Brooke James' Bachelorette Challenge Days Five, Six and Seven


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The last few days of my BC challenge

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Brooke James' Bachelorette Challenge Days Five, Six and Seven

  1. 1. Day Five
  2. 2. During the previous day William here amp-ed up his game and began monopolizing Brooke's time. Unordered kisses and leap into arms action pushed him to within one point of the leader from all the way back on day one, Jay. As everyone came out to say goodbye to day four's eliminee Byte, Brooke took action of her own with a quick peck.
  3. 3. Will approved. And ogled her assets.
  4. 4. “Who's your daddy?” And this is where we left off. The two standing somewhat gobsmacked are John David “Jay” Morgan (on your left) and Juno Jones (on your right). Not that you can see the stunned looks since they are facing away from you.
  5. 5. Not being one for allowing chances to go unused, Will rushed in and caught Brooke as she was cleaning up the fly ridden buffet before I could send her out to the hot tub. He left Jay and Juno to play rock, paper, scissors on the porch. “Turn around. Let me rub your shoulders.” “Okay. Thanks.”
  6. 6. He has a very intense look on his face. Like this is the most important back rub he will ever give. On script for today: 1. Hot tub date but no one gets left out today 2. A romantic kiss after which I will give each bachelor one free action with Brooke in the privacy of her room. What they choose to do is up to them. 3. In the morning- three more flirts
  7. 7. With Bernardo gone, the hot tub conversation has become quite mundane Where are the handcuffs, sexy lambs and spatulas? Heck, I'd even take fried eggs. “So yesterday we were talking about chili...”
  8. 8. Work? Well, that's new.
  9. 9. “We're not really giving her much to work with. She might get mad.” I don't get mad. I get even! I don't keep a half dozen razor sharp knives around for nothing, you know!
  10. 10. “Beer?” * head meet desk. Desk, head * Let's move on before you all pass out.
  11. 11. To lunch. And no, I don't know where the extra plate came from. Maybe it was left from breakfast? At least everyone joined her this time. I think this is the only meal where everyone in the house actually ate at the same time.
  12. 12. Moving on to the big event for the day- The romantic kiss. If I don't start seeing some red hearts today, someone will be leaving in a body bag. Jay of course accepts the kiss but neither one gets an aspiration boost from it.
  13. 13. I was surprised that neither of the romance sims had a want to kiss.
  14. 14. And what was Jay's choice as a free action? Talk about being best friends. Not a flirt, not a hug or a kiss or even a congrats on being hot. Just a chat.
  15. 15. Which went badly for him. I was baffled. It's like he ran out of steam.
  16. 16. For Juno this is old news but he still deserves the one on one time.
  17. 17. And his free action was a leap into arms. Setting their best friend status- finally. “Ugh! Cripes you're heavy!”
  18. 18. “Sorry. I'll make sure to lose some weight.” Yes Juno, she has breasts.
  19. 19. Next is of course Will and with the make out earlier in the day, there was no way this was going to fail. And what does Will choose to do for his free action?
  20. 20. Here it comes...
  21. 21. Yes, he serenades her. You have chosen, wisely. And what does William get as a prize for his wise choice to flirt?
  22. 22. Simultaneous love. The first of the challenge. And of course this adorable souvenir picture.
  23. 23. Later on he would cement his point gain with what has to be the most romantic toilet stall kiss ever! The evening was rather uneventful as the boys began doing what I've seen in other BC's where all of the sudden they begin to ignore the subject of the challenge a bit. Breakfast time would change that some.
  24. 24. Juno went for a caress and inexplicably Brooke rejected it. “But, I let you kiss me yesterday. Aren't we best friends?” “I'm sorry Juno. I'm just not in the mood.”
  25. 25. “But... Yesterday?” I don't know what to say. It's like the flower thing. She doesn't mind talking about smog and recycling but bring up a daisy and get your head tore off. Sorry Juno. Try something else.
  26. 26. Morning flirts... Do we really think anything she does to him is going to fail?
  27. 27. ...
  28. 28. Not if he knows what's good for him. His grandmother would kill him if he turned this down at this point.
  29. 29. Adjusting Juno's fitness finally worked. After about six tries. Given their previous encounter in the kitchen, I'm a little nervous here. Hold hands- no problem.
  30. 30. Serenade- no problem.
  31. 31. Caress- * shrugs* I have no idea. Maybe it was a timing thing? I would think if he was willing to allow it that she would be willing to accept, but...
  32. 32. And thanks Brooke for making me use another slide to show the love is mutual. Second double love of the challenge.
