Yazoo OWBC Chapter 2


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Where all the kids are born and we find out if Bonus is a boy or girl!

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Yazoo OWBC Chapter 2

  1. 1. Yazoo Family OWBC Chapter 2
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Yazoo family OWBC! Here’s our founding couple playing together in the rain on the morning after their first born child’s birth. Ah pleasure sim love! As a reminder our founder is Chunky Yazoo and he married simself Jo. They have had one child named Bonus, and we’re still waiting to find out exactly if Bonus is a girl or a boy! Okay let’s get going!
  3. 3. Um hello? The house is filthy! Jo that is the perpetual state of this shack since both you and Chunky are slobs. If you want it clean you’re going to have to do it yourself because I’m not wasting any of my 8 commands I’m given a day to tell you to clean up the dirty dishes.
  4. 4. And no one has even attempted to snatch David or kick over any of our gnomes. I’m going with the theory that everyone is scared of my current spouse Jo since she runs a home neighborhood full of mobsters. I mean if you can keep a bunch of mobsters in line, you’re likely not someone you want to mess with right?
  5. 5. Okay this is the second time I’ve seen this penguin waddle by our house. The thing is it’s not winter time. A penguin waddling by my house when there’s no snow creeps me out a little bit.
  6. 6. “ I still can’t believe I don’t know if my first born child is a son or a daughter. This is embarrassing!” I’m sorry okay? It won’t happen again. I promise.
  7. 7. Luckily in the sim world the baby stage doesn’t last very long and soon it’s time to find out if Bonus is a boy or a girl. Okay all readers place your bets! And Bonus is a…
  8. 8. Cute little boy! Bonus takes a lot after Jo and I think he’s adorable. Let’s just hope his face doesn’t explode once he gets older. Anyway, Bonus is a Gemini and is super outgoing and active, but only has 1 nice point. We’ll see if that comes into play.
  9. 9. Ugh Bonus! Don’t play in that! And I thought your parents were bad.
  10. 10. “ I smell!” Well when you play in the toliet all day what do you really expect?
  11. 11. Jo’s pregnant again and real Jo was right. Simself Jo has terrible pregnancies. So since I have to watch her like a hawk so she doesn’t die Chunky has to do all the skilling duties. Yes this family is dirt poor still. But Chunky has two days off work. *cries*
  12. 12. “ Hey Jo I need a mood boost! Want to have a date in our living room/kitchen.” “ You know it!”
  13. 13. And little Bonus kept interrupting his parents good time by wanting to be played with or snuggled. Chunky was a sucker for it every time. “ Hey, pregnant wife needs a pick-me up! Make out with me now!” Jo’s quite hormonal. As you can see the sink is a mess. It stays that way.
  14. 14. Jo eventually got her make out session which sent her mood flying into platinum. And with a dream date her mood meter went up considerably. Thank goodness she always has the want to date in her panel or we’d never survive!
  15. 15. But don’t think Jo’s not a good mommy. Even though she’s half tired, hungry, or otherwise miserable she makes time to play with her little man. It’s quite sweet if a bit annoying.
  16. 16. And because I have an addiction to sim toddlers, here comes the picspam!
  17. 20. See he really does look like Jo. No crooked nose or anything.
  18. 21. I think I played with Bonus too long. I’m tired and hungry. Jo! Don’t you dare die on me. Thank goodness it just hit 12 o’clock and I got a fresh set of commands. Go eat now!
  19. 22. So Jo made it to bed and then an hour later she went into labor with child number two. I clicked random and prayed for only one child. And what do I get? 1 child. Haha and here you all were thinking I was going to say I got triplets or quads.
  20. 23. So? So it’s a baby boy named Oktoc. See I told you I wouldn’t do it again. Okay Chunky we’re cool. No need to run down the street to the simself house after all. Wait were you really going to have Chunky attack my simself if I didn’t know what the baby was?
  21. 24. You were going to have him hit me over the head with a book? Seriously? Well you don’t have any cc weapons in your game, so until I can get enough money for you to buy us a robot station, I’m severely limited at the moment. Well now I’m not going to buy you one. You have to or you won’t get the OFB bonus points.
