Scrapbooks: An OWBC, Prologue Part 2


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Scrapbooks: An OWBC, Prologue Part 2

  1. 1. An Officially Wacky Boolprop ChallengePrologue Part 2: Sky University By: EveningSky
  2. 2. When I awoke the morning after my final exam, I had been dreaming about Pong. It was a terribledream and it scared me. I didn‟t know what my future held. I was very nervous about it. I was now asenior and I had no clue what my future really held for me at that point. My dream started off with me in a field of flamingos. It was my elder birthday and I had 3 or 4kids…I can‟t remember but they had spouses and friends over and I had friends over. Out cameDestry, he was an adult too. He smiled as he was talking to my kids and he came up to me and heldme and kissed me saying something about our wonderful life together. My heart was full ofhappiness, he was my husband! Then I began to grow up and out of the blue came Pong who was justas young as he is now. He came in and slapped me as if he‟d caught me cheating! I turned around tosee if Destry was there but he wasn‟t. There was no one around, it was just Pong and I and we wereback in his dorm room, young adults again. “I can‟t believe you, Katrina! I can‟t believe you wouldkiss Destry like that!” he yelled. That is the moment I awoke.
  3. 3. I laid in bed most of that morning, feeling dissolute and dejected. The phone was ringing for aboutan hour but I didn‟t want to answer it, I knew it was Destry. I couldn‟t talk to him until I talked toPong but I didn‟t want to talk to Pong. I didn‟t want to loose him. How could I be so stupid to kissanother man when Pong was the man that I love? I kept thinking but then another thought hit me,Does he even love me? Or better yet, Is what we have really the truest, purest form of love? Surely itcan‟t be if I, a knowledge-part-family sim was able to kiss another man without hesitation.
  4. 4. I finally got up when I couldn‟t sleep anymore and began distracting myself by finally cleaning upthe nasty plates that had been sitting on the table downstairs since my freshman year and playingpool, desperate to forget what happened and put it all in the past. I couldn‟t shake the self-loathing though. I finally swallowed my pride and went to see Pong. Myheart was racing. What was I going to say? How was he going to react? He‟s a pretty grouchy sim, Ireally hope he won‟t attack me!
  5. 5. When I entered Pong‟s room, he didn‟t seem to be bothered. He wasn‟t doing much. He wasbasically just standing there. It made me a little suspicious though. Was he hiding something from me?Pong didn‟t even turn around when he opened the door. “Hey Katrina,” he said. Hey? Does he know? Why is he greeting me like I‟m just a friend? Pong turned around to face me, “What‟s up?” I stared at him. “What‟s wrong with you, huh?” I nervously averted my eyes around the room, searching for something…something that would helpme. “Well are you going to tell me or what, dimwad?”
  6. 6. I felt a hot rush throughout my body, my eyes narrowed and my hand clenched. I thought I knew theman I was dating. I thought he was sweet, amazing, cute, funny Pong. Who was this guy, what did hedo with Pong? “Dimwad?” I blurted out, “Is that what you‟re going to call me now? Dimwad? Is that my petname? Well you know what Pong, I‟m not cool with that okay. I don‟t want to be your girlfriend ifthat‟s the way you‟re going to treat me!” “Jeez, Katrina, babe, I‟m sorry! I was just trying to comment on your lack of response time…it wasfunny, cute even, you dimwad.” My rage hightened. Why isn‟t he listening to me? I thought he at least cared enough to do that!
  7. 7. “I told you not to call me that!” “Jeez, babe, I‟m sorry now are you going to calm down and tell me what‟s bugging you or not?” “Why should I do that?” “Well, I would like to know but if you don‟t want to calm down then that‟s fine…you‟re cute whenyou‟re angry.” “No I‟m not, how could you say that? That‟s so stupid and cliché!” “Because you are!” he said with a playful smirk on his face. He‟s not even listening to me! “Don‟t argue with me!” He chuckled, “Why not? Are you going to get cuter?” “This isn‟t funny, it‟s serious!” “Ok, so what‟s the problem, babe?”
