Owbc chapter 4


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Chapter 4 of my OWBC.

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Owbc chapter 4

  1. 1. Yazoo OWBC Chapter 4
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Yazoo family OWBC. As you can see Jo is finally fit again and back to sharing 2 bolts of chemistry with her husband Chunky. Thank goodness since it was icky watching her flirt with random townies .
  3. 3. When we last left the family the second born son Oktoc had grown into a teenager without his usual pirate garb. He was soon after informed that the had been chosen as heir a fact that I’m quite happy about. And Ok continued to be awesome as one evening he started out spending time with the baby of the family Ora.
  4. 4. Bonus decided not to take the loss of the heirship lightly and decided to punch the crap out of Oktoc. I was happy to note that Ok didn’t cry, but instead stood up for himself.
  5. 5. “ Hey! Get off me! I’m older and I should be the one that has you in a headlock.” “ Fraid that’s not how it work bro. You mess with anyone around here, you have to answer to me for it. Got it.” “ Whatever, just get off.”
  6. 6. “ Ya know what, you can be heir if you want. I’m glad I don’t have to come back to this dump after college.” I love you Bonus, but you deserve to have your ego popped every now and then.
  7. 7. I’ll be honest the next few days were pretty dull. Jo and Chunky worked on getting gold talent badge in robotics, and kids went to school. And at last the twins birthday rolled around.
  8. 8. And they both grew up well. Ora still spends most of her time with big brother Oktoc, though she and her twin are now best friends too.
  9. 9. Chunky finally finished the family servo Mississippi. She’s a pleasure sim like Chunky, but I don’t remember her LTW.
  10. 10. “ Good evening Master Bonus. How can I be of service?” “ You’re a girl. Voice what is the meaning of this? You know how I feel about..” Well it doesn’t matter since you’re not heir. So just deal.
  11. 11. I should have known he wouldn’t just deal with it. Luckily sim servo’s aren’t like real life electronic devices or I’d have her wreaking havoc.
  12. 12. *sigh* Anyway thanks to a huge bonus from Jo the family can finally afford to purchase a community lot and open up the clubhouse.
  13. 13. What’s up Ox? “ Oh I was just trying to do the xylophone trick to show off, but I missed.” Ah it’s okay. I’m sure you’ll get it. Hey maybe you could ask Ora for lessons?
  14. 14. Yep pretty little Ora managed the trick on her first try. Even Oktoc with all his creativity points didn’t do that.
  15. 15. But Oktoc proved to be a card shark instead. I’ve never had a sim that wins every time that they play poker, but Ok does. I don’t know if someone his age should be playing poker, but well it’s the sims so who cares.
  16. 16. Personally if I were Bonus, I wouldn’t be doing that so close to Oktoc. Yeah the other three kids help run the business, while Bonus here causes us to loose stars with all his constant pranking.
  17. 17. There was some awkwardness when our most common visitor turned out to be Brandon the random townie Ora caught Jo flirting with. She even looks like she’s trying to avoid eye contact.
  18. 18. It took two days, but I found a useful task for Bonus. He now takes care of the juice stand so that he stays out of trouble.
  19. 19. And here’s the overshot view of the clubhouse.
  20. 20. Back at home life goes on for the Yazoo family. It’s kind of sad and yet quite amusing that everyone just ignores Bonus whenever he has people in a headlock. It’s just a common occurrence now that everyone is desensitized. I’m just now noticing how many pictures of this I have as I’m writing this. Oh you want to see how many I have? Okay. Here ya go.
  21. 25. In total before moving to college Bonus gave 8 headlocks to Ora 2 headlocks to Oxford 0 headlocks to Oktoc Threw water at the servo Mississippi 3 times
  22. 26. But before Bonus left for college Mississippi at least started to fight back. I keep hoping Ora and Ox will stand up for themselves too, but it seems they are just too sweet.
  23. 27. Speaking of Oxford, I’m a little sad he’s not heir if only because it’d be easy to get an alien now that he’s been abducted as a teen. Ah well. But really the poor guy has the worst luck.
  24. 28. He still pulls the most awesome faces ever though. *hugs*
  25. 29. The pirate garb returns. Yes I had to find Oktoc some pirate clothes. He’s just not Oktoc if he’s not dressed in pirate gear. Now if only I could find him a hat.
  26. 31. I had to let him play in the tub with his returned gear before I moved all the kids to college. He’s going to be an awesome heir.
  27. 32. And with an empty nest Jo and Chunky decide to spend their days having pillow fights and going on lots of dream dates. So let’s see what our kids got up to in college.
  28. 33. Bonus grew into a relatively decent outfit and was getting checked out by the creepy taxi driver.
  29. 34. By far though, Oktoc grew up into the most inappropriate and hideous clothing. Sadly there is no pirate outfit for young adult Ok to wear, but I do have one waiting for him when he moves back home.
  30. 35. Oh Ox that outfit fits you so well. And for the first time I’ve noticed Ox has Chunky’s nose. *gasp* And doesn’t Bonus look thrilled to be sharing face time with his brother.
  31. 36. And Ora is just stunning. She’s probably one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever had in game.
  32. 37. So it wasn’t long before Ora had hooked up with the llama mascot Matthew McGaw. And in just a few short days he’d moved into the family house.
  33. 38. Matt does have some interesting features, but I really like him. He’s always singing to Ora or giving her backrubs. I say she needed a nice guy.
  34. 39. Especially since older brother Bonus hasn’t changed his ways. Mississippi just stopped by randomly and started cleaning. Minute Bonus came back from class he started slapping her around.
  35. 40. Gem came over to meet her intended since she happened to meet Ox at a community lot. And I nearly fell out of my chair when Gem had 2 bolts with Bonus.
  36. 41. But sorry Bonus, Gem’s not for you. She’s a ninja and therefore must marry the pirate. What an interesting generation I have on my hands. Don’t worry Gem you have 2 bolts for Oktoc too.
  37. 42. Yeah I found a pirate hat. And so he will wear it until the day he dies.
  38. 43. So I didn’t plan this, but Bonus was struck and killed by lightening. Everyone was broken up by it even Ora.
  39. 44. But Ox took it the worst. He’s knowledge so I see him wanting to resurrect Bonus at some point and well I plan to let him well sort of. Guess I got that zombie for the college bonus after all.
  40. 45. Until we meet again Bonus Yazoo. At the time of his death Bonus had reached the halfway mark of his LTW of Wohooing with 20 different sims.
  41. 46. Life carried on for the rest of the kids until the last semester of college rolled around. The last day of school I had Oktoc propose to Gem.
  42. 47. She happily accepted.
  43. 48. And returned with Jules later that night for the graduation party.
  44. 49. Chunky and Jo came too. My founder decided to run everyone into the house with his off key singing.
  45. 50. Jo eventually pulled him off for a makeout session leaving Matt and Ora free to take over the singing.
  46. 52. So cute.
  47. 53. Speaking of cute, Ox and Jules spent the whole night dancing together.
  48. 54. The night ended with a roofrasier party and the kids moved back to the main hood. Join me next time welcome in the next generation.