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Art of Communication


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communication, movies and presentations, 3 critical tests of a good communication

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Art of Communication

  1. 1. Is the latest movie a BOXOFFICE hit? A communication perspective
  2. 2. Take the latest movie you watched… Will it be a HIT or FLOP?
  3. 3. We give you the scale, YOU decide!
  4. 4. Hit or Miss it is all about 3 unwritten rules measured by 3 simple tests
  5. 5. What are these rules and tests?
  6. 6. Audience Rule 1: I engage when it is simple. When it is complex, I switch off
  7. 7. Test 1 : ‘Back of the Ticket’ test
  8. 8. Can you capture the story in one sentence?
  9. 9. Let us apply the ’Back of the Ticket’ test to some box office hits :
  10. 10. Titanic A romance between a poor man and a rich woman on a sinking ship.
  11. 11. Lagaan Cricket match between Indian villagers and British oppressors
  12. 12. Dil Chahta Hai The friendship of 3 people surviving the vagaries of life
  13. 13. Now can you try and apply the ‘Back of the Ticket’ test for movies that flopped badly? … not so easy was it?
  14. 14. Audience Rule 2: I ‘feel’ - what I can relate to Only identifiable events evoke my emotions
  15. 15. Test 2: The TRRING test
  16. 16. How many events and emotions in the movie, ring a bell?
  17. 17. Lage Raho Munna Bhai , passed the TRRING test when it made the common man identify with Gandhi.
  18. 18. Audience Rule 3: I take, but not receive I appreciate a movie for my own reasons, not for that of the creator.
  19. 19. Test 3: ‘By/For’ test
  20. 20. Is the movie made " by the creator" or made " for the audience"?
  21. 21. Most art movies appreciated by critics are made " by the creators"
  22. 22. Almost all movies that rock the box office are made " for the audience"
  23. 23. So, what is your verdict on the latest movie release?
  24. 24. Reel or real, every sharp communication …
  25. 25. … from Lincoln's Gettysburg address to Nehru's “At the stroke of the midnight hour" ...
  26. 26. ...pass these 3 simple tests: 1. ‘Back of the ticket’ test 2. ‘TRRING’ Test 3. ‘By/For’ test
  27. 27. Your audience too, are unconsciously putting every communication through these 3 tests.
  28. 28. We help managers create ‘hit’ communication geared to the audience. Visit us at www.metamorph training .com to know more