  33. 33. Holding hands with Jay. If she would just roll a want for a flirt she wouldn't be worried about her aspiration. Brooke is a bit more materialistic in nature and doesn't roll too many romance wants.
  34. 34. Serenade is good. I should point out that Jay has now succumbed to the Buddha belly as well. I must have set him as fit before we started and left Juno as normal. After the challenge I had to stick him on a bike with max motives to burn that off. It wouldn't budge!
  35. 35. Caress- no problem. And? Where is it?
  36. 36. Finally. For a three bolt couple, I would have thought this should have happened at least a day ago even with Jay's reduced enthusiasm. Sometimes this game baffles me. Maybe that's why I like it so much.
  37. 37. And before I can move him out of the room he pulls out a pillow and starts a fight. Again not a flirt or a kiss.
  38. 38. Juno throws in his own extra point gain on the landing before Brooke could get into the shower. “Hey! You're lighter than yesterday.” “It's magic Baby!” I wish I could lose weight with the click of a button.
  39. 39. After her shower, Brooke hits the poker table. And as a repeat of yesterday evening, the boys ignore her.
  40. 40. “I thought they loved me.” I don't have an answer for this one Brooke. They have to be allowed to do what they want just like you. Go talk to them. “No. They should be coming to me.”
  41. 41. Its that time again. Any wagers on who is going home? You've seen all the major point gain and loss events. Who would you choose?
  42. 42. Day Five Scores Contestant Score Modifier Bolts Change Will 188 B.F./D. Love 2 +36 Juno 172 B.F./D. Love 2 +27 Jay 170 B.F./D. Love 3 +17 How surprising is that? When I opened the panel and saw that Jay had dropped back to third, my jaw hit the desk. I had expected second. Especially after the rejected caress from Juno. He just seemed to run out of steam. He stopped looking for Brooke to do anything romantic and when given the opportunity to do so uninterrupted choose to have a bad conversation and a pillow fight. Juno's rejected flirt didn't do as much damage as I thought though I bet he had a significantly higher score before that. William's frequent autonomous romantic actions have certainly paid off. It's a big change from day one where he spent a fair part of the morning out on the sidewalk.
  43. 43. Sadly Jay, we must say goodbye. You started out so well too. I'm sure we can find something for you to do back in Pleasant View.
  44. 44. Days Six and Seven
  45. 45. So, day six. At last. Since you just got done reading day five, I'm not going to do a re-cap. “Brooke?” “Will.”
  46. 46. “Take that!” “Stop it! That's enough splashing you guys.” “She sounds irritated. You'd better stop.”
  47. 47. “Hah!” “I'm so putting ex-lax in the jello tonight.”
  48. 48. “Did you hear that the FBI's national crime rate fell despite us being in a recession? It's very odd given that normally theft tends to rise as available jobs decline.” Yes, my hot tub conversations have come down to talking about crime rates. But hey! At least it's not the weather. Juno looks a little mad, doesn't he?
  49. 49. Ohh. Fortunately those negative points are with someone who doesn't count Juno.
  50. 50. “Splash!” I don't really think this is the way to a girls heart but Brooke never gave out minuses for all the splashing.
  51. 51. Again with the hot tub ADD?! Will where are you going? “Gotta get out to remind you...”
  52. 52. “That Juno is naked!” Thanks. Will left the tub with still an hour remaining and did not return. This did work in Juno's favor.
  53. 53. Lunch time and everyone opts for the turkey. I assume avoiding the jello just in case Brooke made good of the threat of adding a laxative to the dessert.
  54. 54. “I'm a very creative person. I play the violin and the synthesizer and I've even done some painting. Do you guys like the arts?” Poor Will. I have no idea what to write for him as he is at best a toddler by now in tlhs0's game and Juno is a teen in Lorinsv60's Romancing The Apocalypse but I don't recall off the top of my head if Lorin has lifted artist yet in her apocalypse. I believe she has done music.
  55. 55. After lunch and a quick break for everyone to get showered and changed we move on to the days required events. Today we have make-outs and I'm adding in a slow dance with dance close, head on shoulder, smooch and lower hands included. In the morning there will be three flirts and then we decide who wins this thing. I did not suspect that anything would be rejected at this point. Both boys are very much smitten with Brooke. Will's make out goes fine.
  56. 56. Now for the slow dance.
  57. 57. I'll save you the time of all the pictures I took. Just know that Will allowed everything, including the lower hands.
  58. 58. Now it's Juno's turn. Ah ha! Thanks for the aspiration points Juno. She needed those.
  59. 59. Muffled- “You're welcome.”
  60. 60. The slow dance with Juno was just as successful as Will's with no rejections or stepping on toes.
