The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 18


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 18

  1. 1. Hello again, dear reader, and welcome back to The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! This is chapter 18. Let us dive straight to the action, in Bill's Place, which is a business of Bill, our generation B alien spare. Our heir, Baudolino, seems to be making an important phone call at the moment. "Hi there, Marylena. It's me, Baudolino. Listen, I was wondering, would you maybe like to go on a date?" ... "Yeah, with me. Heh. Well, I'm currently in this cool venue my brother has, so maybe you'd like to come over and check it out?" ... "Okay, cool, see you soon!"
  2. 2. "Hi Marylena, I'm glad you made it." "Hi, Baudolino. I've sort of been waiting for you to ask me out, so no way I'd miss this." "Cool. Now there's one thing we have to take care of first. I have to sell you a ticket so you can hang out here. But you soooo want to buy one, right?"
  3. 3. "Yes, I sooo want to buy a ticket!" "Great, it's a deal!" ... "You just Dazzled me, didn't you?" "Yeah, kinda. But anyway, did you want to go on a date with me?"
  4. 4. "This is so much fun, Baudolino! You sure know how to show a girl a good time." "Well, I'm not sure how to answer that so that you wouldn't think I've had too much of practice" "In playing red hands?" "Well, in red hands I've had some practice"
  5. 5. "Wow, you're a bit tense. Nervous?" "I guess a little." "Don't be. Nothing to worry about."
  6. 6. Meanwhile, the owner of the venue is inside, enjoying a friendly game of poker with his aunt and his uncle, both of whom are Captain Heroes. I suppose Bill is in safe company, then. "Have you found out anything new about Salahuddin?", Bill asked the two. "Well, not since Aadam showed up in our place, no", said Kendra, "It's now a cold case, but we're still looking into it every now and then." "Of course", added Arthur, "me and Kendra do not let it be forgotten at work." "It's so frustrating really, about Aadam. I think he would be willing to help, but he's not able to abandon his father, and he's afraid of going to jail. I wish he'd change his mind..." Kendra said in a pondering tone. "Let's talk about something nicer, Kendra. This is depressing. So Bill, how is Ira doing?"
  7. 7. Back outside. "Enjoying yourself so far?" "Oh yeah, it's been a great date." "I'm glad you're liking it. Marylena, you're a wonderful girl, you know that?" "Umm... Am I supposed to say something to that?" "No need to. I just wanted to say that I'm really happy that I have that magic phonebook so I could get to know you." "Me too."
  8. 8. "I guess you were right. This is a cool place to hang out." "Thanks. I'm really glad you say that. I guess my brother is even more happy, though."
  9. 9. "So, Marylena, do you like to travel?" "Oh. So you weren't just trying to freak out my girlfriend, talking about things that don't even exist?" "I suppose, I've never tried, though. What about you, sir?" "Not at all! I think it is the parents' job to scare potential girl- and "Oh, you can call me Arthur. And I've never tried it either. We don't boyfriends, so I'm trying to behave here." have the expansion you know." "So why bring it up at all?" "Baudolino, don't be so negative. I'm just trying to discuss with your charming friend here. Besides, Creator is hinting me we might at some point." "Really?" "Yes, really. I think it should be fun."
  10. 10. "Sooo. I had a great time. I hope you did, too." "I enjoyed it so much, Baudolino. I hope we can go out soon again." "Me too."
  11. 11. "Psst, C, empty the hot tub!" Nope, not doing that. "But we want to woohoo!" Not now. We have customers. "We don't mind." But they do. And I do. Later, Baudolino Bookacy.
  12. 12. Hey, Aurora! Stop teasing my customers! Try to behave, okay?
  13. 13. "You were saying?" Okay, nevermind. Just don't bug him anymore, okay? "Hey, I got to meet someone new!" My Malcolm Landgraab IV always does that. Seriously. I think he gets those 1000 points for each new person he meets.
