I can't think of a title: An OWBC


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A new OWBC which really has no point; it's just for fun!

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I can't think of a title: An OWBC

  1. 1. Hello Boolprop! It's been a while. I did have an uglacy but thanks to college, work and other things I got busy and soon stopped playing it. I did try to get back into my uglacy but I just couldn't. Also with the exchange down I just felt like scrapping the uglacy and having a fresh start. So here I am with I can't think of a title; An OWBC. Instead of trying to think of a clever and witty title I'm just going to be honest; my brain isn't working. If you are interested in the bonuses and mini challenges I will be putting them on the boolprop thread.
  2. 2. “ Well, this isn't the Twikki Islands...” Nope it's not the Twikki Islands as you can tell by this gloomy, rainy picture. Meet Polly Flamingo, the totally willing sim that I've decided to use as my founder. I didn't tell her there was a free trip to the Twikki islands involved... honest I didn't. Polly is a fam- now a grilled cheese sim. Her LTW was to marry off 6 children but thankfully it is now to eat 200 grilled cheese which shouldn't be a problem with the mini challenge; beyond cheesy
  3. 3. “ I'm really sorry to bother you whilst you are working, it's just I seem to have gotten lost. Could you tell me where I am?” “ Pleasantview. Honestly you playable sims don't know nothing. I've got a job to do now, laters miss.” “ But... what am I doing in pleasantview?”
  4. 4. “ You're in an official wacky boolprop challenge darlin'!” “ Did my gnome just talk...” “ O' course I did! What kind of sim story would this be if I couldn't.”
  5. 5. “ But I'm not wacky at all! I think I look quite normal, thank you very much.” “ People that talk to gnomes are a bit wacky” “ Oh dear... perhaps I am a bit wacky. Anyway gnome what is an Official thingy m'bob?”
  6. 6. Before Gnome the gnome had a chance to tell Polly what an OWBC is the welcome wagon arrived and one sim was very quick to steal the gnome. Why oh why did I pick the base game bonus?!
  7. 7. “ Now how will I find out what a wacky ballprop competition is?!” “ I think you'll find it's an official wacky boolprop challenge love and I'll explain it all to you over some lunch... if you don't mind making that is.” “ Oh really! Of course, how kind of you.”
  8. 8. “ 101 ways to make a mean grilled cheese... I really don't get why the fridge only had cheese in it.” One of the bonuses I'm doing is Beyond Cheesy which means Polly must first study before lunch.
  9. 9. “ Oh no! What have I done? I'm really sorry! I could make some more if you like...”
  10. 10. “ It's no problem really, we can always just wash it down with some juice! Right Sarah?” “ I think I'm going to be sick...” The rules to the OWBC were then discussed over the burnt grilled cheese.
  11. 11. Polly sent her guests home and went to sleep, still feeling slightly confused. It had been quite a lot to take in for one night. Unfortunately she was unable to sleep so decided to take her first steps in the OWBC. She found herself a job. Upon her success Polly decided to celebrate with a midnight snack.
  12. 12. “ Ugh, I forgot how disgusting this stuff tastes... Can't I sneak something? Nobody will know!” Feeling less hungry than before Polly decided to instead take a walk.
  13. 13. “ Maybe if I ask Sarah nicely she will just give me back my gnome? I miss Gnome so much.”
  14. 14. “ Lass you saved me from that wicked woman! How can I ever thank ye?” “ Oh it was no problem! Peter told me all about OWBCs whilst you were gone. I'm actually quite excited!” “ O' course you are, it's quite the challenge! Perhaps you should head to bed. You have a big day ahead of ye. Your first day on the job!”
  15. 15. Polly had chosen a job in the education career path which I felt was quite suitable for her.
  16. 16. Later that night after work she invited around her friend Darren Dreamer. “ I'm not sure how to meet guys Darren... I'm a little shy to go asking guys out in downtown.” “ Well why don't you try the matchmaker? I'm sure she could give you a helping hand.”
  17. 17. “ Meet your soulmate, Ashley Pitts!” “ He looks a little young... like he is still in college or something.” “ Well he is worth what little you payed! May you have a lovely evening.”