  8. 8. I hesitated. Do I really need to tell him about Destry? Would that really be a smart move? Whatwould it really accomplish? Maybe I could just fix our underlying problems. “What are we?” I finally demanded. “Well…we‟re two sims who really like each other. I‟d say we got really lucky too. I mean, you‟rehot, I‟m hot. We‟re both knowledge sims. What more could you ask for?” A rush of sweet ran over me. I just managed to squeak out the word, “Love?” My heart was racing so fast. I just spilled it. Now he had it, he had it all. What was he going to dowith it? There was a long pause. “Oh,” he finally said.
  9. 9. “Please don‟t get me wrong Katrina I adore you and I think, in a way, what you‟re talking aboutcould possibly what I feel…in another person‟s standpoint but,” my heart dropped, “I don‟t believe inlove.” And just like that my world was shattering, my heart was shattering in one instant. I was so angry Ilet myself fall for him! My voice cracked as I retaliated, “How can you not believe in LOVE? What are you? A secondaryromance sim?” “I have no secondary aspiration, and just so you know the facts it‟s a pretty common scientificstandpoint! It‟s not mainstream because sims just don‟t get it. When we know a sim well enough, weget a red heart it says it‟s true love but have you ever thought about how romance sims are supposedlyin love with all these different sims? How can that be true love? I just don‟t get it Katrina, I can‟tcomprehend the concept. It makes no logical sense whatsoever.”
  10. 10. I was beyond shock. I just couldn‟t understand. All along, I thought Pong was this sweet caring guy,turns out he has no feelings. “So you don‟t love me and you can‟t even fathom the concept?” “Katrina…I really, really like you and you make me feel really happy. Why do these things need alabel?” “Because it‟s the only way to describe them! Does your heart not go pitter-pat when you‟re withme?” “I have no heart! I have an anatomical heart that beats in my chest, but I don‟t have this fictional„love-heart‟ you‟re talking about. That‟s just…well, unscientific.” “What about ghosts? And vampires? And witches? We‟re knowledge sims for pete‟s sake!” “I believe it when I see it. I‟d love to see a ghost but until I see one…” “And what about that vampire we saw that night we…” “Okay, so what? Vampires are real. Witches are real.” So why not love? I thought.
  11. 11. “So what do you want from me, Pong? What are we if you can‟t love someone?” “Look, babe, I am what I am. Take me or leave me but I think we are a good fit you and I, like I saidbefore, we‟re both knowledge sims I mean, come on we obviously want the same things out of life.Maybe we don‟t see eye to eye on „love‟ and such raw beliefs but we both like each other and what arethe chances of that happening? I‟ve never been with a girl I like this much before in my life! If I didbelieve in love, well I guess I would with you but why can‟t we just live in the moment? Why can‟twe just have fun…be happy?” “Why should I commit myself to a man who says he doesn‟t have a heart?” “Babe, I‟m not going anywhere. I‟m all for compromise.” I stared at him. I felt like all my feelings were drained out of me and my head was throbbing.
  12. 12. “Because I make you feel good right?” Pong said sweetly. My heart leapt. I really did love Pong. Icouldn‟t help it. Even if we disagreed about love itself. I didn‟t even have to answer he could tell what I was thinking even if he thought he obviously“made me happy.” Pong slowly inched forward, so slowly I didn‟t even realize he was until I felt his hands wrapthemselves around my waist.
