Yazoo OWBC Chapter 1


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Chapter 1 of my attempt at the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge.

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Yazoo OWBC Chapter 1

  1. 1. The Yazoo OWBC
  2. 2. Yep since I’m burnt out on legacy playing right now I decided to try my hand at something shorter. I blame Jo for this. She really needs to stop giving me ideas. Just kidding. So I’ve read the rules for the challenge and the only ones I’ve decided for sure to attempt are the boolprop naming scheme, and the simself mania. We’ll just see how many points I do manage to get at the end of this. So here’s our house. Lovely no?
  3. 3. Here’s my beginning army of flamingos. There is an alien gnome guarding them, I just had really bad photo taking skills in this pic.
  4. 4. And this is my founder Chunky Yazoo. He’s been completely randomized looks and all. I’ve never had a sim that could work the mohawk, but somehow Chunky here makes it work. He’s a pleasures sim with the LTW to become a Professional Party Guest. As for name scheme, I decided that all children will be named after cities/towns from my home state of Mississippi because quite frankly Mississippi has some funky names for cities.
  5. 5. “ So why am I making sandwiches again?” Because girls like a man that can cook, and we need to convince one of my boolprop friends to marry you and let’s face it this isn’t exactly paradise. “ Can’t I marry you?” Uh, well sims 2 chemistry states you and I likely wouldn’t get along.
  6. 6. Chunky! You ate your lunch before the girls get here? Way to make a first impression. “ I was hungry!” No you weren’t. Your hunger bar was still more than half full. Hey wait look Jo’s in the welcome wagon. She’s a simself and she’s a pleasure sim too. Go greet her now!
  7. 7. “ Hi, my name’s Chunky and the voice in my head says you could be my wife.” Oh my gosh! What happened to your face? Mystery, I understood if I married in early I’d have to rough it, that your poor sim playing ability might result in some accidents, but I did not agree to marry a baboon! Come on Jo, give him a chance. Please?
  8. 8. Well maybe if I turn my head or close my eyes I can get through the afternoon. That’s the spirit Jo!
  9. 9. “ Hey Chunky, you see that nice lady over there? She can set you up with a nice pleasure sim named Gem. Wouldn’t you like that?” “ That sounds great Jo, but I don’t really have any money right now.” “ I’ll give you $500 right now.”
  10. 10. Come on Jo, Chunky can’t be that bat? I mean you two seem to be having a good time. Yes well he’s giving me aspiration with all these games we’ve been playing, but he has no social skills. Do you know what he told me while you went to check your mail?
  11. 11. “ Hey Jo! You want to hear something interesting? I peed myself.” … And you want to know why I don’t want to marry this oaf? Don’t you dare have him call me tomorrow because I won’t come over.
  12. 12. “ Jo! You came over. I was afraid that after last night you might not want to talk to me anymore.” Stupid sims 2 coding making me accept his invitation because our relationship points were high enough.
  13. 13. “ I hope you know that I didn’t mean to scare you off. It’s just you’re very pretty and I always get tongue tied when I’m around a pretty girl. And there’s all this pressure to find a spouse so this challenge doesn’t flop, and it’s not like Mystery is the best player out there. I’ve read some of your stories and they’re truly brilliant.” “ Oh, well thank-you Chunky.” I am not attracted to the baboon. I am not attracted to the baboon.
  14. 14. No, you’re just best friends with him. *snicker* I see those 2 lightening bolts Jo. Shut-up.
  15. 15. But I do admit Chunky’s doing much better with the wooing today. I guess he really was nervous. Yep they had a date earlier, pleasure sims, so easy to keep happy.
  16. 16. And by nightfall these two are making out all over the lot. I’m not worried about what the kids are going to look like. They’ll be fine. Yeah, fine.
  17. 17. Jo agrees to move in and brings $2,000 into the family. That’s it? I know I made you into a townie, but you’re dirt poor and you don’t have a job or skills? Boo! Pleasure sim. We just want to date and party.
  18. 18. “ Mystery says I have to propose to you pronto since we’ve started to Wohoo on ACR and she doesn’t want us having kids out of wedlock.” Ooh shiney. And in the dark I can’t see his face. Hmm maybe I should become a vampire?
  19. 19. I keep catching Jo with her eyes closed. I mean Chunky’s not that bad is he? Anyway these two tied the knot and Jo simself became Jo Yazoo.
  20. 20. And these two waste no time conceiving baby number one. And as the clock strikes midnight I get 8 more commands to use on Jo.
  21. 21. Not that I’ve had to use to many. Jo’s been pretty good about taking care of her needs so far. And she’s obviously of the disposition that just because her bathroom is outside, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be clean. Jo’s LTW is to Become a Professional Party Guest. Ah they can go to work together.
  22. 22. And how does a Pleasure sim couple spend their time? Having pillow fights of course And look Jo’s got her eyes closed again. Geez, Jo’s simself is awfully superficial.
  23. 23. But Chunky must really like Jo. He stalks her all over the house wanting to flirt or make-out. And I don’t think Jo minds it too much.
  24. 24. And Jo pops into her first trimester just in time to get the night off from work. Which works out since she had the want to stay home anyway. Mystery, I’m telling you this is a bad idea combining our genetics. You cannot hold me responsible for your OWBC turning into an uglacy. Jo chill. I like interesting looking kids. And I’m sure your kids will look fine.
  25. 25. While Jo gets off from work, Chunky here heads off to his first night at the golf course. He comes home with a promotion like a good little sim and then has to take a quick nap before heading right back to work.
  26. 26. “ Jo, sweetheart? Maybe you should go to bed?”
  27. 27. Mystery look at my plumbob! I’m starving and I’m not comfy and I’m exhausted! Why do I still have a crappy bed after Chunky came home with a promotion? It’s smplaying 101! You buy a good bed as soon as possible. It’s really not that hard! And I’m bored! I’m a pleasure sim! PLEASURE!
  28. 28. “Jo, you’ve obviously had a really bad day. How about we have a date while Mystery gets her act together?” “ Now we’re talking!”
  29. 29. “ I bet a little make-out session will cheer you up! And add a little slow dance and you’ll be as good as new.” Aww isn’t Chunky a sweetheart. He put her mood right back up again and look she’s even got a platinum plumbob.
  30. 30. You were in such a good mood, you even threw me a dance twirl! Squee!
  31. 31. Yes I took more than one picture of it.
  32. 32. Mystery try not to kill my wife while I’m gone. I’m not going to kill her. I bought the better bed.
  33. 33. See a better bed? Yeah, but now tell them how you screwed up while trying to take pictures of our first child? Okay well see, I was trying to take a picture of new baby, but I forgot I unpaused the game. So when I clicked C it erased the words in the pop-up box that tell you if it’s a boy or a girl. And I hadn’t saved in a long time, so I just named it. So until it ages up, I have no idea if your first child is a boy or a girl.
  34. 34. So everyone say hello to Bonus Yazoo. Bonus could be a girl’s name too right? Anyway Bonus is a small town near New Hope Mississippi. I told you our towns have odd names. Anyway Bonus has Jo’s hair and custom eyes.
  35. 35. So join us next time to find out if Bonus is actually a boy or a girl. To see if said children really turn out hideously ugly, or if they turn out cute anyway. Huge thank-you to Jo and any other simselves who happen to be running about my hood.
  36. 36. Proof the shack is a little better than before. Ignore the bed since this was taken just before I bought the new one. Everything else in the pic is correct.
  37. 37. Oh and everyone look! My gnome is back. I named him David. See you all next time.