  18. 18. “ Why are you rejecting everything?!” “ Ugh... why are you trying to talk to me?!”
  19. 19. He finally agreed to play a game of ball with her but by then the date was over. Judging by her face she was very glad of this. However his worst was still to come... yes that's right. HE STOLE THE GNOME.
  20. 20. The next night Polly received an odd phonecall from none other than Mr Rejection. “ What the? I thought this was going to be an outing! Another date? Well... I guess I could give you another chance. I do feel quite bad about last night.” “ Ugh! Please stop touching me!” “ I give up Ashley! Even I'm not that nice.”
  21. 21. Polly gave up on the date and went upstairs to the restaurant thinking about persuading the chef to whip her up some grilled cheese when she bumped into someone. “ Oh I'm sorry! The names Joe and you are?” “ Joe, that's a nice name... oh and I'm Polly!” “ Tsk... we are working here you know!” “ How about we go downstairs Polly?”
  22. 22. Polly and Joe went downstairs where they chatted, played darts and had a few drinks. They then decided to join the rest of the sims and dance.
  23. 23. “ Polly, I think you've had a bit too much juice! Maybe I should get you home.” “ Where am i? I feel a bit dizzy Joe. Joe! Help I'm falling.” Joe chuckled and led her outside where he called her a cab to take her home.
  24. 24. Polly was slightly embarrased about her behaviour when she woke the next morning and decided to spend the day doing errands instead of calling Joe like she really wanted too.
  25. 25. “ Polly! What a surprise. How are you feeling this morning?” “ Oh fine...” She blushed. “ Well in that case, how about we go for something to eat?” “ I'd love to!”
  26. 26. “ So what would you like Polly?” “ Hmm... just deciding. Do you like grilled cheese Joe?” “ I do, why?” “ Oh, just wondering...” She said smiling to herself.
  27. 27. “ I had a lovely time, I'd like to see you again Polly.” “ Well I'm throwing a small party tomorrow, a house warming party I guess. You could come?” “ I'd love to!”
  28. 28. I chose Seasons as one of my challenges and so a party must be held every season. It was a small party and I have to be honest I didn't get many pictures as I was focused on my gnome. Ashley Pitts invited himself along and he had his eyes on that gnome all night long.
  29. 29. Joe took Polly out on more dates and they grew fonder of each other after every single one. “ Very nice.” “ Joe! I know what you're looking at.” “ I was talking about your shot... it's like you have eyes in the back of your head!” “ You pick these skills up quickly working with children.”
  30. 30. Later that night Polly returned home feeling very happy indeed, until she heard her name called by Bob. “ Psst! Polly, down ere. I got a bone ter pick wit you darlin'”
  31. 31. “ I don't want to rush things though!” “ This is a challenge Polly! By now most founders would be having their third child.” “ No!” She gasped. “ Yes! I'm sorry if you feel like I'm rushing you but it has been a while. You need some progress.” “ I guess you are right...”
  32. 32. The next day after her work Polly began preparing grilled cheese for her meal with Joe later that night whilst talking with a friend. “ I don't know if I can go through with this! What if he says no?” “ Mhm....” “ What if he doesn't want to be in an OWBC? Or what if he doesn't want to live off grilled cheese forever! I couldn't bare it if he said no...” “ Yes... I completely agree.”
  33. 33. Before long it was time for Polly's date with Joe. “ I'm sorry I didn't dress up more.” Joe said as he pulled Polly into a tender kiss. “ I need to talk to you about some things Joe but you must be hungry, I'll just go get dinner.”
  34. 34. “ Isn't it a bit late for grilled cheese?” “ It's never too late for grilled cheese.” She smiled then blurted out “ I'm in an Official Wacky Boolprop Challenge.” “ Well I already knew that.” He chuckled. “Why else would you have three flamingos and a gnome outside?” “ Oh but...” “ I know what an OWBC is Polly, infact I'm surprised you haven't asked me to marry you yet.”
