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How to use Twitter: Twitter is a microblogging message service that allows you to send and receive short messages (called tweets) within your Twitter community. This Twitter tutorial will show you the Twitter basics. To view our presentation on Twitter for Business, contact us.

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  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: 101
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  4. 4. What Is Twitter?Twitter is a message service that allows you to send and receive short messages (calledtweets) within your Twitter community.Your Twitter community consists of: People You Follow. You define your communityby following other Twitter users. You see thetweets created by everyone you follow. Followingsomeone means that you subscribe to theirtweets. People Who Follow You. Other people readyour tweets and decide to follow you. Yourfollowers see the tweets you send out.
  5. 5. What Are Tweets?Tweets are short, only 140 characters long, so they are easyto skim.The Twitter website says you tweet to answer the question"What‟s happening?" It might be more accurate to say that youtweet to answer the question “What are you thinking about?”Perhaps you think it would be boring to read what people havefor lunch or about their commute in traffic. Fortunately, mosttweets are not about those things. Instead, you learn the majorevents and the small details about the business and personallives of the people you follow.
  6. 6. Stats & Infographics
  7. 7. Stats & InfographicsIn 2009, less than 1% of Canadians used Twitter. Today that number has grown toalmost 20%
  8. 8. Stats & Infographics
  9. 9. Stats & Infographics
  10. 10. Stats & Infographics
  11. 11. Stats & Infographics
  12. 12. Stats & Infographics
  13. 13. Setting up Your Twitter Profile To learn about Twitter, you have to use Twitter. If you haven‟t set up your Twitter account, do it now at: Your Twitter profile explains who you are to the world. Each component is optional, but your profile allows other users to find you and learn about you.
  14. 14. Setting Up Your ProfileYou start with the basic information. Name Email Password UsernameThis is all you need to get started. Therest comes later.
  15. 15. Setting Up Your ProfileThe “Twitter Teacher” will help you get started and suggestpeople to follow. If you have an idea on who you want tofollow you can search for people/businesses or you cansimply search a particular interest and follow users in thatcategory. (More on how to find people in the next slide)
  16. 16. Inviting Contacts If you want to invite contacts from your email twitter makes this very easy. Just click search contacts on your corresponding email provider and it will bring up a page for you to sign in and select which contacts to invite. After you invite people to follow you on Twitter you will be done with the initial setup. Next comes your settings. (confirm your email before you move onto settings)
  17. 17. Account SettingsNow that you have confirmed your email youcan start updating your profile. Click the headsilhouette on the top right of the navigation bar.This will bring up a menu where you will find thesettings page.The first page you will see will be the accountpage. Here you can update things like yourusername, email, language and time zone. Alsoat the bottom of the page you will seecheckboxes for things such as tweetlocation, tweet media and tweet privacy. Thesemake it easy to select your desired level ofprivacy.
  18. 18. Account Checklist Before going any further, use this checklist to make sure you have your account settings just right. • My username represents me by using my name, a nickname, or my business/brand name. • My username contains no punctuation (including no underlines) and identifies me in the shortest possible number of characters. • I‟ve included my real name with my business Twitter account (a business username) to put a personal face with my company and brand. • My web link points to my blog, my website, my Twitter landing page, or another online resource that helps people learn about my business.
  19. 19. Account Checklist• My one-line bio captures my personality, or explains my company and brand.• My location is my city and state/province. I‟ve used either the standard two-letter state abbreviation or spelled out my state/province name.• I‟ve uploaded a photograph avatar (picture) that clearly shows my face or I‟m using my company logo.These items give you a basic Twitter account setup. Later, youcan refine your account settings to support your Twitter goals.
  20. 20. Password and Mobile Settings Below the Account tab is the Password tab where you can change your password or recover your current one. Next is the Mobile section. If you want to receive notifications and be able to tweet through your mobile phone via text you can set this up here. Under the phone number field is a checkbox for if you would like people to be able to find for you by your phone number.
  21. 21. Notification SettingsWant an email every timeanything to do with you or yourtweets gets some action? Ormany you don‟t want to receiveemail notifications at all. This iswhere you can change thosesettings. By default, all the boxesare checked when you sign-upbut you can customize these asyou please.
  22. 22. Profile Settings Your profile settings are very important. These will all be visible at the top of your profile and will be the first thing people see when they visit your page. These settings include:  Adding your photo  Updating/change your name if necessary  Adding your location
  23. 23. Profile Settings Providing your personal/business website or blog Writing a brief bio about yourselfYou can also choose whether or not you would like to post your tweets to Facebook.
  24. 24. Design SettingsCustom Twitter backgrounds reflect your image.Put your best image forward and enhance yourbrand with a custom Twitter background.Social networking has quickly become one ofthe best ways to market your company and it‟simportant that your brand remain consistentthroughout your entire social network, includingyourblog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpaceand any other social networking site that allowsfor branding.
  25. 25. Design Settings At Supernova Media we understand brand identity and social media and can help you put your best social foot forward, whether you have an established brand already or are just getting started and don‟t even have a logo yet. Contact Supernova Media for your custom branded Twitter background today.
  26. 26. Direct Messages A Direct message is a personal message sent via Twitter to one of your followers. DMs are different than mentions and @replies. In turn, people you follow can send you a direct message. You cannot send a direct message to a user who is not following you.
