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Motivation 111010..


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I was asked to talk to a group of NEET's at our college, this is the result PP. I think they thought I was a little mad, but they did listen, and ask questions (NEET) (Not in Education, Employment or Training) Government speak.

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Motivation 111010..

  1. 1. For London Training Consortium -COLLEGE
  2. 2. What is it that causes us to be MotivatedWhat is it that causes us to be de-motivated
  3. 3. Adrian HawkesDirector of the Company that is offeringthis trainingStory about my first experience of de-motivationMy reaction to my de-motivationexperienceProbably not the right reaction!!!
  4. 4. True Success is simply the realization and obtainment of a worthyideal or result that your heart is deeply connected to. It is what birthsPASSION . It is what people die for. It is why some people explodeout of the gates and create Success, and others struggle all their life.Those with heart passion are operating on a whole different realm ofactions. There Success is saturated with feeling and emotion,powered by passion, driven by destiny that cannot be denied, andforged with the Fire of the Heart.There is no more powerful Success than the Success that the heartis welded to by the Fire of Passion.Success and your heart have a definite connection in any type ofTrue Success, and any kind that is long term.Where your TREASURE is that is where you heart isYou will always give your heart away to that which you believe istreasureable.
  5. 5. UpbringingSchool experiencesInsecurityThinking (Where do we get that thinking fromprobably from some of the above)NegativesInaction – Because of above
  6. 6. What do you think of your selfWhat you think of yourself you will project on to othersWhat you think of yourself is what you will tend to get in LifeWhat you plan for is what you will get so if you plan for Nothingguess what you will get
  7. 7. What do you believe about you
  8. 8. This Is a big oneLack of ConfidenceWho are weWhat Can we doI am only little me
  9. 9. Which means we don’t do anythingWe do not make anythingWe do not succeedWe just are
  10. 10. MOTIVATED
  11. 11. How do you do that
  12. 12. NEGATIVES POSITIVES What have you heard What do you put in yourbrain What group do you makefriends with What has been said aboutyou What do you say to yourself Change what you hear Change what you put intoyour brain Change what you thinkabout (you can’t stop birdsflying around your head butyou can stop them making anest on top of it!) What is the truth about you What could you say toyourself?Computer people talk about GIGOGarbage in = garbage out
  13. 13. As the famous sports people say :JUST DO IT!
  14. 14. How do you do that – a new hearing aid?
  15. 15. NEGATIVES POSITIVES Ask what you are hearingnow List what you have heardabout yourself Ask yourself how much ofthat list is really true Who said things to you thatwere negative and did theyhave the right, and wherethey qualified to do so Listen to the positive Cross of your list all thosethings that are not trueabout you Ask yourself who said theuntruths to you and whatright did they have to saythose things about you Talk to yourself ... But saypositive things... Don’t worryyou wont go mad
  16. 16. I do not believe that your life is an accidentLet me tell you the story of BensonOr the story of Elizabeth
  17. 17. First of all you could try my insecurity tablets then you will neverever be insecure again....In all seriousness if we get the Thinking, Hearing and the Who weare right the insecurities can be minimised.
  18. 18. (1)I know who I amI know why I am hereI know what to doI know how to do itI have the power to make it HAPPENI know ultimately where I am goingI can take the stuff of time and use it tomould and change the futureAND the most important is number 1.
  19. 19. Hearing rightKnowing rightLiving RightBeing SecureActing on my plan
  21. 21. Adrian HawkesFor LTC – College18th October 2010