure the youth contribute to CAADP
  10. 10. Day Two Group workGroup OneWorking from a focus on FARA MTOP...1. Re-cap the challenges constraining youth participationat the various levels of the agric value chain2. Cluster these challenges under FARA’s five serviceareas3. Suggest specific statements to incorporate under/withinFARA’s strategic priority areas, that will articulateFARA’s responsiveness to these challenges
  11. 11. Day Two Group workGroup TwoWorking from:• A focus on the youth – characteristics, interests,potential, needs...1. Couch a broad goal for the youth in CAADP2. Suggest specific objectives that CAADP should seek toachieve in relation to youth engagement in agric in theKIS phase
  12. 12. Day Two Group workGroup ThreeWorking from:• A country-level perspective• Focus on enabling environment vis-a-vis thecomponents of the agric value chain...1. Re-cap the challenges constraining youth participationin the various levels of the agric value chain2. Suggest country-level strategies to attract and enablethe youth to participate at all levels of the value chain
  13. 13. Forum for Agricultural Research in AfricaForum for Agricultural Research in Africa