  13. 13. Pong pulled me closer, wrapping his arms around me, then coming closer and kissing me. I felt likeI wasn‟t even there. I felt like a different person inside my head than what I was appearing to be. Still,I felt soothed though. I just relaxed and let it happen
  14. 14. “Now,” Pong said in between kisses, “does that explain how I feel about you?” he pulled away andpensively raised his eyebrows. My face softened into a smile and he continued kissing me. ~Smooth, Pong, smooth. But seriously? Sims are such saps. They can’t fall out of love withsomeone unless that someone cheats on them (and they find out, it sucks that they can’t just telleach other and break up) or they have like 20 billion arguments. I had them have about 3 or 4and at the end they, of their own accord, decided to make out. During their arguments, Pong’sstink mysteriously disappeared.~
  15. 15. Soon after that, I left Pong‟s room, which he then locked. But I could not silence the thoughtsrunning through my head. Am I doing the right thing? Is what I‟m doing the best option? DoesDESTRY believe in love? I couldn‟t bear it anymore. I just kept getting sucked into the void where I was just swooned byPong, no matter what. I decided that despite my love for dorm life it might be time to move out. Afterall, I was just beginning my senior year. I‟d be out in the world soon and seeing how fragile I am now,I might as well get myself prepared for that world. ~An empty neighborhood is a depressing thing for a poor sim. Soon after this happened,Katrina rolled a want to fall in love.~
  16. 16. The next morning, I searched the real estate listings for houses. I had been saving moneyand ever-so-often working in the cafeteria to make more all for this moment. I rented acheap little house on the beach. It wasn‟t too far but I would have farther to walk to myclasses. I made my bed and said goodbye to my room and off I went.
  17. 17. So here‟s a new place, what am I going to do with it? The place was actually nice it wasright on the beach, there was a palmetto tree and there were… I stopped in my tracks. Oh no! I thought, those freaking flamingos followed me here!
  18. 18. Inside was a little wacky and tacky but I guessed it would do. For a single student, itreally wasn‟t so bad. At least I had a full kitchen and a mirror to skill with. The only reallybad part was having no sink and no computer (yet).
  19. 19. But despite my new house on the beach, my thirst for knowledge and my growingindependence, I still couldn‟t shake the thoughts of Pong and Destry. I want…no, I toldmyself, I need a distraction! One comes to believe with all that popular culture says aboutcollege, that Greek Houses attract the biggest and best parties. I picked up the phone andchartered my house. Right after my house was chartered as a Greek House, I threw a toga party, inviting allmy friends aside from professors, Pong and Destry.
  20. 20. But when the guests showed so did an uninvited one. Destry was among my guests! Why would he come to crash my first Greek party? Iquestioned myself. Rationally, I could assume he was here because I also invited othersecret society members and he possibly wanted to ask to just be friends or something afterour little incident. My brain wasn‟t rationalizing this properly at the time, however.
  21. 21. So I decided to make sure I was distracted when my guests entered by indulgingin my favorite hobby, cooking. That was the day I learned my love for grilledcheese. However, cooking wasn‟t enough to keep Destry from talking to me.
  22. 22. As Darren (one of my BFFs, a fellow secret society member and ex-dormmate) was joking aboutdance moves and I was laughing, Destry snuck up to me. “Katrina,” Destry began. I stopped in my tracks, a rush of energy and sweat permeated me as Iturned around to face him, “I…well I just wanted to say that your grilled cheese is amazingand…well, this beach house is a perfect place to start a Greek House!...” “Oh Destry,” I said as I continued to freak out biologically, “thank you, thank you so much butexcuse me, I have to go to class.” And just like that I ran off to class. I was too scared to talk to him and I definitely didn‟t want to doit in from of a party of several people.
  23. 23. When I returned, I saw that everyone was enjoying the grilled cheese I made. As a cook itmeant a lot to me that my party went well partially due to grilled cheese. From thatmoment on, I saw grilled cheese as a special meal since it was the first one I cooked for agroup of people.
  24. 24. When the party was over everyone but Darren and Destry had left. I went over to talk toDarren. He seemed really interested in this Greek thing and revealed to me that he is notonly a Fortune sim but also a Scorpio (a hard-working type). I knew I would have to leavesomeone here to hold down this Greek House while I go off, age and have a family. Darrenwas still a freshman so I assumed he wouldn‟t do any of those things. Also, with hispersonality he would be likely to help my children and their children through college,making sure that they do well. I asked him to pledge and he said yes!
