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Using Charts to prepare Visual Slides


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Making slides more engaging with different types of charts

Published in: Business, Technology
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Using Charts to prepare Visual Slides

  1. 1. Charts Non- numeric diagrams
  2. 2. Using words to describe… • Is dull and boring • Not very memorable
  3. 3. Convert words into charts or visuals…
  4. 4. 3 types of charts • Maps • Organisation Charts • Process Flow
  5. 5. MAPS
  6. 6. Maps Can be used for… • Geographic Locations • Components Let us see an example of each type
  7. 7. Convert list of locations in words to geographic maps.
  8. 8. Convert components of a single object into maps
  10. 10. Relation Charts These charts can be used for showing: • Reporting structure • Team details
  11. 11. Charts showing reporting Structure instead of description Dept. Head Senior Manager Temporary Associates Staff
  12. 12. Team details shared in an interesting way …
  13. 13. PROCESS FLOW
  14. 14. Process Flows •These diagrams are used to represent logical flow of information/ processing/ manufacturing etc.
  15. 15. Process Flow Example
  16. 16. Example of making process flow visual and interesting…
  17. 17. Example of process flow diagram…
  18. 18. Making it visual…
  19. 19. Remember… Its possible to make the slide interesting by making it visual!
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