Writing a great blog - Webcast by Leading Results and ERPVAR


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Writing a great blog post or having a productive blog doesn't just happen. It takes planning and valuable content. This presentation covered that.

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Writing a great blog - Webcast by Leading Results and ERPVAR

  1. 1. Write  a  Great  Blog   (and  get  results  from  it)  
  2. 2. My  CV   •  25  year  sales  &  marke7ng  veteran     –  9+  years  with  Great  Plains  So@ware  (‘89-­‐’98)   –  6+  years  with  SAP  (‘03-­‐’09)   –  Allaire   –  Macromedia   –  Infinium  So@ware   –  ADP,  Con7nental  Cable  (Comcast)   •  Founded  3  companies   •  University  of  MassachuseWs,  Marke7ng  
  3. 3. Leading  Results   •  Marke7ng  services  agency  –  coaching,  consul7ng  and  doing     »  Outsourced  BizDev  Strategy  &  Execu7on   »  1:1  Coaching  &  Consul7ng,  Group  Coaching   »  Frac7onal  VP  Marke7ng  Services   »  Bite  Sized  Business  Development   •  Hubspot  Gold  Partner   •  Authorized  Duct  Tape  Marke7ng  Consultants   •  Headquartered  in  CharloWe,  NC   •  Clients  through  14  7me  zones   •  We  help  you  generate  new  business  without  was7ng  money   on  marke7ng  that  doesn’t  get  results  
  4. 4. Leading  Results  Core  Marke7ng  Mantra   •  Don't  talk  about  the  products  you  sell;  talk   about  the  problems  you  solve.       •  Then  talk  about  the  remarkably  different  way   that  I  will  experience  working  with  you  as  you   solve  those  problems.     •  Be  sure  you  tell  me  what  I  get;  NOT  what  you   do.    Because  I  don't  have  7me  to  figure  out  if   what  I  need  is  what  you  do.    
  5. 5. Defini7on  of  Marke7ng   Know   Like   Trust   Buy   Repeat   Refer  TRY  
  6. 6. Marke7ng  is  a  System   1.   Strategy  before  tac7cs   2.   Fill  your  marke7ng  hourglass   3.   Publish  educa/onal  content   4.   Create  a  Total  Online  Presence     5.   Use  a  lead  genera7on  trio   6.   Integrate  Sales  &  Marke7ng   7.   Live  by  the  calendar    
  7. 7. Blogging  is  the  center  of  your   publishing  plamorm.  Start  here.   The  most  private  place  on   the  internet  is  your  blog,   when  you  first  start  it  
  8. 8. Blogging   •  Add  Depth  to  Your  Web  Site   •  Show  Exper7se   •  Display  Personality   •  Repurpose  Your  Work   •  Feeds  the  Spiders   •  Thought  Leadership  Plamorm       It’s  not  about  being   followed,  it’s  about  being   found!  
  9. 9. Time   Marke7ng  Value   Direct  Mail,  Adver7sing  or   any  periodic  tac7c   Marke7ng  Value   Time   content   content   content   content   content   content   Content  Marke7ng   Time-­‐Value  of  Marke/ng  Tac/cs  
  10. 10. Solve  a  Problem   Customer   Needs  &   Problems   Company   Exper7se,   Insights  &   Value   What  to  write   about  
  11. 11. Other  Content  Ideas  &  Sources   •  Customer  Comment  Cards  &   Feedback  Forms   •  Customer  Surveys   •  Non-­‐customer  surveys  (  eg  Linked   IN  Q  &A  or  Contest  Surveys)   •  Inbound  Call  Center/Help  Desk   •  Ques7ons  from  Sales  Mee7ngs   •  Ques7ons  from  Consul7ng   Engagements  /  service  calls   •  Alliance  partner  feedback,  issues  or   ini7a7ves   •  Vendor  Announcements   •  Vendor  Offers   •  Governmental  or  Regulatory   rule  changes   •  Industry  expert  comments   •  Compe7tor  ac7ons  or   announcements   •  Social  media  posts  by  industry   experts,  compe7tors  or  target   market  suspects  