  25. 25. Since my Greek House had just had it‟s first party, I got inspiration on what to name it. Iwent to the main offices of Sky University to pick up my Greek Symbol to let everyoneknow that we were “Hoh.”
  26. 26. Later that night, I had another party. I decided to go ahead and recruit more of my BFFs into theGreek house. Carla and Ocean seemed were more calm about their invitation but others weren‟t as calm. “Why Katrina, I don‟t know what to say!” exclaimed Lila when I told her. “It‟s no big deal,” I told her, “You‟re my friend and so it just makes sense.” Brandy was far more flattered than anything, “Oh, Katrina, I always knew you were a nice butyou‟re just too kind.” “Brandy,” I told him, “I want my kids to know you. We lived in a dorm for 3 years together!”
  27. 27. Cleaning up was the worst part of having so many parties I thought I must keep myselfdistracted before I thought too much about the situation with Pong and Destry.
  28. 28. The next morning, I had yet another party and, uninvited Pong came along. “Katrina!” he yelled. My heart leapt and I turned around, “Hey! Katrina, this place is sweet! Whyhaven‟t you invited me over yet?” “Oh Pong! Sorry I‟ve just been so busy trying to make sure that this place is up and running before Igrow up and all.” “Oh yeah, you‟ve made it to your final semester that‟s right, congratulations.” “Thanks but sorry I‟m really busy,” I said as I turned around and walked away.
  29. 29. I went back to the party and began dancing. My troubles lessened away easily when Iwas dancing. Well that was until I heard the phone ring…
  30. 30. I ran into the kitchen to answer the phone. “Hello?” “Oh hey Katrina, it‟s Destry,” came a familiar voice over the receiver. My heart sank, Pong was hereand Destry was on the phone? “Destry! Uh…it‟s nice to hear from you,” I said as my hands began shaking, “Wha-what‟s up?” “Oh, not much. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your party yesterday. Your beach houseis really beautiful!” “Uh…thanks Destry. I‟m actually having another party right now.” I paused as the door opened.Pong had just walked into the room. I felt a familiar cold sweat over my body. “Oh, I won‟t keep you…unless you want me to come over,” he laughed. “Uh okay, come on over Destry. I‟ll see you then, bye!” I said and hung up hastily.
  31. 31. I expected something to happen, something awful but the afternoon carried ononly with us dancing. It was that evening that something finally happened. I was standing out on theporch when Pong finally came up to me again.
  32. 32. “Katrina!” Pong yelled in demanding tone, “Just when were you planning to at least glance at yourboyfriend again?!” My heart sank. Did he know now? I thought, Had he talked to Destry? “Just where do you come off thinking I‟m ignoring you? I do have friends you know and what‟s itmatter to you anyway?” I yelled. Then the door opened, “Are you jealous? You, Pong who doesn‟tbelieve in love?!” I heard footsteps go down the stairs. Oops! Someone heard us arguing! “We‟ve had this discussion, Katrina,” Pong said in a tone devoid of emotion, “I told you everythingyou needed to hear and you obviously didn‟t listen to me.” Pong stopped and looked to the left for asecond. I was too scared to look back. Then annoyance filled his voice as he continued, “I thought youwere different. Wow was I wrong! It seems all girls ever want is to hear the „L‟ word. Well, I‟m sorryKatrina but I can‟t do that for you and you‟re just going to have to accept that.”
  33. 33. “You know, Pong” I said, “I just can‟t deal with this right now, okay? I‟m sorry I love you! I don‟tknow what else to say! You don‟t want love? Go find some romance skank!” “Katrina, calm down. You should know that I just want you, or did I not make that clear? I just don‟tlike letting my emotions take a hold of me like you obviously are. Yet, I do want to see you and I dowant to be with you. You need to get your emotions in line though.” He‟s right, I thought, I‟m a mess, a complete mess and it wasn‟t really all his fault. If I hadn‟t metDestry, I wouldn‟t be feeling this way right now, surely. I would be so happy with Pong, right?
