prof. v. viswanadham values thinking character skills success life communication skills attitude communication positive work vivekananda institute of human excellence impact god thoughts becoming better ramakrishna math mind love motivation purpose quality learning effective human becoming a better student questioning education intellectual personal behaviour discipline concentration social good excellence development reading eternity strength responsibility words time improving management self-development self-management mental becoming a better teacher feeling improve change experience knowledge self-confidence activity better personality positive attitude personality development action practice listening competition self-motivation hyderabad purpose of life feel divinity truth spirituality happiness worship meditation physical work ethics actions fear smile act goal writing performance principles peace selfishness real jealousy power yoga stress teaching opportunities towards becoming presentation skills pursuit of excellence love to learn learn to live ethics work is worship belief your selfmanagement psychological feedback family styles soft faith seed not enthusiasm heart humanity religion character-making man-making life-building hatred future habits efficiency persistence important team spirit creativity self students spiritual company secretaries sri shiridi sai baba sansthan swami vivekananda public speaking to be added later care environmental prove thought selfdiscipline factors cando altitude attitudinal iceberg person pride motivate listen weaknesses think comfort open interpersonal cooperation competencies retention acting seeing hearing kinesthetic auditory visual self-interest being society expertise results urgent reaching buddha how continuous inspiration goals head science all ignorance criticism brahmacharya past vivekananda swami culture effectiveness developing building confidence handling emotional extension education institute eei human resource development centre osmania university becoming a better employee swami bodyamayanandaji maharaj social responsibilities of government officials mcr hrd parents motivation programme faculty development programme andhra bank apex college 2012apr20 aurora study skills time management leadership qualities faculty cooperative learning differently idea encourage facilitator mentor student participation live greed non-violence spread unique youth publications viswanadham language forgive forget know mentally understanding prayer strengths zone challenge get roles multiple reviewing. health improvement negative complex benefits teacher experiment with joy creative commitment hints... sin pure manifested vedanta feelings nature ideas content models help poor sympathy compassion morality wealth commerce politics anger unselfishness mukti salvation others as man moral helping continence bad deeds ghost gymnasium present learn lessons india service challenges analysis relations emotion innovation small group leadership qualities study professor jaishanker telangana state agricultural jawaharlal nehru technological university examinations ananthapur bdl sri v v lakshminarayana we are our thoughts aurora degree and pg college we empower international 21st century skills self confidence retire and enjoy 150th birthday celebrations astra 2013jan03 2012dec23 tirupathi suvarnabhoomi sri gampa nageshwara rao impact 2012 2012may02 lead india jntu national youth day lateral thinking mahatma gandhi values in education goal setting key to success good habits smiling positive things living peace of mind think like a leader life skills speaking initiative distinguish quality of life life of purpose mistakes grow experiences soft skills reviewing goal-setting source sri ramana maharshi kindness use conscience luck social debt resourceful respectful admiration research and development compromise responsible workshops seminars enquiring memory active and practice oriented physical quotient mentoring academic spiritual quotient connections teamwork killers father honest collect welcome action plan specific steps to reach mentality postponement short term sowmya empowered goal statement support elements of a good action plan characteristics of well-constructed goals hinders deadline imitate reflection loss pray avalanche genuine path liberated volcano precipice follow helpless reason whirlpool virtue freedom reflects spend fill duty share lectures forward speak back intellectually punctuality inspiring proactive action-oriented pro-active inferiority achieve rights morally responsibilities decide journey motivated preferences reality world nonverbal determined determination grooming money bliss wisdom silence process observe achievement immunity empathy professional networking window emphathy evaluation effort game dreams choices clarity orientation review body leader integrity reflective selfish selflessness blessings useful time-tracking identifying metaphysical churches soul godhead impure progress civilization christ logic ratiocinations philosophy book fine intellect face changing tools comparison way role profession talking self-sacrifice self-assertion self-restraint martial gospel battle pleasure absence gist sacrifice jiva secret ends means serve mankind purity birthright wickedness unchastity mission suspicion goodness destiny patience v people things balance "work-life swot importance questions healthy old external internal coordination key attitudes andhra mahila sabha college of education role of a techer in shaping the personality of the badruka college of commerce character building badruka college work ethics for professional excellence values driven management indian institute of management & commerce dhanwantari institute of science & technology iimc dist inspiring the students challenges faced by teachers training programme for junior assistants rajahmahendravam rajahmandry bolster your life with good habits sri jagan guruji becoming a better parent vishakapatnam bhanoor kanchanbagh creativity in teaching orientation programme becoming a bette leader av postgraduate college science day a more confident you hrdc jntu - h anu bose institute of technology becoming a better engineering student becoming a better researcher university college of technology methodist engineering college asr engineering college interactive session with 10th class students building bridges give up to live up philosophical interpretation story in telugu smart plan to excel in examinations bsn murthy thought to ponder reading pleasure yandamoori veerendranath 100 tips to get a rank badruka junior college for girls we are our thoughts and actions shivaji nalgonda impact nalgonda we are our habits karimnagar d balreddy you can make a difference good life make a diffrence impact - 2016 make a difference abapex books library better living sameti youth leadership for a vibrant india sri asn murthy sri gampa nageshwera rao lendi institute of engineering and technology sri jawaharlal nehru p art of public speaking ramakrishan math problems faced by teachers impact september 2015 skills for becoming better gender sensitization agastya agro industries finance for marketing executives prof. v. interface agricultural technologies impact 2015 developing willpower for true success dr. k. s. ratnakar ideal life you are unique u r unique khammam we empower impact 2014 jawaharlal nehru p who are you overcoming fear of failure skills needed qualities for success capital iq women officers prof. v.viswanadham d. bal reddy influencer impact 2013 december sainikpuri bhavan's vivekananda college effective communication skills dos and don'ts tips for improving communication skills 2013nov24. 