Using Twitter to help promote your business


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This presentation follows some of the key ways you can use Twitter to gain followers and then engage with them.

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Using Twitter to help promote your business

  1. 1. Using Twitter to help you promote your business Danny Bermant@brainstormdsgn
  2. 2. Social media is…..“All forms of electronic communication (e.g. blogs, forums)through which users create online communities to shareinformation, ideas, personal messages, and other content(such as video)”“Think of social media as a telephone conversation that youcan hack into without breaking any laws”
  3. 3. To update Twitter profile , click on “settings” and “profile”
  4. 4. Use your Twitter background to promote your other social media channels
  5. 5. Change your Twitter profile as events change. Use your profile to tell viewers a bit about yourself
  6. 6. Twitter is not a popularity contest. Avoid using tools that artificially raise your followers
  7. 7. To find people to follow, click on “discover”. Twitter gives you a few options to find people
  8. 8. Use the Klout score to find out how influential your followers are
  9. 9. Click on your profile icon to access your lists
  10. 10. Save time and create saved searches for the keywords that are relevant to you
  11. 11. Hashtags are a great way to create and track topical discussions
  12. 12. How to inform, educate and engage on Twitter
  13. 13. Exploit Twitter as events change!
  14. 14. You can now post images and youtube videos on Twitter
  15. 15. Using Twitter (via FourSquare) to tell people what you’re up to, your personal challenges, and sharing humorous thoughts
  16. 16. Writing a manual retweet
  17. 17. There are numerous ways to complement people on Twitter
  18. 18. How to say the same thing twice on Twitter without repeating yourself
  19. 19. Embed like / share buttons on your website
  20. 20. Click on settings button to add a new social network to Hootsuite
  21. 21. Add streams to Hootsuite so you can monitor Twitter activity
  22. 22. Scheduling tweets from Hootsuite
  23. 23. If you employ staff, ensure that you provide social media guidelines
  24. 24. If you enjoyed today’s seminar, you may be interested in..Social Media to help you promote your business media for Business to Business sales to use Twitter win new clients