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GEC 2017: Carl Meyer


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Carl Meyer, managing director of Shift IT, on Closing the Digital Divide.

Presentation delivered at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa (March 2017).

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GEC 2017: Carl Meyer

  1. 1. Closing the Digital Divide At the Base of the Pyramid with Keepod Points at Libraries, Schools and Public Health Facilities in Malawi Carl Meyer - Shift IT
  2. 2. Keepod Technology: $7 Keepod PC for Students Keepod USB PC Boots to Chromium OS Students use Keepods to access OER Keepod v1 Keepod vNext
  3. 3. Shift IT Keepod Point Partners: Google Apps for Education
  4. 4. Social Wi-Fi Hotspots allow Keepod Point operators to provide internet access and earn an income by providing access and related online services
  5. 5. How it’s Built: Keepod Point Offline Technology Framework
  6. 6. OER Workflow: Turning Requests into Delivered OER Content UMass is assigned a New Case Case is closed after the Content is Delivered Users at a Point Need Content Request is sent using #KEEPREQ hashtag For Example
  7. 7. Keepod Point Partners: University of Massachusetts Amherst Professor Charlie Schweik School of Public Policy UMass Library Global Librarians Team
  8. 8. Keepod Point Partners: Salesforce Foundation & Heroku Allows real-time collaboration on any type of record, such as a content request or device support Pulls Twitter Searches into Conversations for New Content Conversations are converted to Cases and assigned to Content Managers Managing Keepod Devices is critical for managing inventory & adoption patterns Managing Points allows us to report on adoption, content delivery and donor impact Requests for content are pulled in via Twitter handles & hashtags