  14. 14. And well, Arthur's hunch was correct. This is about where I installed Bon Voyage. Don't I have a great picture to demonstrate it? Anyway, the main point of this picture was: my sims can now sleep in their businesses, yay! No more stressing about energizing or drinking endless amounts of coffee. Just as a small rulewise note: There exist no rules for the old-fashioned Legacy challenge with Bon Voyage, nor for the Alphabet Legacy challenge. So, I'm not changing anything, I'm playing by the rules that were already in place. I'm allowed to use all new things to my benefit, but I can not gain any new bonuses or such brought by BV (which are part of the new rules).
  15. 15. "Yay! I just won myself at pool!" Good job, Marylena. I think I like you already.
  16. 16. So, back home at the Bookacy Family Greek House Greek House, it's party time again. This time it was Marsha's turn to have a party. To those who've forgotten: the green guy next to Marsha is her boyfriend Bailey, who is a spare kid of generation B. The guy opposite to her is Barry, who is not her boyfriend, but another generation B cousin. He's dating the former placeholder of the Greek House, Laura.
  17. 17. It seems that Beth's boyfriend Sean is busy playing the guitar, so Beth must settle for pillow fighting with her Dad. Baudolino, in turn, seems to have made it to his babe in time.
  18. 18. As always, pillow fighting is a favorite pastime of everyone in parties.
  19. 19. Upstairs, different kind of pastimes are about to happen. "Want to raise the party score?"
  20. 20. "Try to guess." "Is that a clue for me?" "Yes. Also, it is a clue that you may want to tell the Creator to leave us." "With pleasure. C, some privacy, please!" I'm going, I'm going.
  21. 21. "Who, me? Are you sure it's safe?" Pretty sure, Marsha. You're the one who has the want.
  22. 22. "Oh, wow. I guess dancing isn't that bad after all."
  23. 23. So Beth, you've finally gotten some quality time with Sean? "Yeah. Well, Dad blocked the guitar from him in turn."
  24. 24. "I can sense that there is a party somewhere around here! That must be stopped immediately!" Bah, Dorian. Just as everyone was having fun.
  25. 25. "Well, at least it was fun as long as it lasted, right?" Yeah, I suppose so.
  26. 26. Hey Marylena, didn't you forget something upstairs? "Marsha is a popularity sim. Oh, I'm sorry, what?" Did you forget your clothes?
  27. 27. Oh, you seem to have had another set at home.
  28. 28. Well thanks, Marylena. We already have one, though. But don't worry, it'll be put to good use, as always. *kaching*
  29. 29. Yes, it's not only Baudolino who's dating around here. It seems Bill is glad to see Ira after a long break.
  30. 30. "Whoah. So I guess you're glad to see me?" "You have no idea. In fact, there was something important I wanted to do today." "There was?" "Yeah. First of all, I wanted you to meet someone. Come on inside."
  31. 31. "Ira, this is my brother, Baudolino, the heir and to be the head of the family. Baudolino, this is my boyfriend Ira." "Nice to meet you, Ira. I think I've seen you around but we haven't officially met yet." "Likewise. Yeah, I've been around some." ... "So, Bill, there was something else important you wanted to do?"
  32. 32. "Well, in fact, there was."
  33. 33. "Ira Riley..."
  34. 34. "Will you marry me?"
  35. 35. Well, I guess there never was any doubt about Ira's answer, was there?
  36. 36. Squee. That is all.
  37. 37. Meanwhile in Alphabetia, Joy was getting settled to her new home. She felt relieved. Not only had she managed to buy a nice apartment from her savings, she had also managed to leave her almost-father-in-law, Salahuddin Chamcha, behind, without causing any suspicions on his side. This was very important, as Joy was pregnant to her fiance, Aadam.
  38. 38. Joy was still in tight contact with Aadam. He called her as often as he could, always in the day, when his father was sleeping in his coffin. It was through Aadam that Joy also kept Salahuddin happy. She had told about her situation at work, and her boss had been very understanding about it. So with permission, she was now feeding Salahuddin carefully chosen information about the ongoings of the underworld. Salahuddin seemed happy and asked no questions. Joy and Aadam had also got strong protections on the house, so she should be safe even if Salahuddin's curiosity would raise its head.