2013jan27 2013jan19 healthy ageing railway retired officers association 2013jan18 abac school of information technology healthy youth healthy india 2013jan11 being happy vaikunta ekadasi geetha srimad baghavad geetha 150th meeting sri shirdi saibaba sansthan étiquette 2012sep21 nithm answers 2012aug22 2012 aug 22 lead india lessons in telugu for students and yout nation building development of a strategy 2012mar11 a parthasarathy satyanarayana k vedantha treatise romain rolland andhra jyothi; telugu language; 2012jan07; cbit 2012jan06 dilemmas professional ethics noor college of education gift you valuable today gandhi high thinking simple living satyagraha impressions; questioning; concentration; learn to programmes in telugu first sunday inner motivation vulnerable groups social responsibility yuvabharathi vijayaniki abhayam dr gandham narayana sri satya sai think it over do better boys girls quality in higher education overcoming fear power of positive thinking healthy aging emotional adjustment growing old gracefully retirement enjoyment business ethics walking benefits of walking hints indian values confidence building shakesphere leo tolstoy changing the world expect eloquence speech hope threats small group activity spiritually physically development management mind management live to learn love to live live to love impressions emotionally life management prejudices need to improve values and attitudes pressures tonality of voice speech is silver improving communication skills hints for improving communication skills communication goals improving by practice wonderful power of words body language silence is golden common communication errors mirror of the soul planning for self-development absorbing knowing dr glkdurga prof v viswanadham poolabata v govindaraju penance forgiveness flowers please control of senses shiva self-discipline contributing citizens children condemn fairness fight apprehensive patient hostility tolerance encouragement confident security justice cease doubt non-existent clear objects own self shanthi unalloyed contact stable happiness desirable object economy hard work perseverance simplicity practicing guidelines intensity laugh ship harbour appreciate transforming choose decisions challenge zone comfort zone dreaming fix clean want return take mistake show protect own ask break contributing believe vices productivity desires social morality mother human values control managers bless neglect colleagues dedicated income teach dignified purposeful direction encouraging caring observing experimenting student teams inspire team work co-curricular activities transform brainstorming task of a teacher becoming a better person role models life-long learner love for teaching spirited personality majority rich hardworking reflect natural resources resources respect for laws minority intellectual differences citizens world market think big computer in the home micro chip begin pcs good resolutions 2010 and praying insincerely thinking destructively working carelessly listening absentmindedly wasting time acting indisciplinedly living lavishly speaking unkindly caring callously looking gloomily loving miserly dedicatedly simply looks up looks attentively cheerfully constructively generously sorrow worry sincerely dsiciplinedly kindly deeply look things to do wipe brother goes hundred something lost country peaceful conduct fostering tear hurry prosperous sri sathya sai gold religions enjoy self-awareness water awakening mosques good conduct breath omnipresent law play fragrance rose see cowardice satisfied envy doubts devotion calamity illuminates even-mindedness ananda treasure mirror duty without love christian linger liking start end right conduct way to find god count your blessings acknowledgment heaven blessed thank you lord god bless you angles earth accountability authority empowerment what to delegate advantages of delegation why we fail to delegate how to delegate assignment delegation attitude towards work organize assertive selfawareness i ultimate statements yourself emotions appropriate zero nation one unity sundaram satyam hainism islam hinduism shivam 40 zoroastrain beauty secular buddhism divine assets christianity mysteries presentations point prof vocal skill downward misconceptions informal read organizational combative channels etc subordinates mindmapping survey peers superiors brainstorm report selfesteem poison contagious gratitude colours optimistic appreciative selfvalue wins be drills dream extra prioritization day tested timewasters revise what saying first personalities reflecting give active smart thyself behave failure over community obligations privileges citizenship psychologically egalitarian equitable democratic assimilation workplace dharma duties decision decided yet implement plan capabilities confrontation rock stream stay interruptions priorities procrastination tips time-tested friction gem failures masterpieces fate dictionary darkness curse daydream vision oneself interactions traits non-verbal more practiced articulated interrupt interfere relation-building training tuning happy recognize working sustainable constant resolving mediator member maturity trust follow-up back-stabbing rumor gossip cognitive indicators recognizing effects distress eustress stressors well-being burnout hours long-working minimizing maximizing imbalance mismatch infinity finitude merging supreme immortal existence talk practical stages out breathing relaxation asked frequently fatigue value-oriented levels teak (essential along need disclosure hidden blind area unknown known needs wants johari humour sense appreciation result indispensability closed impossible struggle ideals hand blame bondage laws vulnerability eternal universal spouse fits 6 prioritize imbalances consequences females males' prosperity debt standards double antidote best rendering will outstanding nurturing club difference achievement-orientation respect passion root cause miseries mutual mother’s god’s right medium short perspective using strategies time-wasters history up coiled theory temples immoral prophet intricate prophets. disease faces clouded gloomy cheerful misery originality facts tasks stimulation problems loving smiles laughs solutions watch sanyasa vanaprastha cleanliness humility karma renunciation western sincerity reform shraddha infinite courage energy thought-force powers birds formation research introduction worklife three foundations ethical business wonderful attitutde pursuit excel aim pessimism optimism psychology place women faced inter-personal concerning on gracefully ageing growing student transformation team building salutes facing interests self-help resouce
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