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Inspirational presentation


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Realize and Win, Realize the potential within you

Published in: Business, Technology

Inspirational presentation

  1. 1. Right between your ears…
  2. 2. A powerful genie resides…
  3. 3. What ever you truly believe… He transmits your belief to the world
  4. 4. Aligns the world to your wish And transforms it into reality
  5. 5. Realize the power within YOU
  6. 6. If you realize your power You will never harbor self-doubt
  7. 7. You will never accept… Someone else’s ‘Reality’ as yours
  8. 8. You will never stop to hear a ‘can’t’ or a ‘won’t’
  9. 9. You will realize … That fear is ignorance
  10. 10. You would not only glow You would light up the world
  11. 11. Like a windmill that generates Power From the wind that blows against its blades
  12. 12. You will generate Power From the adversities you face
  13. 13. You are the creator You have the God within
  14. 14. Only you can help become What you can be
  15. 15. Realize and Win!
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