  34. 34. “I‟m sorry, Pong. I‟m just…well…you‟re right. I‟m too full of emotion. I…well I need to go wrapup this party and then maybe we can talk some more.” “Alright babe, do what you have to do.” ~So Destry seriously walked outside while they were arguing on his own accord, threwsomething away, stared at them, looking distressed, and then walked inside all on his ownaccord.~
  35. 35. “Hey Darren,” I said to Darren once I was back inside, “since you‟re all done withpledging and you‟re awesome, will you move in the Greek House with me and stay hereuntil my children meet you and come live with you?” “Why of course I would Katrina!” Darren replied, “I couldn‟t think of a better thing to dofor a friend.”
  36. 36. Soon after that, more flamingos appeared on my lawn. At least Darren seemed to agreewith me that they were a waste of money.
  37. 37. After trying to pump the party up a bit more before saying goodbye to everyone, I realized that itwas pointless. The party was over and everyone was leaving in a bit of a bad mood. Even Pong left.He didn‟t stick around to talk to me at all! Why?! I thought as I began to feel a heaviness in my eyes. Warm tears began to roll down my face.Why did this all have to happen to me? Are Pong and I threw now? I felt as if Pong and I had reallycome to a dead end. Obviously, I was emotional, something Pong didn‟t want in a woman. To some extent, I also blamed it on the pizza. We had had pizza that day instead of grilled cheese.Maybe grilled cheese was a good luck charm…
  38. 38. Once again, I distracted myself with work. This time, I maxed my charisma skill. The only thing different about this distraction was it was preparing me to talk to Destryfinally.
  39. 39. I called him and asked him to meet me at the public beach. Ironically, it was a little moreprivate than my Greek house.
  40. 40. Destry arrived in a toga. I guess he figured with all my toga parties it was inevitable that he wouldbe invited back for one. However, we both knew that‟s not why he was here. As I approached him my heart was racing, my hands were shaky and sweaty but I was determined tonot give up now. I couldn‟t bury myself in my work again. I was about to graduate. I couldn‟t believeit had been almost a year since that night that had been plaguing me ever since. Yet I knew that I hadto face my problems. In a way, Pong‟s advice had been wise. I couldn‟t let my emotions get to me, Ihad to confront them and Destry. I had to own up to who I was and what I wanted. Finally, after ayear, here I was, doing just that. It was just the thing that got my heart beating so fast and myadrenaline pumping enough to make me do this…
  41. 41. “Destry!” I grabbed him, “We have to talk about that night…” “Wh-what night?” he questioned. “The night I did this...” And I did it again. In that moment I knew, it may not be the “right” thing to cheat on Pong like thisbut Destry was the right man for me. I could just feel it. I had never felt this good while kissing Pong.I knew this was it. I couldn‟t go back. I may have loved Pong but we didn‟t even agree about that. Icouldn‟t live a lie anymore. I wanted to be with Destry, not Pong. ~She seriously did this a second time. Still no hearts though.~
  42. 42. For a while after Destry and I just stared at each other. This time I wasn‟t thinking aboutPong, only of him. Finally, he said something, “Oh wow…uh…Katrina…I…you‟re so beautiful.” “Destry…we should talk about this, we can‟t just leap into something.” “I know….uh…let‟s go sit on the beach.”
  43. 43. When we sat down on the beach, we were gazing at each other intensely. Our eyes seemed lockedon each other and I forgot about everything but Destry. I was so comforted. Something I had neverfelt before. Finally, I started to talk. I told Destry about how I felt really bad about what had happened that nightbecause I was with Pong, about my arguments with Pong and how I had been burying my emotions inmy work and keeping myself busy. I also expressed how I appreciated that he kept calling meeveryday and didn‟t mention it as that would have driven me away. He listened intently, withoutinterruption, another thing I was not used to with Pong. His face also showed concern when I told himthat Pong did not believe in love and how I even told Pong that I loved him.