  39. 39. Aadam would also visit as often as possible. Often it was not possible, due to Salahuddin's watchful eye. But when he did visit, the two tried to make the occasions as casual and nice as possible. They'd just watch TV together, Joy would cook and they would have a nice dinner together. She truly enjoyed these visits.
  40. 40. Unfortunately, it was night time when Joy went into labor, and this meant it was not safe for Aadam to come over, if they wanted no suspicions to arise. For a moment, Joy cursed her fiance to the depths of hell.
  41. 41. But it was only momentary. When she had a beautiful baby girl in her arms, she felt she was the happiest woman in the world. But it was not, in fact, over yet. As she felt another wave of pain, Joy was forced to lay her newborn child on the floor.
  42. 42. So, there she was, with two newborn baby girls. Now she felt like the happiest woman in the world twice over. And possibly the most helpless as well.
  43. 43. Aadam was most pleased to hear the news. Possibly also a little bit dumbstruck. "What, twins?!" ... "I'm sorry, honey. No, I can still hear him snoring. But twins, honey, that's just great! Have you thought about names yet?" ... "Barbara and Beatrice. Those are beautiful names, I like them." ... "Okay, try to cope until tomorrow, okay? I'll come help you with them first thing tomorrow, when I see Dad head for his coffin."
  44. 44. Aadam was also keeping close contact with Adson, and through him, the other siblings. This was also done in secret, of course. It was through the very embarrassed Abraham that he finally heard what had happened to his former girlfriend, Rebecca. This was news he was not pleased to hear. "What? You turned her into a what?!?" ... "What do you mean faulty wire?" Eventually Abraham had to get Aadam on the phone with Rebecca herself, and as she assured that everything was fine and she was happy, Aadam settled for that and the two brothers were able to put their differences in the past.
  45. 45. Back with the college kids, it's time to work on Bill's lifetime want yet again. Both he and Baudolino want to have five top ranked businesses, so it's going to be some hard work. Baudolino has one business under his belt, Bill's place is the first for Bill. So, boys, Dazzle away!
  46. 46. What? Playful sims? Where? What are those? Baudolino, put those away please. I think with all the Dazzling, someone's bound to want some espresso soon, and you're blocking the machine.
  47. 47. "Hello, miss Pai. I'm the owner of this venue, Bill. I heard you had a complaint?" "Yes, the neatness of this bathroom is not quite up to my standards." "Oh. In that case, may I suggest a solution?"
  48. 48. "I don't know how that charming young man did that, but it sure is getting much more pleasant around here."
  49. 49. Hey, lady! My Bill is in there! And I'm not sure if he appreciates you cuddling up next to him. ... oh wait. I forgot who's got ten nice points. Never mind.
  50. 50. So, did you know that if you have a tent in a business, customers might utilize it too? Well, I didn't. And they even gain stars doing it.
  51. 51. It sure is getting quite crowded in that tent. Yeah, they did eventually come out, too. Aaaaand...
  52. 52. ... hooray! Bill's Place makes it to level ten, and someone's pretty happy about it! Phew. Two down, eight to go.
  53. 53. Back at home, Beth and Sean have finally gotten their relationship high enough to flirt on earnest.
  54. 54. And flirt they do. We have hearts, mission accomplished.
  55. 55. Here's proof that the kids do also study.
  56. 56. But only occasionally, and only a little.
  57. 57. They're mostly eager to learn things in practice "C?" Yes, Beth? "Shut up."
  58. 58. "So I suppose Beth has been having some fun recently. Your turn." "More fun than usual, you mean?" "Well, one could say that. Recently, as in the last few hours." "What do you mean, Baudolino?"
  59. 59. "Well, either Sean over there is playing strip poker by himself, or..."
  60. 60. Yes, Beth has been having some fun, and doesn't shy about sharing. And poor Ira tries to concentrate on his homework.
  61. 61. "Hi, my name is Marsha. Nice to meet you." "Hi, I'm Ira." "I hope my friend there did not shock you terribly or anything." "What, Beth? Nah, I'm not that shy, don't worry." "Okay. Wanna be friends?"