  61. 61. The next morning... “It's the big day. Are you ready?”
  62. 62. “Are you? No matter what happens someone is going to be disappointed.” “Do you think that will be me?” “You know I can't tell you that. Not yet. Either way, I'm going to be a little sad. I like both of you a lot.”
  63. 63. “I don't like to lose.” “I can tell.” “But, if it has to be Juno that wins I can live with that. He's a great guy and will treat you really well.” Brooke just smiled. “Let's get this over with, okay?”
  64. 64. “You make it sound like it's some kind of torture to flirt with me.” “I don't mean it like that but in some ways it is. I don't want to hurt either of you but I have to.” “You could refuse to choose and live in sin with both of us.”
  65. 65. She laughed, “Would you really be happy sharing your bed with another man?” “Not really, no. But if it would keep you happy...” “I don't think even my two mothers would approve of me having two husbands. Plus, I'm not that kind of romance sim. I want someone I can depend on and grow old with. Not just a quick fling.” “I could be that guy.” “I know you can. So could Juno, which make all of this so hard.” A mischievous grin appeared on her lips.
  66. 66. The pinch was sudden and hard. Will yelped in surprise and pain, “Ow!”
  67. 67. “Your fingers are really strong. That hurt!” “Mmm... That comes from playing the violin since I was big enough to pick it up.” She released her pinch and stepped back. “The tush is firm. You've passed the last test William Loste. Would you mind sending Juno in?” “Are you gonna pinch his ass too.” “Absolutely. But don't tell him that. I want it to be a surprise”
  68. 68. Juno came in and Brooke took his hands in hers. He smiled at her, “Will was limping down the stairs. What did you do?” “I accidentally stepped on his foot.” Juno was suspicious that that was a lie but now wasn't the time for calling her on it. He couldn't take the risk of making her angry now. “You always look so pretty. Even barefoot and in torn up jeans.” “Thank you. You're always so sweet. I like that about you.” “You don't think I'm a big softy, do you?” Her answer was cautious, “I think, you can be as tough as the situation calls for.”
  69. 69. She reached up and ran her finger across his cheek. “Do you worry about how others see you?” “Sometimes. My alien heritage makes me look really different from everyone else where I come from. People can't help but stare.” “Well, I don't see anything here that I don't like.” He smiled.
  70. 70. Like Will she caught him by surprise “Ow!” Downstairs, Will looked up at the ceiling and smiled. “Hmm... A little soft but it compliments the whole.” “I'm not a piece of meat you know.” “I'm just verifying if the merchandise is as advertised.” They laughed together. “You didn't step on his foot, did you?” “No. I did not.” Her face turned serious. “I need a little time to think Juno. I'll let you guys know when I'm ready.” He smiled, “All right. We'll be downstairs.”
  71. 71. Will and Juno managed to corner Brooke in the downstairs bathroom for a little last minute hug and congratulation fest. I'm really glad I have my romance mods still in. This would have been a disaster otherwise. Look at them look at each other. It's like they know they are competing for her attention.
  72. 72. Aww... Lorin, if Juno isn't already a hugger in your game, he will be soon.
  73. 73. “Want to play catch?” Oh no! Will can't possibly be doing this with purpose. I haven't even looked at the scores yet. The boys go out in the street to play football and Brooke heads for the poker table.
  74. 74. Eventually they do come back in but Juno won't sit down. He had hug and flirts popping up in his cue but Brooke wouldn't leave the table.
  75. 75. The clock chimes noon and I look at the scores.
  76. 76. Day Six Final Scores Contestant Daily Lifetime Modifiers Bolts Change Relationship Relationship Will 100 100 B.F./D. Love 2 +12 Juno 100 99 B.F./D. Love 2 +27 I don't know what Juno would have needed to do to tie this up. If Brooke hadn't settled on the poker table his flirts and hugs might have given him the one point he needed. Then I would have had to come up with a tie breaker as the boy's stats were identical to hers. So, I have my winner and I'm sure tlhs0 is jumping up in down in her chair right about now. :) Thanks to everyone who sent me their sims to play with. I promise to give them a good home.
  77. 77. Juno I adore you and would have had so much fun weaving you into my complex story alongside Brooke. You will still be involved, I promise and I bet Will will want you as his best man at the wedding.
  78. 78. As for that wedding, I know that is how these challenges are traditionally ended. There will be a wedding and babies. Those will be seen in my interlude story for Brooke Number Two and within my main story. Sorry you will have to wait. The interlude story for this challenge will most likely be done by the end of June an hopefully a new chapter of A Corporate Conspiracy will follow soon after.
  79. 79. Thanks for reading everyone!