  44. 44. When I was finished, Destry was clearly distressed. “So,” he finally said, “Pong doesn‟t believe in love?” “No. It‟s just…just ridiculous! And I‟m just over it!” “You deserve someone who will appreciate the love you give him, Katrina,” Destry said softly. Myface became red-hot. He continued though, “I was a little concerned at first when you didn‟t answerthe phone after what had happened but I did remember you mentioning Pong and I wasn‟t about toruin something that made you happy. I sort of felt bad for letting it happen because I would like tothink that any friend of mine is just a friend of mine and if she has a boyfriend I would like that guy totrust me. It‟s a bit of a different situation than I imagined though. Honestly, I feel like I‟ve been a bitof a wreck myself this past year. But just do me a favor please?” “Yes?” “Please, as long as you have a heart, never call yourself a whore.”
  45. 45. I smiled, “As long as you promise me one thing, Destry?” “What‟s that?” “That you‟ll always have a heart.” “Of course I will,” Destry smiled and got up then he reached for my hand and helped meup. We stood like that for a little bit. My heart swelled with joy, I felt happier than I hadever felt in my life I felt…
  46. 46. Love. True love! Destry pulled me closer, into an embrace. “I won‟t ever let you feel alone again,” Destry whisperedin my ear, “I‟ll always be here for you, Katrina. I…I love you.” It felt almost as if my heart was the one picked up off the ground, filled up and full. Here was a manwilling and able to love me. I couldn‟t help but smile. In all my time here, this is all I had wished for.Someone kind and caring, someone who wasn‟t too intrusive and who really wanted to make me feelgood. In all my time with Destry, I never once felt threatened or heartbroken. I felt safe, cared for and nowloved! My heart grew wings and flew as I replied, “I love you too, Destry.”
  47. 47. ~Pong actually walked past them. I didn’t write it in because, well, they seemedoblivious to him and he was leaving when they fell in love finally and didn’t get jealous.It was really odd.~
  48. 48. I knew we couldn‟t stick around much longer and I needed to get back home since I hadinvited over guests. Darren was keeping them entertained but I couldn‟t completely ditchall my friends. Destry and I had genuine smiles on our faces that we couldn‟t wipe off the whole night. ~Truthfully, I hadn’t seen a smile that big on her face yet until then.~
  49. 49. I wasn‟t trying to bury my emotions in my work anymore but I had to skill. I needed tomake sure I could repair everything in my new adult house and I wanted to expand myinterests in cooking, my favorite hobby. Destry stayed with me through the whole, stormy, dark night. I was pleased to have himaround. It helped me get through that night of skilling.
  50. 50. The next morning, I maxed my mechanical skill. I was definitely on top of everything!
  51. 51. And that night, I graduated finally! It was a pretty bittersweet moment. I was so happythat I had accomplished that much but I knew I was going to miss Sky University terribly.I mean, I wouldn‟t miss the drama
  52. 52. Pong and I were rapidly drifting apart. Every time we talked, we had an argument and itwas clear that things weren‟t what they used to be. I even saw him flirting with some cow!I couldn‟t believe that our relationship had come to what it had. Either way, I had alreadyresolved that we were basically through. I couldn‟t seem to get that information through tohim and I guess I was a little too sad to completely give up on him yet.
  53. 53. It was around that time that Darren found himself a girlfriend as I was gaining cookingskill points. “Get a room you two!” I yelled as they made out right in front of me. In hindsight, I probably should‟ve kept my mouth shut.
  54. 54. Darren‟s girlfriend actually wasn‟t so bad. In the pouring rain, she came to give himsome gifts which was really nice of her and of course, being a fortune sim, Darrenappreciated it more than I did.
