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Getting Ready for the New SAT for Parents


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The College Board hosted a webinar to share information about the new SAT, how to prepare for free on Khan Academy, and how colleges are using SAT test scores for college admission. The webinar was hosted by Aaron Lemon-Strauss at the College Board and featured Elizabeth Slavitt from Khan Academy and Patricia Peek from Fordham University. Learn more at

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Getting Ready for the New SAT for Parents

  1. 1. Getting Ready for the New SAT® for Parents Aaron Lemon-Strauss, Executive Director, SAT Student Success, The College Board Elizabeth Slavitt, Vice President, Strategy and Operations, Khan Academy Patricia Peek, Director of Undergraduate Admission, Fordham University
  2. 2. 200-800 points About the new SAT® 200–800 points Math Essay (separate scores) 3 Hours 50 Minutes Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 200–800 points
  3. 3. 3 First administration of the new SAT®: what we heard From students themselves.
  4. 4. Official SAT® Practice 1.6 million unique users 525,000 linked accounts 19% decline in commercial test-prep usage "If you don’t have money to pay for a class, you’re usually just stuck buying a book or you’re on your own mostly, so this time it was really helpful that they had unlimited resources basically for anyone.” –Maia, Washington, DC
  5. 5. Practice Tests, Answer Sheets, and App Download:
  6. 6. ► Why should students use Official SAT Practice? ► When should students start practicing for the SAT? ► How often should they practice? ► What if a student doesn’t perform as well as they’d hoped to? ► What can parents do to help their kids use Official SAT Practice? 14 Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy®
  7. 7. ► What are admission officers looking for in an SAT score? ► Will Fordham University require the SAT Essay? ► In addition to SAT scores, what do colleges look for in a college application? ► How will you compare old SAT scores to new SAT scores? ► What advice do you have for parents whose children are applying to college? ► Anything else? 15 The SAT® and Higher Education
  8. 8. Please submit your questions within the Q&A module on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 16 Q&A
  9. 9. ► ► ► ► ► @CollegeBoard 17 More Resources: Contact: