Standard MOOC in a small world


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Presentation at the Open Forum SC36 in Oslo 20 June 2014

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Standard MOOC in a small world

  1. 1. Standard MOOC in a small world Ingrid Melve, Open Forum, Oslo, 2014-06-20
  2. 2. Ingrid Melve 2 eCampus: national program for video, collaboration tools and IT architecture for flexible higher education Work for UNINETT, the Norwegian research network Building infrastructure, supporting inter-institutional ICT Prestandard work: specifications Campus Best Practices: collate, discuss, share, revise Examples: AV and media equipment for classrooms, security, eduroam, Infrastructure for digital examinations Joint procurement on basis of best practice documentation Twitter and Skype: @imelve
  3. 3. MOOC 3 Massive Open Online Course Courses that are: Online Massive, scaleable in number of participants Open, anyone may sign up
  4. 4. 19. desember 2013 4
  5. 5. Norwegian MOOC panel (some of the recommendations) 5 National platform & portal Shared learning design support Learning analytics Work/education skill support Open Educational Resources No tuition for higher education Start to do MOOC, sort out regulations and practice
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. MOOC production 7 Learning resources: In theory: Dublin Core, SCORM or LOM Video used actively Follow video with Multiple Choice Quiz to self-assess learning Forums (how useful are they?) Student peer review May include formal assessment (often out-of-band)
  8. 8. MOOC production cost 8 Major investment: knowledge base for teaching MOOC platform Learning design for MOOC Organizational change: from solo to teamwork Technical production Evaluation/exam cost Include running operational cost
  9. 9. MOOC distribution 9 MOOC is web-based (and in apps) MOOC platform Leverage existing content distribution infrastructure YouTube, Content Delivery Networks, PCs, tablets, smart phones Available in a language you understand? Signing up from anywhere
  10. 10. Pervasive monitoring Big brother is watching Export restrictions Countries are excluded Organizations are excluded Persons are excluded Learning analytics distribution? Distribution, security and privacy 2014-06-20 10
  11. 11. Follow up students Assigned discussion topics, interact with text etc Forums Hangouts (teaching assistants or professors) Lab exercise Office hours? MOOC interaction and collaboration tools 11
  12. 12. MOOC assessments 12 Formal verifiable assessment of whether the students have reached their learning objectives Inside MOOCs multiple choice tests proliferate ECTS Formal assessments online is unsolved territory Growing assortment of solutions for online examinations 1. Control mechanisms built into MOOC platform 2. Online proctoring 3. Proctor centers, travel to nearest center 4. Travel to campus, ordinary exams
  13. 13. Important standards for MOOC 13 Production: Video standards for mobile devices, open access Distribution: IP, Wifi, mobile support, content distribution Collaboration: web (HTML5, HTTPS et al), Web-RTC Evaluation: credit transfer (ECTS), identity/authorization (SAML, OpenID Connect)
  14. 14. MOOCs in a small world 14 Scaling is possible: production, distribution and collaboration Open is conceivable: OER, sharing, reuse MOOCs are a step towards better education: start walking