  55. 55. I finally maxed my cooking and logic skills and used the money from selling her gifts(since neither Darren or I were going to use them) to remodel the house. Now all I had leftwere cleaning and body which wouldn‟t be too big of a problem.
  56. 56. Soon after the remodeling was complete, Pong called me. I was surprised to hear fromhim and he didn‟t have much to say for himself either. I think that‟s when I finally realizedthat this thing with Pong wasn‟t going to last much longer. We had barely talked since thatnight I spent with Destry and he didn‟t want to talk about our relationship anymore. All hecared about was himself. I had a few more days left at Sky University before I had to leave campus and I still had agraduation party to throw but I needed to get out.
  57. 57. I decided to check out the place where I would be moving, Legacyland. There was a neighborhoodpool where I dived in and swam. The cool water and beautiful night took my mind off of things. Ieven met some neighbors who played marco polo with me. Later that night, a good witch came to the lot. I talked with her a while and we soon became friends.Despite my fun time, I realized that I was still angry with Pong and resolved that I probably couldn‟tforgive him.
  58. 58. The next morning when I woke up, I realized this would be the last time I ever slept inthis bed on the beach of Sky University and I thought of how I would miss it terribly. I was having my graduation party today and then I would move to Legacyland, start afamily and hopefully come back to visit my children here. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day and I was ready to cherish it.
  59. 59. After I was done eating breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead, there was a visitor. Althoughshe was Darren‟s friend, something compelled me to great her. As soon as I walked up to her she shook my hand with a certain confidence, “Katrina!” she said,“I‟ve been eager to meet you. You can call me Evening Sky. Why don‟t we go talk in a morepicturesque place?” ~Yes, Evening Sky is my simself.~
  60. 60. “So how come you know my name?” I asked immediately after we walked up to the porch. Evening thought for a minute and then finally said, “Well, Katrina, let‟s just say that I haveconnections in high places,” she paused and continued, “I actually would like to help you out.Now…I…uh…I mean, my connections have a certain club and they would really like you to be a partof it. If you can do this for me, I and uh, my connections will be grateful and we‟ll give you amembership. I need to explain the rules to you though. Do you think you might be up for it?” I thought a minute. This sounded strange, yet in an odd way, I trusted this woman more than any simI had ever met before!
  61. 61. After a brief hesitation I said, “Of course!” but I was wondering what I had just agreed to. “That‟s great, Katrina! Now, first things first, I know this may sound strange for someone like me totell you but you‟re going to have to dump Pong and propose to Destry unless you think that youwould rather be with Pong.” “Uh…I…ok…guess that‟s…” “Good. Now, when you grow up there are several rules you will have to abide by. You will havethree children and name the first a name that starts with a „B‟ and the second and the third a name thatstarts with an „O.‟ If you have twins, you will have to name them by the same letter but they onlycount as one, you will still have to have the remaining amount of children as if you had one child.Also, your children, their children and their children‟s children will have to have three children too.We will call this your legacy and they will name their children different letters. Three flamingos perevery sim in your family must be kept on your lawn at all times, that includes you, Destry, yourlegacy and anyone else who moves in. This goes for their college life as well…”
  62. 62. Evening continued to explain the rules. There were quite a few as she said, but it seemed almost toomuch to remember. There was only one time when I interrupted her. “Whoa, wait! I‟m not sure if I can eat nothing but grilled cheese, yes it‟s my good luck charm but Ifeel like it‟s my destiny to make fine cuisine,” I explained. “Katrina, it will be okay if you don‟t achieve that goal, but please try. It will be a great success form…my connections.” “Okay, I‟ll try. The rest I‟m sure I could do and pass on to my family. It‟s so cool that we have thesame last name!” “Uh, yeah…it is! I‟m so happy you‟ll be joining us, Katrina! Welcome to the OWBC club!” After my conversation with Evening, I threw my party.