  12. 12. Is  It  Relevant?   •  Write  to  be  helpful.     •  Be  brief.     •  Tell  a  story.     •  Don’t  be  mean   •  Connect  others,  if  appropriate.     •  Who  are  you  wri7ng  for?  
  13. 13. Is  It  Entertaining?   •  Images   •  Video/Audio   •  Tangents   •  Pop  Culture  Reference   •  Trends  
  14. 14. Are  You  an  Expert?   •  Show  Your  Stuff   »  Full  Bio  on  LinkedIN  and  G+   •  Reference  Your  Experience  (in  the  post)   •  Cite  Your  Outside  Sources  
  15. 15. First Moves •  Think up a topic •  Translate that into a good title •  Find a suitable photo •  Don’t overthink it! Lead Paragraph •  Conversational •  From my point of view. Is  It  Readable?   Structure •  Use headlines or bold (strong tag) •  Use bullets when appropriate. •  Keep paragraph length short.. Lead With the Best Stuff •  Best stuff up front •  “say what you’re going to say, say it, tell them what you just said” End With a Question  
  16. 16. Spread  the  “Burden”   •  2  Authors  =  ½  the  work  volume,  etc   •  Get  Others  Involved   §  8  people  X  1  post  per  month  X  50%  non-­‐   performance  =  1/week  published   §  Give  topical  guidelines   •  Expect  to  Edit/Let  them  know   •  Designate  a  pos7ng  owner  
  17. 17. CALL  TO  ACTION  =  NEW  NAME  CONVERSION   Get  Leverage   Monthly  Summary  
  18. 18. Call  to  Ac7on!  
  19. 19. Create  a  Rou7ne  –  A  Content  Calendar   •   Daily   •   Weekly   •   Monthly   •   Quarterly    
  20. 20. Results:   30,320  visits    X    $.25  per  click  =  $7,581  in  Equivalent  Paid  Traffic  
  21. 21. Results:  
  22. 22. ERPVAR  search  results  a@er  pos7ng  one     blog  per  day  for  one  year  
  23. 23.     Summary     •  It’s  not  about  gexng  followed  –  Get  Found   •  Show  Personality   •  Leverage  your  work   •  Share  the  effort   •  Manage  with  calendar   •  Have  calls  to  ac7on!  
  24. 24. Here’s the standard services ERP VAR offers to VARs for 1 year of participation for $1,000 •  DIRECTORY LISTING: Search engine optimized local directory listing. Product listing on local VAR listing map will include your product information, contact information and link back to your company with a call to action form to collect inquiries. We can include success stories, videos, whitepapers, etc. •  INBOUND LEADS: Receive inbound leads through page listings - All inquiries collected on our form will be automatically e-mailed to you. •  SOCIAL MEDIA: Benefit from collective Social Media efforts of other ERP participants – the more members we have the more we build up our traffic. •  SEO: Increase SEO from collective efforts of all participants. •  INBOUND LINKS: Use ERP VAR site as a microsite promoting your solution to build Inbound traffic to your site. •  GUEST BLOG: Submit guest blogs which will be auto-published through all ERP VAR social media profiles (other members share your blog through their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook). ERP VAR will rewrite existing blogs on your site and send for your approval. •  OPTIONAL EXTRA SERVICES with Help from Dan Kraus and Leading Results team: •  ORIGINAL BLOGS and guest posts on ERPVAR: •  WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION: •  Much more….
  25. 25. Offer   •  Fill  out  the  evalua7on  by  email,  get  the  slides  
  26. 26. Thank  You     We  help  businesses  stop  was7ng  money  on  marke7ng     Contact  Us   Web:  www.leadingresults.com   Email:  dkraus@leadingresults.com   Phone:  +1  704-­‐875-­‐1188   Skype:  LeadingResults   TwiWer:  @LeadingResults   facebook.comleadingresults     Web:    www.erpvar.com   Email:    adrian@erpvar.com   Phone:    949-­‐600-­‐6527   TwiWer:    @erpvar