Perspective from Orange


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ICT opportunities and policy challenges for market information activities by Catherine Flouvat - Orange

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Perspective from Orange

  1. 1. Orange for rural development inAfrica, Middle East & AsiaCatherine FLOUVATCorporate Social Responsibility, Orange AMEAApril 2013
  2. 2. Orange in AMEA countries2Orange has a strong presence in AMEA25 operations in 2012our Group provides services for residential customers in 35 countries in the world and for businessesin 220 countries and territories 25 operations in 2012 17 operations in 2009 12 operations in 200684 million clients21000 employees€ 1,1 billion investment€ 5 billion turnover+ 6% turnover growth
  3. 3. Orange in AMEA countries3Economic impact:1O% increase in broadbandpenetration in the country leads to a0.25%increase in the GDP growth rate*Social impact: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isan integrated part of our core businesstelcos have a “natural” big economical impact on localeconomy*, we want to boost the social impact as wellkey principles of successlisteningexperimentingpartnering* Economical impact of telecommunications in Senegal, studyrealised by Dr Raul Katz and Dr Pantelis Koutroumpis, 2012
  4. 4. Orange in AMEA countries4innovative services and applicationsfor rural areas to improve farmers’life
  5. 5. Orange in AMEA countries5Watermanagementrural exodetelcos can contribute to improve farmers’ lifeSources:2010MDGreport,2010WorldPopulationDataSheet-PopulationReferenceBureau,WHO% rural population50% 36%66%Among the 7 pillars to improve agriculture indeveloping countries, telecom operators canplay a major role on 3 of them :1. increase the productivity2. modernise the value chain3. favour local demand4. reinforce technical efforts and innovations5. promote new financing methods6. stimulate private participation7. improve infrastructures and energy accessSources: Kandeh K. Yumkella, Agribusiness pour la prospérité de l’Afrique,UNIDO, 2011Improve farmers’ life, it isabout acting at the root of theneeds, and generating amaximum of positive impactson the communityAgriculture is the majorsector of the economy(60 % of working pop;17% of the GNPThe sub-Saharanpopulations are mainly rural.Isolated areas suffers from a lack of basicinfrastructures : hospitals, schools, telecomnetwork… the opening-up of these rural areas and theagricultural support are the key to reach theMillenary goals. 
  6. 6. Orange in AMEA countries612challenge for telcos to improve farmers’ lifetechnical challenges coverage channel-bearerssocial challenges rural illiteracy & ICT adoption cost barriers (service & device for farmers with less than2$/day) social impacts analysis (finding the right KPIs)VAS for farmers (prices, weather, tips…): low cost, ergonomic, simple device &service, mostly vocalagri community workers network management : last mile human coverage formore complex information and data collectionmeasure social impact through regular field studies123key factors to address
  7. 7. Orange in AMEA countries7strengthen anddevelop businesspartnerships &ecosystemsdevelop andreinforce theinfrastructuresenablers etaccessibilityadapt ourproducts andservicesOrange telco approachagri eco-system needs• increase farmers productivity• increase negotiation power• optimise farmers trips• create social link on expertknowledge (community workers)• improve farmers knowledgethrough data collected in thefiled and then policies andprogramms• local content creation• increase local knowledgedissemination through localactors empowerment• jobs creationopportunities for telcos to contribute to improvefarmers’lifeOrange MoneyCommunity PhoneLabaroun Kassoua
  8. 8. Orange in AMEA countries8Orange projects in m-agriculture (1/3)Niger: Labaroun KassouaFarmers in Niger have access to an Orange SMS-based or USSD service providing them with the latestprice information for food and animals on 74 markets.Farmers can thus optimize their resale to wholesalers,cooperatives or individuals all over the country, sell theirgoods at the best price and regain control over thevalue chain of their products. The projects, based on apartnership with the National Agricultural ChamberRECA for food and SGD for cattle, was launched inJuly 2010.ongoing evolutions: vocal access to infos forilliterates, more services (weather, tips…), empowercommunity collectors networkIvory Coast: cashew nuts projectIn Ivory Coast, France Telecom Orange has a partnership withthe French non-governmental network RONGEAD to assistcashew nut farmers through mobile phone applications. Sincethe project launch in July 2010, farmers have access to realtime cashew nuts market prices, a directory of cashew nutsproducers, and a tutorial on five lifesaving gestures.ongoing evolutions: test scalability of the project
  9. 9. Orange in AMEA countries9Orange projects in m-agriculture (2/3)Maroc: smart-phones market pricescollection for web-based datamanagement by the Agriculture &fisheries MinisterCivil servant (220) from the statistics service don’tuse anymore paper forms to enter daily marketprices throughout the Kingdom.Meditel has developed mobile application andtrained people to use it. Centralized team of theMinister use it to feed and update on a daily basis aweb site to inform all the value chain actors.2012 evolutions: disseminate info to farmers inrural areasAdvantages:+ This service has increasedMinister follow-up, market analysisand anticipation.+ This has been done in 2010 withthe Millenium ChallengeCorporation.
  10. 10. Orange in AMEA countries10Orange projects in m-agriculture (3/3)Mali: Senekela project (2012)Supported by Orange Mali.Obtained GSMA financing for 2012-2015.To help local farmers (1,7 mln targeted) toincrease their productivity and get better marketaccess.Access to updated agriculturalinformation: agricultural advice, productprices, stocks availability, weather… Call center: through short call Push SMS: through SMS Market Price: through applicationAdvantages:+ vocal access to infos forilliterates+ local partners that assurevisibility+ community market pricecollectors network
  11. 11. Orange in AMEA countries11thank you