Telemarketing is Dead - Leading Results and Impole


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Telemarketing for leads just isn't cost effective, but there are really effective ways to use the telephone.

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Telemarketing is Dead - Leading Results and Impole

  1. 1. Telemarke(ng  is  Dead   Long  Live  the  Telephone   Dan  Kraus,  Leading  Results   Pat  Lysak,  Impole  Corpora(on    
  2. 2. Business Development issues our clients are facing
  3. 3. Challenge 1: No Focus On Differentiation •  Company WOW is indistinct •  Sales & Marketing talk about generic features & benefits •  Deals are won/lost on price
  4. 4. Challenge 2: Lack of Repeatable Process •  No Process for nurturing early-stage prospects •  No Process for creating repeatable, sustainable customer delight •  No Process for creating additional current- customer sales
  5. 5. Challenge 3: Ideal Customer is Anyone.. •  No clarity and focus to messaging •  No consistent feedback loops •  No referabilty
  6. 6. Challenge 4: No Systematic Approach for Finding New Customers •  No content repurposing •  Website underperforms •  “Hope” for referrals •  Traditional Marketing programs underperform •  Inbound Marketing Lead are “bad”
  7. 7. Challenge 5: No Calendar •  Marketing activity of the month is the plan •  No consistent way of getting the message out •  No consistent value-based follow up
  8. 8. The Big Problem Business Growth is unpredictable and inconsistent
  9. 9. Its not your Tactics… …Its the lack of Strategy
  10. 10. When  you  explain  to  people  what  you're  trying  to  do,  as  opposed  to  just   making  demands  or  delega(ng  tasks,  you  can  build  instant  trust,  even  if  it's   just  for  that  short  (me  you're  on  the  phone.          -­‐  Simon  Sinek       Agenda   Ø GeJng  the  right  coordinates  for  the  target   Ø ALrac(ng  ALen(on   Ø Moving  Prospects  through  the  Buying  Process   Ø The  Ecsta(c  Sales  Team   Ø The  Delighted  Customer  
  11. 11. Who  is  Impole   •  Sales  enablement  organiza(on  focused  on  developing   account  intelligence   •  Both  primary  &  secondary  research   •  For  over  30  years  on  behalf  of  both  Fortune  500  companies   and  start  ups   •  Operate  on  a  global  basis,  HQ  in  Waltham,  MA   •  Use  the  phone  as  the  medium   •  Proven  processes  to  mesh  the  solu(on,  the  message  and  the   market   •  Drive  the  front  end  to  the  sales  process.  We  are  a  tool!  
  12. 12. Leading  Results   •  Marke(ng  services  agency  –  coaching,  consul(ng  and  doing     »  Outsourced  BizDev  Strategy  &  Execu(on   »  1:1  Coaching  &  Consul(ng,  Group  Coaching   »  Frac(onal  VP  Marke(ng  Services   »  Bite  Sized  Business  Development   •  Hubspot  Gold  Partner   •  Authorized  Duct  Tape  Marke(ng  Consultants   •  Headquartered  in  CharloLe,  NC   •  Clients  through  14  (me  zones   •  We  help  you  stop  was(ng  money  on  marke(ng  that  doesn’t   get  results  
  13. 13. Leading  Results  Core  Mantra   •  Don't  talk  about  the  products  you  sell;  talk  about  the  problems   you  solve.       •  Then  talk  about  the  remarkably  different  way  that  I  will   experience  working  with  you  as  you  solve  those  problems.     •  Be  sure  you  tell  me  what  I  get;  NOT  what  you  do.    Because  I  don't   have  (me  to  figure  out  if  what  I  need  is  what  you  do.    
  14. 14. The  Face  of  Lead  Genera(on  has  Changed  
  15. 15. What  are  the  right  target  coordinates?   You  Need:   •  Ideal  customer  profile  (business  type)   •  Buyer  personas   •  Insights  to  share  
  16. 16. Figuring  Out  Your  Ideal  Client   Anyone? Anyone? Any…one?
  17. 17. Ideal  Customer  (aka:  target  market)   •  What  it  should  not  be:   »  Anyone  with  money   »  Anyone  in  a  certain  city  or  town   »  Anyone  that  wants  to  buy  x   »  Anyone….  
  18. 18. What  is  an  ideal  target?     •   Values you • Align with the company vision • Profitable • Not just money • Refers • To other ideal    
  19. 19. Personas Buyer personas are fictional representations of our ideal customer. They come from a composite of research and experience and remind us of the unique human element of our ideal customer audience
  20. 20. Personas Essentials of a Good Persona •  It is NOT a title •  It is not made up: research + experience •  “They” have a personality •  It evolves over time
  21. 21. Customer   Needs  &   Problems   Company   Exper(se,   Insights  &   Value   Marke(ng  &                    Sales  Focused      Insights   Insights  to  Share  
  22. 22. Build  a  Good  List   Why? •  Develop critical account knowledge •  Increase sales rep productivity •  Accelerate sales process “Nearly 60% of a typical purchasing decision—researching solutions, ranking options, setting requirements, benchmarking, pricing, and so on [happen]—before even having a conversation with a supplier.”
