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How To Use Hootsuite


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Save time and be more productive with Hootsuite.

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How To Use Hootsuite

  1. 1. Hootsuite TrainingOctober 1, 2011
  2. 2. Hootsuite TrainingWhat is HootsuiteHootsuite is a third party application that allowsyou to manage and monitor several social medianetworks from one location. Twitter andFacebook are the two networks we‟ll be focusingon for Ward Centers.Hootsuite makes it possible to schedule messagesto be sent out in advance on Facebook andTwitter and also allows you to search for peopletalking about your brand.Monitoring these types of information will helpyou identify brand ambassadors, potentialcustomers, and industry influencers. 2
  3. 3. Hootsuite TrainingHootsuite TabsTabs = Social Media AccountsCurrently, Ward Centers‟ Twitter account and Facebook account are set up as tabs in Hootsuite. Other networksHootsuite can pull into a tab are: Linkedin,, Wordpress, MySpace, Foursquare and mixi. 3
  4. 4. Hootsuite TrainingAdding Additional Social NetworksIf you decide to add an additional social network, either click on the „Welcome‟ tab and then click “Add aSocial Network,” or place your cursor over the gray toolbar on the far left and it will expand. Go down to„Settings‟ and choose “Social Networks.” 3
  5. 5. Hootsuite TrainingStreamsStreams are the Categories within each tab. For the Twitter Tab, the default streams are: HomeFeed, Mentions, Direct Message (Inbox), and Sent Tweets. For the Facebook Tab, the default streams are: WallPosts and Events. 3
  6. 6. Hootsuite TrainingTwitter StreamsHome Feed: If you‟re familiar with Twitter, this is what your Twitter Timeline would look like. Here, you‟ll see all thetweets from everyone you‟re following. It updates frequently with new tweets.Mentions: This is where you‟ll see all the tweets that properly mention Ward Centers‟ Twitter account. That meansthese tweets will have “@Ward_Centers” within the tweet. If they forget to use the @ sign or forget theunderscore, you won‟t see these tweets.Direct Message (Inbox): This is where you‟ll see messages that are sent to Ward Centers privately. No one elsesees these tweets. When you click the icon to send a direct message back ( ), only that person will see thattweet.Sent Tweets: This is where you‟ll see all of the tweets that Ward Centers has sent. This is useful when you see areply to something, but you forgot what you tweeted. 3
  7. 7. Hootsuite TrainingAdding Twitter StreamsWhen you want to add another stream, click on the + Add Stream button.A box will pop up that allows you to choose a stream to add.(Right) The options are Feed, Search, Keyword and Lists.Feed would be adding the stream of an additional TwitterHandle. But it would have to be an additional Twitter handle youmanage.Search Allows you to quickly look up what people are saying abouta certain subject and take advantage of more search tactics. Youcan search for a phrase using quotation marks. You can alsosearch since a certain date.Keywords: easily track multiple terms in one column withoutneeding to know advances search tactics.List: If you‟ve created a list in Twitter (ex: Ward Center Shops) it willallow you to pull this list in as a stream. 3
  8. 8. Hootsuite TrainingTwitter Streams we Recommend: KeywordWe recommend adding a Keyword stream to track any tweets with “Ward Centers” included. This will help youfind people checking in to different Ward Centers shops on Foursquare and talking about Ward Centers withoutaccurately mentioning the Ward Centers Twitter Handle. 3
  9. 9. Hootsuite TrainingTwitter Streams we Recommend: SearchUse the Search option to find people talking about Shopping in Honolulu. This is a great place to find potentialcustomers to interact with and invite them out to Ward Centers. 3
  10. 10. Hootsuite TrainingFilter Streams by Klout or KeywordOnce you‟ve setup a stream you can filter by Keyword or by users with a Klout over a certain score. Klout – Ameasure of someone‟s influence. Can be used to help you prioritize your communication.Drop Arrow -> Filter By -> (Klout or Keyword)If you want to only search for questions, chooseKeyword and search “?” 3