  63. 63. It was hard to say goodbye to my friends. I really didn‟t want to leave Sky University very muchand everything Evening had just told was really overwhelming. I went and sat by the calming oceanwaves, which I wouldn‟t be able to afford to be by in Legacyland. “Katrina?” Destry snuck up behind me, “Hey, why are you sitting out here all alone, it‟s your party.” My heart skipped a beat. Here he was the man I was destined to marry. “Destry…we should talk about things,” I said as I got up. Destry grabbed my hand and helped me up. He stared at me for a very long second and then said,“Katrina, I think we both know what we want.” Destry wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer.
  64. 64. Destry had pulled me into a kiss. That moment with the waves crashing and my heart racing, Irealized that even though things would be a bit rough for us, I would have Destry by my side. Destrywho cared for me, who loved me! That moment felt like it should last forever, but unfortunately it didn‟t.
  65. 65. It was interrupted by no other than Pong. “What the hell, Katrina?! What is wrong with you? I thought we were in a committedrelationship.”
  66. 66. I turned around, away from my perfect moment. “I‟m sorry Pong, but you have no right to speak to me that way! Especially after flirting with thatcow!” “Flirting is not cheating,” Pong said in a manner calmer than mine. It was at that moment I knew, Ino longer loved Pong. “Go, leave! Get out of my life Pong!” “That‟s a little overdramatic Katrina,” Pong said, “but I agree that we shouldn‟t be lovers anymore.Why don‟t I just stay out of your way. It‟s illogical to break up such a good friendship over somethinglike love.” For once, I saw his point.
  67. 67. It started to snow so I came back inside. Everyone was hugging me and congratulating me. WhenEvening hugged me she whispered a little reminder, “Don‟t forget to propose to Destry Katrina,” thenaload she said as if holding back tears like everyone else, “I‟m so proud of you, Katrina! Good luckgirl, I know you‟ll do well in Legacyland!”
  68. 68. I called Destry out by the beach. Similar to the place we confessed our love to each other.. My heartwas racing wildly. I was so scared. Destry and I hadn‟t even been on a date let alone woohooed but Iknew this was true love. I knew that Destry was the man I would rather spend the rest of my somwhatharsh life with. “Destry,” I began, feeling a lump gather in my throat, “we‟ve been through so much together and Iknow we haven‟t really had a proper relationship yet but I will need someone with me as I go throughthe challenges of the future and I feel like you‟re the man for me. I feel like no other sim couldcompare to you. So Destry please…” I was shaking as I reached down into my pocket and pulled out a box. I lifted it in front of him,swallowed my nerves and finished with, “…marry me?”
  69. 69. Destry looked at me and then at the ring. His mouth was wide open. It looked almost like he wastrying to say something but the words weren‟t coming out of his mouth. He picked the ring up out ofthe box and put it on. I instinctively leapt into his arms. “So…” I started to say. “Yes! Of course!” Destry shouted in joy holding me tightly. I couldn‟t see it just then but there wasthe biggest smile on his face. “I would like to have at least one date before we…” “Yeah, of course.”
  70. 70. I went back inside to dance, savoring these last minutes as a student. After a while, afunny feeling overcame me. It was as if a sparkling light came up through my body,tingling my every bone. And then…
  71. 71. I was an adult. Aside from the shirt that didn‟t go down to my waist and the cowboyboots (which were the only clothes I could find that fit me), it was pretty cool. I feltempowered.
  72. 72. As I got into the taxi, I knew this wasn‟t goodbye forever to Sky University. I would come back tovisit my children. Plus, I had the reassurance of having Destry to spend the rest of my life with, evenif it wasn‟t going to be as glamorous as I thought it would. As I opened the door, I thought I heard Evening speak but her lips weren‟t moving. “Good lucklittle sim,” was what I thought I heard her say. I know that sounds strange but it‟s what I was thinkingat the time. As I closed the door the taxi driver said, “Where to?” “Legacyland,” I answered, ready to start my adult life.