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Twitter Getting Started


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A short introduction to the "why" and "how" of twitter. Just a beginning, intended for novices. Short and to the point.

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Twitter Getting Started

  1. 1. ...twitter... Getting Started
  2. 2. ...Twitter... Getting Started
  3. 3. Twitter is... conversation
  4. 4. social political/ media advocacy mobs professionals media stars interest groups gossip friends Twitter is... traditional journalism branding news non- companies individuals traditional customer promotion service
  5. 5. the gossip tweet goes to his twitter drinks shares his trivia the “tweet” that all his followers see
  6. 6. the brand tweet press release goes to corporate twitter HQ - Austin, Texas shared the “tweet” that all 1.7mil Whole Foods followers see
  7. 7. the news tweet a social news website on which users submit can post links to content on the Internet. new stories individuals all over the web republishes shared to followers
  8. 8. interest groups tweet some groups are organized around tags (aka, hashtags) such as the #prodmgmt or product management group some groups use a web service derived from twitter called Twibes
  9. 9. social political/ media advocacy mobs professionals media stars interest groups gossip friends Twitter is all of these things traditional journalism branding news non- customer companies individuals service traditional promotion ...and more
  10. 10. Twitter vs. Facebook • Twitter is OPEN • Facebook is CLOSED • Like a public rally - • Like an invitation- where anyone can only party - the only join, follow, people there are you participate. & your friends. - No permission required - ✓ Permission required - people anyone can “follow” you and can read your Facebook posts if read your Twitter stream you *accept* them as friends (and you can read theirs if you ✴ (assuming default privacy setting - anyone can “friend” or “fan” them) follow) ✴ (assuming default privacy setting - friends only)
  11. 11. Case Studies 4 examples to evaluate
  12. 12. Comcast: Customer Service • Comcast has been using Twitter to scan for complaints & engage with customers since early 2008. It doesn’t replace phone & e-mail help but is a different kind of dialogue: it is a little more personal, more back & forth, & gives immediacy to interactions. • Sometimes customers have general complaints, sometimes they have a specific problem. Frank Eliason (Comcastcares on Twitter) or one of his 11 team members, responds immediately -- often by simply tweeting back “Can I help?” The back & forth occasionally may result in calling the customers directly if they share their phone numbers. • The Comcast Twitter team may not always resolve the problem, but they always respond immediately. • Is Comcast’s use of Twitter to broadcast messages about its brand or engage in a conversation? Is Comcast’s use of Twitter project a brand or individual personality? What is more useful in the Twitter-sphere? How does Comcast’s Twitter presence help its brand? Can words overcome bad products or bad experiences with products?
  13. 13. Whole Foods: Promotion • Whole Foods Market has several Twitter accounts. The main account (@wholefoods) has over 1.7 million followers (as of 3/28/10) & is widely regarded as one of the most successful brands on Twitter. • @wholerecipes has over 19,000 followers (as of 3/28/10) & is mainly used to broadcast recipes • Whole Foods also has topical accounts (i.e., @WFMcheese), regional accounts (i.e., @WholeFoodsNYC), and local store account (@WholeFoodsPAL) • Examine Whole Foods’ Twitter presence - how are they using Twitter, globally & locally? What is their brand presence on Twitter? (brand-based vs. personality-based; broadcast vs. conversation)
  14. 14. Street Food Vendors: Location Awareness • Examine the following Street Food Vendors: • @cremebruleecart • @cupcakecart • @urbanectar • How are they using Twitter? Is it effective? • For a full list of Street Vendors go to:
  15. 15. Others? • Media outlets: NYT, Washington Post, Huffington Post • Media stars: Oprah, Bill Gates, Kevin Spacey • Tech people: Robert Scoble, Michael Arrington, David Pogue • How do they use Twitter?
  16. 16. Signing-up How to get an account
  17. 17. • Go to If you want people Choose carefully! to find you - use This is the “name” your real name that shows up in all your messages! Your “brand” name. Where Twitter sends your messages about who is Select this if you want following you, etc. people to find you via email Click and you’re done.
  18. 18. The Twitter Language Some special terms to know
  19. 19. tweet • A simple tweet is when someone sends out a message via Twitter that is less than 140 characters Userid or Twitter name: Mashable is a social media site Mashable uses a picture of its founder for its brand the Tweet (<140 characters) image: more personable time of tweet & software used to write tweet
  20. 20. retweet • A tweet that you liked, & want to redistribute to your followers Indicates a retweet - and that none of the original tweet was altered Also indicates a retweet - in this case, time of tweet & software the original tweet may The person/ID who used to write tweet (via have been changed originated the tweet the web), plus how many people have retweeted this particular tweet from the NY Times time of tweet & software used - in this case TweetDeck, which is used from the desktop instead of a web browser
  21. 21. @ mentions • If someone mentions you in a tweet or retweet, it’s indicated by an @ symbol TIME magazine mentions the twitter ID for a new book by one of its editors They also mention themselves :} retweet that mentions Harvard Business School This retweet is a part of a conversation. @Scobleizer orginally posted something about Google Sync @matthewogston replied with this comment about Google Contacts I follow Scobleizer - and normally I don’t see replies to @Scobelizer liked the comment so he retweeted it. @Scobelizer or replies he makes to others such as @matthewogston (in my twitter stream) - unless it is retweeted.
  22. 22. short links • Since twitter is only 140 characters, and links to web sites are often long, there are many services that shorten the links Harvard has a branded service is popular service & is built into TweetDeck • These are automatically done through the twitter web site, or via twitter software such as TweetDeck, Seesmic, or others. You can also go directly to or and create your own short link to share with people -- it can be used in places other than twitter.
  23. 23. That’s it. A short intro. Coming soon... conversing on Twitter (tweeting & beyond)