  62. 62. "Ah, pizza!" Enjoy it while you can, Baudolino. You're going back to that grilled cheese nuthouse, you know. "I know. That's why I'm trying to get myself fed up with pizza."
  63. 63. "Heya, Marsha! How's your friend count looking?" "Pretty good, I'm already almost friends with Ira and..." "But you can't be more popular than me, right?" "Ha, what if I can?" "No way!" "Oh yeah?" *tickle fight*
  64. 64. Meanwhile, Joy was taking care of her twin girls. "Hey, little one. How are we doing today? How about a cuddle? You know what? Your Daddy will be coming over today to see you two again. Fun, isn't it?"
  65. 65. And indeed, Aadam did come over that day, as he did quite frequently. "Vaddi bobo, kid! Daddy's here again. Want a bottle, umm... which one are you again? Your Mom says that she can tell you two apart, but I think she's not telling me the truth."
  66. 66. "Here you go. Anyway, it doesn't matter if you two look alike. Daddy loves you both very much."
  67. 67. And soon enough, it was time for the little ones to grow up. Maybe Aadam, too, would learn to tell the two apart now.
  68. 68. So, this is just to show off my darling girls. This one is Beatrice. Her stats are 6/9/6/3/7.
  69. 69. And this is Barbara, whose stats are 6/9/6/3/4. So the girls' personalities are almost identical, except that Beatrice has more nice points. In looks they're quite different, though.
  70. 70. So, Beth. We're closing in on graduation, so we'd better pledge in "Okay. We have a bookshelf and a chessboard." someone who'd make a good placeholder. Like Ryker there. "Well, okay, I'll join." "Okay, C! Hey Ryker?" "Cool! We also have an easel somewhere, if you like." "Yeah?" "Would you like to join our Greek House? You could move in and sit here for about a generation." "Well, I don't know..." "We have... umm... What is it that you knowledge sims like?" Try the bookshelf and the chessboard for starters.
  71. 71. "Hmm... I still can't see Marylena in her underwear." "She was there, I swear! Right next to the glowing money tree!"
  72. 72. "Hey! How stupid you think I am! I'm the wealth sim here, don't you think I'd know if we had a money tree?" "Oops, sorry. No nice points, remember?"
  73. 73. Hey there, Marsha. Having fun? "Yep. Cleaning counters is fun fun fun!"
  74. 74. "You want me to do what? Are you sure?" Again, Marsha, positive. You know you want to.
  75. 75. "Mmmph, I guess I do." "My girlfriend is a popularity sim."
  76. 76. Oh hello, me. Long time, no see. Still a student I see? Bill, go greet me! "That green guy must be a popularity sim." And how do I end up?
  77. 77. Yes. "What one wouldn't do for one's sims?" by Beth Bookacy.
  78. 78. Because my sims have more important things to do. Like throw parties. Yes, many of Baudolino's friends are actually adults, because he mostly makes friends while doing business. I think Tosha and the dormie in a blue shirt are probably Marsha's friends.
  79. 79. Everybody still loves smustling on the front porch, in the midst of all those bouquets.
  80. 80. Well, others prefer doing homework in parties.
  81. 81. Bathing at parties is also nice, it seems.
  82. 82. "Hi, Dorian. No, there's no party here today, not us!" "Well, sorry, but you should break it up anyway." "Aww. You're no fun."
  83. 83. Sometimes even a popularity sim must finish coursework, in the middle of the night, while others are asleep. Yeah, I never said anything about who wrote most of it.
  84. 84. The porch is not only good for smustling. It's only good for some popularity sim hanging out time. Maybe I should consider moving those date bouquets somewhere else? Nah.
  85. 85. "Hi, girls. Fun to meet you." "Nice to meet you too. Marsha it was, right?" "Yeah. Hey, you know what? I'd like us to be friends." "That'd be cool." "Yeah. And I'd beat my friend Beth at being the most popular girl in town." "Oh. But I'm friends with her already." "Bummer."
  86. 86. "Hi there, I'm Bill." "Hi, Bill." "Hey Beth! Marsha!" "Yeah?" "Don't you forget about me! The popularity game is on!"