  27. 27. Sending Direct MessagesTo send a direct message: Click on the person icon and select Direct messages from the drop down menu. Youll see a pop up showing your Direct message history. Click the New message button. In the address box, type the name or username of the person you wish to send a message to. Enter your message and click Send message.
  28. 28. RetweetsWhen someone posts an interesting tweet, you maychoose to retweet it. By retweeting, you share thetweet with your followers. If you found the tweetinteresting, perhaps they will feel the same way.Twitter has a retweet feature that automaticallyresends a tweet to your community. Hover yourmouse over the tweet until the word “retweet”appears with circling arrows. Click Retweet, click Yesto confirm, and Twitter sends your retweet.
  29. 29. Retweets Manual Retweets You can also do a manual retweet and add your comment to the tweet (optional). To manually retweet, copy the tweet and paste it in the tweet box. Add “RT” (short for “retweet”) at the beginning, and add “@” before the username. For example: SupernovaStudios Anyone know a Twitter client that allows you to use multiple Twitter accounts besides HootSuite? Becomes: RT @SupernovaStudios Anyone know a Twitter client that allows you to use multiple Twitter accounts besides HootSuite?
  30. 30. @ Replies/MentionsYou send an @reply (at reply) to a single person, but an @reply is not aprivate message.@Replies show up:• In your timeline.• In your mentions.• In the recipient‟s timeline (only if the recipient follows you).• In the recipient‟s mentions list.• In the timeline of every person who follows both you and @reply person.Twitter displays every tweet that contains your username in yourmentions list under the connect link on the top navigation bar.
  31. 31. @ Replies/MentionsReply to a TweetIf you read a tweet and want to reply, hover your mouse over the tweet until the word“reply” appears with a back arrow at the top of the tweet. Click Reply and Twitter startscreating your @reply.Twitter provides a link back to the original tweet so the @reply recipient can link the replyto the tweet. This keeps the conversation parts together. You can also find all your@replys in the mentions under the connect tab on the top navigation bar.You can send an @reply directly to a person without replying to a tweet.Type @ + the username and your tweet.For example: Great day today with @WorkingGirl!
  32. 32. #HashtagsOnce youve started using Twitter, it wont take long before you come acrosswhats known as a hash tag. Thats when you see something in a tweet thathas a # prefix. (The # is a hash symbol, hence the term hash tag or hashtag.)A hash tag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a commontopic. For example, if you search on #LOST (or #Lost or #lost, because its notcase-sensitive), youll get a list of tweets related to the TV show. What youwont get are tweets that say "I lost my wallet yesterday" because "lost" isntpreceded by the hash tag.Creating your own hashtag is easy to do and is just a matter of staking yourclaim on an abbreviation, word or phrase. But before you do that, it‟s a goodidea to check for different tag definitions.
  33. 33. InteractionsThe Interactions tab offers a simple wayto see whats happening on Twitter inrelation to you (it used to be called@username in the previous version ofTwitter). Just click on Interactions on theConnect page, and you‟ll be able to seewhich of your Tweets are favorites, plusthe latest retweets (of yourTweets), Tweets directed to you (@repliesand mentions), and your new Followers.
  34. 34. Home Page When you follow someone, every time they post a new message, it will appear on your Twitter home page. New messages are added to your home page as people post them, so you always get the updates in real time. On your home page under your profile photo you also have: Tweets (your Tweets) Following Followers Clicking these will give you a list of each and options for each tweet or user. You can also compose new tweets from your home page. Next I‟ll break down the homepage for you.
  35. 35. Your New Home Page Connect Discover Search Account Tweet Profile Info: Tweets Timeline • Pic Recent Tweets by: • Tweets • You • Following • People you follow Compose Tweet • Followers Who to Follow Suggestions Who to Follow Suggestions MediaCustom„Design‟/Background Trending Topics #
  36. 36. Someone Followed MeEveryone makes their own decisionsabout whom to follow. When someoneyou don‟t know follows you, you have achoice to make. Do you want to followback or not? Some people always follow back. Some people selectively follow back.Neither policy is right or wrong. It alldepends on your Twitter goal.
  37. 37. Profile PageYour Profile page is different fromyour home page. Here it will showyour profile information that youadded in the settings and all of yourrecent tweets. Clicking the followingor followers button will bring you tothe same page as it would if youclicked it from the home screen. Youalso have your favorites and listslinks here.Now that you know your wayaround, you can start tweeting!
  38. 38. Twitter 201Wanna know how to utilize Twitter forBusiness?Click the link below to contact SupernovaMedia & purchase Twitter 201.Supernova Media
  39. 39. Our ServicesBeing Passionate comes easy when yougenuinely enjoy what you do. We offer anarray of services at Supernova Media buthere‟s what we do best:• Web Design & Hosting• Consulting• Branding• Virtual ToursWe know that your success is our success.Contact Us
  40. 40. About Nancy Bain Nancy is a business owner, educator, and business strategist with more than 20 years experience. When she is not advising and teaching people about social media, Nancy spends a lot of her own time using social media. Find Nancy online: Google+ : Nancy Bain Like Supernova Media on Follow Nancy on Twitter Facebook Visit her Website Find her on LinkedIn Follow her Blog And visit her YouTube Channel