  22. 25. And right after giving birth to Oktoc she feeds him despite being exhausted. And she manages to become best friends with her eldest son Bonus. I’ll give her simself credit she’s devoted to her kids.
  23. 26. Really devoted. I guess I just hope she isn’t just doing this so she can turn more of my sims against me. Ahem. So Jo needs skill points and since she’s off work till kid number 3 is born I have her get some skilling done. And Jo proves to be able to do two things at once. She carries baby Oktoc around with her while earning charisma.
  24. 27. Have I mentioned yet that this family is dirt poor? I barely had enough money to buy Bonus a bed. It’s winter so it had to be built inside. So let’s see how badly Bonus turned out hmm?
  25. 28. One last toddler pic for good measure.
  26. 29. “ Yay! I still look like my mom! I’m still cute!” Yes Bonus you’re still adorable. But let’s get a look at your daywear. I hope it’s not too bad cause we can’t change it.
  27. 30. Aww! He’s adorable Jo. Now let’s just hope the other two turn out this cute. “ Okay excuse me lady in my head. There’s something I HAVE to do before I got to bed.”
  28. 31. “ This bathroom is hideous! There are weeds on the ground the toilet has poisonous gas coming out of it for crying out loud! I won’t even consider how many health code regulations you’re breaking in this shack.” I love when the personality points lie don’t you? I swear he cleans if there’s even a speck of dirt. His points say he only has 4 neat points, which granted is more than either parent, but still you’d swear he has 10.
  29. 32. First day of school and Bonus brings Marsha home from school and that little stalker tries to steal David! “Marsha, you touch our gnome and you’re dead.”
  30. 33. Here’s proof that Marsha rethought her plan of stealing from us and proof that the flamingo army has grown in size.
  31. 34. Oktoc won’t shut-up! I’ve never had a sim baby that was this needy. He’s constantly waking Jo up who’s pregnant again. Look kid I have enough trouble in this house, don’t add to it.
  32. 35. “ Hurry up and grow up so you’ll stop screaming! I can barely sleep at night in this shack.” “ Bonus, be nice.” “ Father, I don’t do nice.” Yeah Bonus is rather grumpy.
  33. 36. Yes, Oktoc I see you staring at me with that smile. You glitched two cakes and your mom is in there starving to death. Now you’re having your father read to you outside in winter! Uh no. No way am I letting my OWBC be ruined by a toddler.
  34. 37. “ Hey lady! Its’ snowing!” So, I thought kids like snow Bonus? “ Not when it’s getting on our heads when we’re trying to sleep.” Oops, I forgot to put a roof on the house extension. My bad.
  35. 38. Oktoc spends his days chasing butterflies or bugging his parents, because this family cannot afford toys. Yeah, we’re still barely getting by. For those who care, Oktoc is a Gemini. He’s super neat (where did 10 neat points come from), super outgoing and active, and slightly shy and grouchy. Yeah he’s grouchy alright.
  36. 39. Jo does actually take some time to teach Oktoc to talk. She actually rolled the want to which surprised me a bit. Everyone in this house does seem to have enough sense to stay on Mama Jo’s good side.
  37. 40. “ I hate homework! And why isn’t one of my parents helping me so this would go faster?” Because your mother is exhausted and so is your dad because your little brother is a needy little brat. Happy? “ I just told you no.”
  38. 41. Hey Mystery! I’ve got a surprise for you. Jo, you better not…Twins…well okay I can live with that. I mean sure one of them will have to sleep in the bathroom, but at least it’s not 4 because you can’t afford quads.
  39. 42. So this chapter ends with a family photo. Bonus is playing or tormenting his brother Oktoc. Chunky is holding his third son Oxford and Jo is holding their only daughter Ora. Join me next time as we raise this small brood of kids. Oh question for anyone who’s doing a OWBC. On the base game bonus it says you need to go birth to birth without promotions. Does that mean from the birth of the first kid to the last of the current generation, or from the birth of the first kid to the birth of the first kid of the next generation?