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Power of Structure in Presentations


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The 4 important steps to making a Presentation Powerful

Published in: Business, Technology
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Power of Structure in Presentations

  1. 1. Structure Making successful presentations
  2. 2. How do you know if your presentation is successful ?
  3. 3. A presentation is successful if it leads audience to action .
  4. 4. Action happens in 4 steps Understand Believe Act Engage
  5. 5. Let us understand each of the steps better…
  6. 6. Engage: Audiences engage when the presentation uses multiple tools to capture their attention
  7. 7. Tools like… Activities, Games, Exercises, Audiovisuals etc. and not just slides
  8. 8. Understand: Audience understand when the presentation is simple
  9. 9. It is simple enough when… The last person in the audience can understand the presentation
  10. 10. Believe: Audience believe when the presentation is logical and credible
  11. 11. It is credible when: References, data, graphs are provided along with source of information
  12. 12. Act: Audience act when they see the presentation solves their problem
  13. 13. For this: The presenter needs to clearly identify and address their concern
  14. 14. A structure helps to make a smooth transition from ' engage ' to ' act '
  15. 15. For this, a good structure should have powerful points.
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