2 steps to lead generation that works final


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Making your marketing accountable is one of the keys to making it successful. We explore ways to make your marketing trackable and accountable in this presentation given to Sage Australia/New Zealand at the Partner Insights Summit.

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2 steps to lead generation that works final

  1. 1. 2 Steps to Lead GenerationThat Actually Works Dan Kraus, President
  2. 2. Branding vs Lead Gen Marketing•  Branding works before the consumer is in the market, whereas lead generation works once the consumer enters the market.•  You must do both but… –  Lead Gen Marketing WILL create Brand –  Brand Marketing rarely creates Lead Gen
  3. 3. Leading Results Overview•  Instructors for the Sage Marketing Academy•  Marketing services firm – coaching and consulting »  1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching »  Fractional VP of Marketing »  Social Media Coaching and Learning »  Referral Marketing Coaching and Classes•  Authorized Duct Tape Marketing coaches (4)•  Clients World-Wide•  We help our clients stop wasting money on marketing that does not create results
  4. 4. Leading Results Core Marketing Mantra•  Dont talk about the products you sell; talk about the problems you solve.•  Then talk about the remarkably different way that I will experience working with you as you solve those problems.•  Be sure you tell me what I get; NOT what you do. Because I dont have time to figure out if what I need is what you do.
  5. 5. Definition of MarketingKnow Like Trust TRY Buy Repeat Refer
  6. 6. Two-Step Marketing
  7. 7. The  Marke)ng  Hourglasssm   Know •  Social, Advertising, Referrals, Networking, SEM, PR Like •  Website, blog content, social, content offers, PR, Video, webinars Trust •  Expert webinars, marketing materials, white papers, Case Studies, Testimonials Try •  Workshops, evaluations, demo, DIY training, starter packs Buy •  Service team, new customer kit, process documentation Repeat •  Post project review, cross selling, customer events Refer •  Champion events, partner intros, peer2peer ©  Duct  Tape  Marke.ng  –  all  rights  reserved  
  8. 8. Low Events (in person) Research Reports Blogs WebinarsBranding Orientation White Social Networking Papers Media /Referrals Web Marketing (SEO/PPC) Email Marketing Newsletters Microsites Print Advertising Case Branded Studies Content Traditional Media Articles Videos High (PR) Low Lead Generation Orientation High
  9. 9. Getting Responses = Valued Content•  You need materials that Educate•  The problems you solve, packaged for consumption
  10. 10. Content that builds trust•  Reviews•  Testimonials•  Personality•  Social media•  SEO oriented
  11. 11. Content that educates•  White papers•  Webinars•  FAQs•  Success stories•  About You
  12. 12. If you think its all about content…
  13. 13. Two-Step Categories•  Advertising•  Sponsorships•  Direct Response - Mail/eMail
  14. 14. Advertising
  15. 15. A few ideas…•  Pay-Per-Click•  Local Business Journals•  Industry Publications•  Industry/Interest newsletters•  Traditional Media (newspaper, TV, Radio)
  16. 16. Pay Per Click AdvertisingKeys to Success with PPC•  Direct response•  2 step approach•  Dedicated Landing Pages
  17. 17. PPC Terms•  Clicks – The number of times an ad is clicked.•  Impressions – The number of times an ad has been displayed.•  Click-through Rate (CTR) – (clicks / impressions).•  Cost per Click (CPC) – The cost every time an ad is clicked on by a searcher•  Conversion – The number of clicks that result in a conversion (no more than one conversion per click).•  Quality Score – Google calculation that determines ad relevance, placement and cost.
  18. 18. Quality Score“Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant yourads, keywords, and landing page are to a personseeing your ad” – GoogleQS Factors•  Your keywords past clickthrough rate (CTR):•  Your display URLs past CTR:•  Your account history (CTR)•  The quality of your landing page:•  Your keyword/ad relevance:•  Your keyword/search relevance:•  Geographic performance:•  Your ads performance on a site:•  Your targeted devices