  87. 87. Baudolino, is this picture what I think it is? "Try and guess, C."
  88. 88. "Hooray, we're almost there!" So you think it was what I thought it was? "Not saying..."
  89. 89. Yes, indeed it was! Ladies and gentlemen, generation B has just graduated college! Well, at least the main house kids have. At this point I still have some work to do with the sparespawn.
  90. 90. "Voo, Gerbits! Here's a graduation cheer for you!" "Well, thanks. I guess."
  91. 91. "Yay! The kids have graduated! And I made it into their Greek House!" Well done, Ryker. Right on time.
  92. 92. ... because I'm just about to move you in. "Hey Ryker, I'm so glad you're moving in!" "Me too, Beth, me too." "Heehee, sucker fell for the placeholder trap."
  93. 93. "Well, Kacper, I wouldn't say much if I were you. You just fell for the lure of the poker table yourself. And are playing with someone you deeply dislike, the competing mascot." "Colin, I wouldn't say much if I were you, either."
  94. 94. There are some last-minute tasks to be taken care of. Bill purchases a new community lot and goes platinum.
  95. 95. Baudolino finally gains his gold badge in flower arrangement and goes platinum as well.
  96. 96. "Hey, you two. Wouldn't it be time to throw a graduation party or something?" "Can't, we're too busy playing punch-you-punch-me!" "Bah. Will you two even hit hard?" "Nah. We're both too nice." "Then what's the fun in that? Come on guys, let's get on the phone!"
  97. 97. Alright then, Baudolino, congratulations on graduating, and being the heir. "Thanks." Oh and thanks for graduating with a 4.0 GPA – that's one point for me. "You're welcome, my pleasure really." Too bad you didn't quite make it to the 15 friends that would score me another point, I think you're at thirteen. Well, I suppose if we counted family members, you'd be way past that number, but I'm interpreting Pinstar's rules here the same way as it is supposed to be for the the final friend count: the ones that matter for work, matter for the point. Oh well, it does make me pretty proud that you made so many friends despite being a wealth sim and all. Relationships are not my strong point in the game. And well, I guess it gives me something to work for next generation. "Are you about done yet? My party is about to start." Oh, sorry about that. Yes, go ahead, have a good party.
  98. 98. And here come the guests. From front to back: Nicole, George, Bianca, Bonnie, some dormie I don't recognize from afar, and Laura. Yes, Laura has already graduated at this point and moved back into Alphabetia. She has the llama suit as a "special" outfit, and it can't be changed with the wardrobe. Hence the interesting choice of outfit.
  99. 99. And here some more dormies, plus Bailey, plus Tosha. Yes, this is Marsha's party as well, she and Baudolino had the wants. And as it seems that two sims can successfully throw a party simultaneously, I went for it. (Two, but not three, as the third one will apparently have their own separate party, the party score for which won't go up. Tried that once with the Thayer kids, and poor Bailey ended up having a lousy party.)
  100. 100. "So those two and the pillow fighting again." Oh yeah. That's what they always do. Well, don't just stand there, Bill, go do something fun!
  101. 101. "Look honey, I can dance!" "*cough* I so didn't influence him to look silly. Nope, not me. Moving on..."
  102. 102. "We're betting you're a popularity sim." "Uh-huh." Yes, you're correct, she is a popularity sim. She is, by the way, Bianca, Abraham and Kendra's daughter.
  103. 103. "Hi Nicole, good to see you! Hug?" "Hello, Bill, good to see you too. Well, if you insist." "Absolutely."
  104. 104. "I don't think we had one of these here when I was in college, George. This is fun." "Indeed it is, mrs. Bookacy."
  105. 105. "And this is how you're supposed to dance, Dad!" "But that's what I did, right?" "Heyyy, pizza!" "And chips!"
  106. 106. "Yay, I like this party, I get to meet someone new!" That's nice, Beth. Hello there, umm, Jimmy right? It's a graduation party, feel free to join the crowd!
  107. 107. And now, Beth, you could interact with one of those sillies who think that a party is a good place to do homework. "Yes, m'am! Can I prank them?" That would be a no.
