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Gaelle homma university bonus points


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Published in: Education
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Gaelle homma university bonus points

  1. 1. I have often heard this discussed but does it actually exist?
  2. 2. Some universities in NSW give bonus points to students who achieve excellent results (usually band 5 – 6) in a subject directly related to the course they are applying for.  In most cases students do not need to apply for this as it is calculated automatically when university places are calculated.  UNSW has a website which illustrates this very well. 
  3. 3. Other NSW Universities also give bonus points for excellent results in subjects related to the course they have applied to.  UNSW just illustrated the system very clearly 
  4. 4. Do they exist?
  5. 5.  Bonus points exist although not only for LOTE students but still worth promoting to students.  Also interesting to note many university degrees such as International Studies require students study a language.  Many students choose to study abroad in a variety of degrees to enhance their personal development and experience
  6. 6. Can we foster cooperation with Go8 Universties