  23. 23. Build  a  List   •  Building  a  Suspect  List  is  more  than  email   addresses  
  24. 24. Build  a  Good  List   Iden(fy  best  prospects   •  Your list needs new data – requiring insights from inside the accounts to learn if they match your criteria »  Use  the  Phone  for  Research   •  Technology  environment   •  Sa(sfac(on  with  current  solu(ons     •  Where  are  they  in  the  buy  cycle   •  Psychographics  
  25. 25. ALrac(ng  ALen(on   Key  Elements   for  Success  
  26. 26. Measure,    review   &  op(mize     Unrecognized   need     Recognized  need   Informa8on  gathering   Decision  to  pursue  a  solu(on     Due  diligence  &  consider  op8ons   Decision  to  solve  or  not  solve   Implement  &  learn  to  use   Support  access   Buyers Journey
  27. 27. Move  Prospects  down  the  path   •  Qualify  Stage   •  Nurture   »  Email     »  Phone     »  Social    
  28. 28. Move  Prospects  down  the  path   •  What  do  you  do  when  the  prospect  is  a  great   fit  but  they  are  not  responding  to  email  or   social  media?   »  Direct  interac8on  required   •  Iden(fy  the  personas  to  nurture   •  Fully  understand  their  needs   •  Educate  them  about  how  you  solve  their  problem  
  29. 29. Move  Prospects  down  the  path   Nurture  Accounts  –     •  In the best B2B sales process, the sales person is NOT looking for “BANT” anymore. It is no longer a solutions sell- it is an insight sell. •  Start interacting! What problem do you solve for the prospect?
  30. 30. Move  Prospects  down  the  path   Marke(ng  Nurtures                                                                                                                    Sales  wants  to   prospect  un(l                                  receive  well     un(l  ready  for                                                                                                                                        qualified  leads     sales  team  …                                                                                                                                              by  their                                                                                                                                                                                                defini(on.  
  31. 31. Move  Prospects  down  the  path   Definition of MQL •  Meets criteria determined by your company definition of lead process •  Contact has: •  Downloaded white paper •  Inquired for further information •  Indicated interest in sales contact
  32. 32. Move  Prospects  down  the  path   •  Definition of SQL •  Develop specific criteria •  Understand each account: •  Environment •  Current solution •  Drivers for new solutions •  Buy cycle, readiness to engage •  Requires direct contact with account
  33. 33. Move  Prospects  down  the  path   Marke(ng  Nurtures                                                                                                                    Sales  wants  to   prospect  un(l                                  receive  well     un(l  ready  for                                                                                                                                        qualified  leads     sales  team  …                                                                                                                                              by  their                                                                                                                                                                                                defini(on.  
  34. 34. Move  prospects  down  a  path   Star sales people evaluate prospects according to criteria different from those used by other reps, Target agile organizations in a state of flux rather than ones with a clear understanding of their needs.
  35. 35. What  happens  when  Sales  gets  SQLs?   •  Makes  them  happy!  J   •  They  follow  up   •  Marke(ng  team  is  a  heroJ  
  36. 36. Closed  Customer   •  Customer  Sa(sfac(on  Measurement/Mgmt   »  Telephone  surveys  &  Follow  up   »  Net  Promoter   »  Follow  up  to  each  interac(on  
  37. 37. Measure,    review   &  op(mize     Unrecognized   need     Recognized  need   Informa(on  gathering   Decision  to  pursue  a  solu(on     Due  diligence  &  consider   op(ons   Decision  to  solve  or  not   solve   Purchase,  Implement,   ac(vate   Support/Help  access   BuyersJourney Inbound   Marke(ng/SEO   Phone  Follow  Up   Nurture   Marke(ng   Phone  Follow  Up   Sales   Phone  Follow  Up   Consul(ng  /   Services  
  38. 38. Final  Offer   If  you’d  like  to  improve  your  business   development  process….     No  Obliga8on  30  Minute  Review  of  Your   Overall  Sales  and  Marke8ng  Process  &   Workflow     Email  us:     Dan  Kraus         Pat  Lysak