  108. 108. "Hey... hey Bailey?" "Mmm?" "There's... there's something I've been meaning to ask you..." "Thanks for the backrub. Seems I was all tense once again. Yeah? Ask away."
  109. 109. "Well, it's just... *gulp* Would you marry me?" "Oh goodness! This I didn't expect." "Sooo... Oh no, you won't, right?"
  110. 110. "What? No, of course I will, silly!" "You will? Oh wow."
  111. 111. "C'mere, silly girl. Of course I will, I've had the want in my panel for eternities!" "Really?" "Really. Creator was just hoping you'd roll it, but it seems you just want to constantly interact with me, more than exchange rings." "Constantly interact with you? Yes please!" "Is there something you'd like to do like, right now?" "Well actually, yes, yes there is..."
  112. 112. "... voooo Gerbits!" Vo Gerbits indeed.
  113. 113. "Oh no, I can't bear to watch!" "Come on, Baudolino, they're just dancing! I bet you've seen worse in your life." "No, the TV show is scary!" "Scary? Hey come on, it's just the town exploding, right? You're such a sissy, cousin."
  114. 114. More aww from me at totally autonomous dancing together. That is, pointless cute picture.
  115. 115. Alright, Baudolino. One more red hands with Nicole, then it's time to send the guests home and grow up. Congrats for having a good time, now grow up already! "Okay okay, C, just let us finish the red hands, okay?"
  116. 116. And so, in a burst of confetti, it's time for generation B to grow up into adulthood. Hooray! Oh. And I believe it was Bill who won the popularity game - with a whopping friend count of 16, not including family members. Hey, Ryker? "Yes?" Sorry to leave you with the mess, but you know, gotta go. "No problem - it's not like I'll be cleaning up while you're gone anyway." You've got a point there. Well, see you in a generation then!
  117. 117. Finally, let us see how things are back in Alphabetia, at the villain headquarters, shall we? It was evening. The sun had set a few moments ago. Aadam was browsing the newspaper. He knew to expect it. Any moment now...
  118. 118. *Poof* Salahuddin Chamcha had just entered the room and changed his form to human again, and now stood in front of his son in a purple cloud of smoke. "Good evening, son", he announced. "Hi Dad. You know, you could stop doing that. After the first thirty times or so, it doesn't even make me jump anymore." Salahuddin just gave a small laugh.
  119. 119. "So, Aadam. Is there anything new I should know?" "Well, I suppose not really. I called Joy today. She said she's really enjoying her new tasks at work. And that if she plays her cards carefully, she might soon have some interesting information over a series of art gallery robberies they've been working on lately." "Very well. Do send her my best regards, and thank her for the information on the forgery last week. It turned out to be very helpful to me." "Okay, I will." "Also, tell her congratulations from me."
  120. 120. "Congratulations? For what?" Aadam tried to hide his horror. If "Even though I am not a family sim, it still pleases me to see that Salahuddin had, after all, found out about the pregnancy... you are prepared to make a committement, Aadam. I am proud of you. I suppose it hasn't been long, yet?" "Well, for getting engaged, of course!" "No. I only... only proposed a couple of days ago. In fact, when I Aadam looked down at his hand and saw the revealing ring. He was getting those files from her last time. Yeah, that's when." wanted to wear it as much as possible, but not in front of his father. This evening he'd accidentally left it on. "Very well." "Oh, that. Yeah. I'm sorry, I must have forgotten to tell you about that. I... I thought I did, but maybe it was a dream." "Apology accepted. And congratulations to you as well, then." "Thanks."
  121. 121. "Now, onto other matters. Have you managed to find an opening position in the Paranormal career?" "No, Dad, still nothing. I was just checking today's paper when you came. I think I've come across every single possible career, except for Paranormal, at least twice by now. That is so weird." "Still nothing? How disappointing." "Yeah."
  122. 122. "Well, I suppose that only means I need to do something about it." And this, dear reader, is where I have to leave you this time. I hope you've enjoyed the chapter, and please join us again for chapter 19 of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures. Happy simming to all!