  35. 35. “ I wanted to take it slow.” Polly said as she blushed and reached her hand out to his. “ It's a little late for that.” Joe replied with a smile. “ Will you move in with me?” “ I'd love to.”
  36. 36. Polly and Joe went to bed not long after that but I'm not going to go into that. Guess who forgot to buy an alarm? Guess who's ReNuYuSense Orb got stolen? Guess who didn't get caught by the police? SIGH.
  37. 37. The next morning Polly was feeling a bit upset after the trauma of the night before so Joe made her a lovely breakfast of grill- I don't even need to say it as you already know. He also had a bit of a surprise for her. “ I was wondering what would be the best way to ask you this Polly and I thought right now would be the best time. You look like you need cheering up.
  38. 38. “ Oh Joe! It's beautiful. Of course I'll marry you!”
  39. 39. The wedding was arranged to be the next day which suited them both well as they were both on holiday. The wedding began in the traditional sims way with half of the guests out of their seats. As a side note I made Joe marry Polly without thinking... this means she is now Polly Carr. Fail :(
  40. 40. “ That's my girl! I'm a proud gnome today, a very proud gnome!”
  41. 41. The guests squeezed themselves into the small house for a slice of cake before the party ended. Then it was time for the love birds to be alone.
  42. 42. “ It's my wedding night and my husband is out stealing back a gnome...” I'm going to have to be more careful at weddings now. Gnome was stolen twice! Once Polly went to get him and then Joe had to go get him straight afterwards!.
  43. 43. Joe Carr works in the athletic career path, right now he is a starter. Joe is a fortune sim with a LTW to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers (not going to happen!) His personality is 6/5/8/3/3 and he is turned on by formal and hats, turned off by fitness. I can really see why he chose Polly now.
  44. 44. I also forgot to show the picture of all 6 flamingos who are now free to stand in a long row with the wedding decorations gone.
  45. 45. Joe is a sporty sim who likes to keep himself fit as a fiddle. His predestined hobby is sport, his job is Athletic and his personality points show him to be a very active person. Hopefully this means I'll have one sim who doesn't get fat from the grilled cheese.
  46. 46. “ Shh... honey, I'm trying to study.” “ I love it when you get all serious.” “ What did I just say Joe?” Joe chuckled and got up off the couch. “I guess I'll go work out for a bit then.” Polly and Joe were both serious about their jobs, which is a good thing for me since I'm trying workaholics anonymous.
  47. 47. “ Joe! Joe! Wake up, you have to see this!” “ Nmphhurf yes of course honey...” “ Joe? Did you just fall back to sleep again?”
  48. 48. Later that day Joe finished work at the same time as Polly. “ Polly! You're.. you're pregnant!” “ Isn't it wonderful? I tried to wake you this morning... but you were fast asleep so I just had to go straight to work. I hope you don't mind.” “ Of course not but you went to work pregnant?” “ Well of course! I can't miss work! What will the kids do without me?”
  49. 49. “ I can manage being pregnant and going to work Joe! Don't you worry about me now.” “ I just don't want you to tire yourself out. Being pregnant is hard Polly.” “ Are you speaking from past experiences?” “ No I just... I just assumed it would be! I care about you and our baby.”
  50. 50. “ Of course I know you care but I know what I can handle Joe.” “ Very well then... did you just fall asleep in your food Polly?” “ Huh, what? Of course not!” “ I think you should go to bed Polly.” “ Maybe you are right Joe... but If I feel up for it tomorrow I want to carry on working.”
  51. 51. With the baby due so soon the house was improved. Right now the house is based on practicality rather than looks and since I have no idea what gender the baby will be I'm just going to leave that blank for now. Just want to add thanks random townie for ruining the picture. Oops if you didn't actually notice him on the toilet.
  52. 52. As Polly's stomach grew both Joe and Polly became more and more excited. Alas this is the end of the first chapter and you will have to wait for (hopefully) cute baby pictures as I have now decided to end this chapter here and have all of the children in one chapter. So this is goodbye from me, goodbye from Polly, goodbye from Joe and goodbye from the wannabe ginger Joe in the background. This makes two pictures he has ruined now. Gr. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it :)