  11. 11. Hootsuite TrainingSending a TweetType your tweet into the text box in the top left. The number in the bottom right corner will tell you how manycharacters you have left. The icons in the bottom right allow you to attach a file, schedule the post to be sent ata later date and time, and add location to the tweet.Before you send the tweet, you have to choose an account to send from. To the right of the text box it will say“Click to select a profile…” When you click it, a drop down menu will appear. That‟s where you can choose tosend the message from the Twitter account or to post on the Facebook page. Or, you can choose both.To add a link, copy and paste the link in the “Add a link…” section at the bottom left. Once you add the link, a“Shrink” button will appear next to the link. Click shrink and a shortened link will be added to the tweet. Thisway, you won‟t have to waste precious characters on a long link. 3
  12. 12. Hootsuite TrainingSchedule a TweetTo schedule posts to go out at a later date, go to the left-hand gray bar and click on the Publishericon, which looks like a paper plane. Click “Compose a message” to write a tweet to schedule. A new boxwill pop up that will allow you to write a message and choose a date and time for it to be sent. You can alsochoose to send it from Twitter, Facebook, or both. 3
  13. 13. Hootsuite TrainingReplying to TweetsReply:To reply, simply hover of the tweet and click ‘reply’. The users twitter handler will automatically appear in the message box where youcan type and send your response. Replying to a tweet creates a threaded conversation meaning you can view the previousconversation history all in one place.The Twitter handle of the person you‟re replying to will automatically pop up in the message box on the top left.Then add your message behind the handle “@kathyorita Thanks so much for spreading the word!” 3
  14. 14. Hootsuite TrainingRetweeting (RT)If you wanted to share someone else’s tweet with your followers, simply click the retweet icon at the top left of the tweetThat person‟s tweet will show up in your message box. You can hit send to send it as is, or add a message beforethe RT. In this example, there are only 5 characters left. You can find ways to shorted their tweet to make roomfor your message, or just make your message short. Ex: “Thanx! RT @Kathyorita… “ 3
  15. 15. Hootsuite TrainingDirect Messaging (DM)If you wanted to send this user a direct message that only she will see, click the Direct Message icon:A lowercase „d‟ and the user‟s twitter handle will appear in your text box. This means it‟s a direct message.Here, you can tweet something you wouldn‟t want the public to see. That person must be following you to sendthem a DM. This is useful for customer service. If someone tweets a complaint, tweet them and say, “If you‟llfollow us we‟ll send you a DM so we can get more info. Thanks!‟ 3
  16. 16. Hootsuite TrainingFollowing PeopleTo follow someone, click on their twitter handle and a window will pop up with their bio information.This is where you can find out more about a user. Here, wesee how many followers he has and how many he‟sfollowing. At the bottom, there are options tofollow, unfollow, DM, reply, and add to list.We can also see where they live and find out more aboutthem with their bio. This information might help you decideif you want to follow him or not.Click the “Follow” button to follow the user. 3
  17. 17. Hootsuite TrainingUsing Twitter SearchAt the top right corner you‟ll see a search bar. You cansearch for people, keywords, or topics. A new box willpop up to show you the tweets and users that arerelevant to your search. 3
  18. 18. Hootsuite TrainingFacebook StreamsThe Facebook Streams we recommend areWall Posts, Events and ScheduledMessages.To add Scheduled Messages, click on “AddStream” and then click on ScheduledMessages.This will create a new stream where you‟llbe able to monitor the message you‟vescheduled to send out at a later date. 3
  19. 19. Hootsuite TrainingMonitoring and Replying to CommentsUnder the “Wall Posts” stream, you can see the wall posts you‟ve posted and the any post someone elseposted to your wall. You‟ll also see how many likes and comments it received. Without leaving Hootsuite, youcan reply directly to a wall comment. 3
  20. 20. Hootsuite TrainingAnalyzing Stats (Analytics)Whenever you shorten a link in HootSuite, analytics startstracking its exposure. You can check in with your analytics on theLaunch Bar and then by clicking Quick Analytics. This site will showyou how many people clicked on the link, what your most popularlinks are, and who the top referrers are. It will also show you howmany click you received by region. To the right is an example. 3