  19. 19. This chart shows the relative importance of three factors used to calculate the Quality Score: 1) Clickthrough Rate (CTR), 2) Landing/destination page, and 3) Relevance. Source: Howie, Ian, Google AdWords PPC Advertising, WordTracker, November 2009, ISBN: 978-0-9561475-4-7
  20. 20. Pay-for-placement on a Google SERP
  21. 21. Good Adwords Book Google AdWords Anastasia Holdren O’Reilly Publishing
  22. 22. Landing pages & Micro-sites •  Goal = Conversation •  No Distraction = Higher Conversion •  Focused Relevance = High Quality Score •  Higher QS = Lower Cost Per Conversion Search Marketing (PPC/SEO) Direct Marketing (DM/eDM) Advertising Tradeshow Conversions
  23. 23. Anatomy of a Landing Page
  24. 24. Anatomy of a Landing PageLogo isSMALL!!
  25. 25. Anatomy of a Landing PageLogo is SMALL!! Tagline or explanation
  26. 26. Anatomy of a Landing PageLogo is SMALL!! Tagline or explanationnext step is Clear and Obvious
  27. 27. Anatomy of a Landing PageLogo is SMALL!! Tagline or explanationnext step is Clear and Obvious 3-5 Keydifferences
  28. 28. Anatomy of a Landing Page Talk to a person RIGHT NOW!!!
  29. 29. Anatomy of a Landing Page Talk to a person RIGHT NOW!!! Tell me more
  30. 30. Anatomy of a Landing Page Talk to a person RIGHT NOW!!! Tell me more Credentials and Testimonials
  31. 31. LinkedIN Advertising
  32. 32. Making PPC Effective & Affordable•  Know Your Customers•  Know Your Keywords•  Make your landing pages relevant - The higher your Quality Score, the higher your Ad Rank and the lower your cost.
  33. 33. Sponsorships
  34. 34. Sponsorships•  Relevant Opportunities –  Subscription newsletters –  Partner/Industry/Local Events –  Tradeshows***
  35. 35. In-Line Newsletter Sponsorship
  36. 36. Events & Tradeshows•  Don’t sponsor unless speaking•  Provide educational content•  Insist on your own evaluation•  Provide value for return of eval•  Offer follow up on the eval
  37. 37. Direct Response
  38. 38. Print Advertising Image ad vs. direct response
  39. 39. Anatomy of a direct response ad•  Single purpose•  Headline•  Value proposition•  Offer•  Call to action
  40. 40. Headline OfferHeadline Value Action
  41. 41. Direct Mail/EmailDirect mail is ideal small business vehicle•  Target ideal prospect•  Test offers•  Relatively inexpensive•  Consider Lumpy•  Email newsletters to stay in touch
  42. 42. Testing•  Start small•  Code everything•  Split test A/B•  One variable at a time•  Google AdWords for testing key phrases•  Try Weekends too (for email)
  43. 43. Direct mail lists•  The best is one you build!•  2nd best is one you borrow•  When all else fails…•  The best email list – Only 1 choice – Build It
  44. 44. Headlines (Subject Lines) that get results•  Question Based (vs Statement Based)•  Problem Based (vs Solution Based)•  Curious (vs Non-Curious) “Why do some headlines fail?” www.psychotactics.com
  45. 45. Structure of Your Email Marketing 12 3 4 5
  46. 46. We help small businesses stop wasting money on marketing
  47. 47. Takeaways•  Brand Marketing is not 2 Step –  Get them to take action•  Understand the value you provide – Share some (you need content)•  Your Nurture Process should be 2 step too•  2 Step is One Part – Don’t Forget Referrals and PR
  48. 48. Result Your marketing is measurable! Offer #1 Complete the evaluation, get the slides
  49. 49. Offer #2•  Marketing Hour Glass Audit –  You complete our questionnaire –  We spend an hour or so with you to review your approach against the Marketing Hour Glass Check the box for the free 45 minute business evaluation
  50. 50. We help small businesses stop wasting money on marketing Thank You Please take a moment to complete presentation evaluation Contact Us Web: www.leadingresults.com Email: info@LeadingResults.com Phone: +1-704-875-1188 Skype: LeadingResults Twitter: @LeadingResults ; @LauraBLorenz FaceBook: facebook.com/leadingresults