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College Board #DeliveringOpportunity Presentation - 3-5-14


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College Board president David Coleman's slideshow presentation from the announcement about the new SAT and #DeliveringOpportunity to more students. Presented in Austin, TX, on March 5, 2014.

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College Board #DeliveringOpportunity Presentation - 3-5-14

  1. 1. #DeliveringOpportunity
  2. 2. David Coleman – President –
  3. 3. It’s not you being tested today, it’s the College Board itself.
  4. 4. “We must ask ourselves if we are, individually or as a group, putting our scholarship money where it will do the most good for the country.” – John Monro, 1953 –
  5. 5. Barely 43% of students who took the exam were college-ready.
  6. 6. Not more tests, but more opportunities.
  7. 7. The real news is the College Board’s renewed commitment to delivering opportunity.
  8. 8. We must propel students into the opportunities they have earned.
  9. 9. Once the assessment is done, the real work of opportunity begins.
  10. 10. Every income-eligible student will receive fee waivers to apply to four colleges.
  11. 11. We do not want to slow students down, we want to propel them forward.
  12. 12. We need to act earlier to secure opportunity.
  13. 13. While it may not be our fault, it is our problem.
  14. 14. We are going directly to students and their families to encourage them to take opportunities earned.
  15. 15. Providing personalized online guidance and support to all students and families.
  16. 16. Confronting the inequalities that surround assessment.
  17. 17. An exam that is clearer and more open than any in our history.
  18. 18. If assessment will be a force for equity and excellence, it’s time to shake things up.
  19. 19. Free SAT test preparation for the world.
  20. 20. Sal Khan – Founder of Khan Academy –
  21. 21.
  22. 22. The real work of getting ready will happen in our classrooms.
  23. 23. Design models of student work for grades 6-12.
  24. 24. Mastery of fewer, more important things matters more than superficial coverage of many.
  25. 25. Draw upon evidence to make arguments and convey information.
  26. 26. Enhance instruction and learning for all students, including those who are behind.
  27. 27. Beyond Assessment: Delivering Opportunity 1. Propel students into opportunities earned 2. Provide free test prep for the world 3. nhance instruction and provide E resources for students who are behind
  29. 29. More focused, clear, useful and open than ever before.
  30. 30. We will tell everyone what is on the exam.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Redesigned SAT Evidence-Based Reading Writing The Essay Math
  33. 33. Evidence-Based Reading Writing
  34. 34. Support answers with evidence.
  35. 35. Synthesize information from words and numbers.
  36. 36. Data Analysts: Informed Citizens
  37. 37. From “SAT words” to powerful words.
  38. 38. Worthy challenges, not artificial obstacles.
  39. 39. The Essay
  40. 40. Fact checking still matters.
  41. 41. “As you read the passage consider how the author uses evidence, reasoning, and stylistic or persuasive elements to add power to the ideas expressed.”
  42. 42. Cultivate close reading, careful analysis and clear writing.
  43. 43. Math
  44. 44. Using ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning to solve problems in real-world situations.
  45. 45. Focuses on the mastery of linear equations and systems, which echo through many fields of study.
  46. 46. Science and career opportunities in the STEM fields.
  47. 47. Mathematics isn’t just a list of problems: it is also a discipline of ideas.
  48. 48. A few things done well open doors of opportunity.
  49. 49. America’s Founding Documents and the Global Conversation
  50. 50. Immerse yourself in some of the most remarkable expressions of the human spirit.
  51. 51. Spring of 2016
  52. 52. 1600
  53. 53. No penalty for wrong answers.
  54. 54. An SAT that rewards the best of high school work.
  55. 55. The SAT and exams like it should never be used alone to make decisions about a person’s life and future.
  56. 56. April 16th, 2014
  57. 57. Thank you College Board team and ETS partners.
  58. 58. Thank you teachers.
  59. 59. Thank you admissions officers and school counselors.
  60. 60. Relief for parents and students.
  61. 61. Productive practice rather than destructive anxiety.
  62. 62. Robert Caro
  63. 63. LBJ Library photo by Austin American-Statesman
  64. 64. Seek action that illuminates.
  65. 65. Judge us on opportunities delivered.
  66. 66. Please join us on the rooftop for refreshments and a performance.