Figuring out your ideal client


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Presented at Sage Summit 2013. How to figure out what is the best type of client for you to work with to profitably grow your business.

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Figuring out your ideal client

  1. 1. Figuring  Out  Your  Ideal  Client   #SageSummit   @LeadingResults  
  2. 2. Leading  Results  Core  Marke7ng  Mantra   •  Don't  talk  about  the  products  you  sell;  talk  about  the   problems  you  solve.       •  Then  talk  about  the  remarkably  different  way  that  I   will  experience  working  with  you  as  you  solve  those   problems.     •  Be  sure  you  tell  me  what  I  get;  NOT  what  you  do.     Because  I  don't  have  7me  to  figure  out  if  what  I  need   is  what  you  do.    
  3. 3. Defini7on  of  Marke7ng   Know   Like   Trust   Buy   Repeat   Refer  TRY  
  4. 4. Marke7ng  is  a  System   1.   Strategy  before  tac7cs   2.   Fill  your  marke7ng  hourglass   3.   Publish  educa7onal  content   4.   Create  a  total  web  presence     5.   Use  a  lead  genera7on  trio   6.   Make  selling  a  system  too   7.   Live  by  the  calendar    
  5. 5. Marke7ng  is  a  System   1.   Strategy  before  tac7cs   2.   Fill  your  marke7ng  hourglass   3.   Publish  educa7onal  content   4.   Create  a  total  web  presence     5.   Use  a  lead  genera7on  trio   6.   Make  selling  a  system  too   7.   Live  by  the  calendar    
  6. 6. Strategy  before  tac7cs     •   Define  your  Marke7ng  Purpose     •   Narrow  your  focus   •   Differen7ate  and  dominate  
  7. 7. Narrow  your  focus    
  8. 8. Why  Narrow  Your  Focus?   •  Profitability   •  Customer  Sa7sfac7on   •  Employee  Sa7sfac7on   •  Referrals   •  Reduced  Cost  per  Customer  Acquisi7on  
  9. 9. I  am  NOT  saying…   …Don’t  sell  to  someone   who  wants  to  buy    
  10. 10. Ideal  Customer  (aka:  target  market)   •  What  it  should  not  be:   »  Anyone  with  money   »  Anyone  in  a  certain  city  or  town   »  Anyone  that  wants  to  buy  x   »  Anyone….  
  11. 11. What  is  ideal?   •   Values you • Profitable • Refers    
  12. 12. What  is  ideal?   •   Values you • Profitable • Refers    
  13. 13. It  is  easier  to  do  business  with   people  who  believe  what  you   believe  
  14. 14. Get  to  the  Y  
  15. 15. Take  minute  –  write  it  down  
  16. 16. Clarity      becomes     strategy   @LeadingResults!
  17. 17. Passion  ques7ons   1.  What  do  you  want  in  your  life?     2.  What  don’t  you  want  in  your  life?   3.  What  are  you  willing  to  give  up  in  order  to  have   what  you  want?  
  18. 18. Passion   Purpose   [Value]   Proposi7on   Personality  
  19. 19. “A  ship  in  port  is  safe  but  that’s  not        what  ships  are  built  for.”                                      ~  Grace  Murray  Hopper    
  20. 20. “Each  time  you  see  a  successful  company,      tell  yourself  it’s  because  someone  in  the      company  took  a  brave  decision.”                                                                              ~  Peter  Drucker    
  21. 21. “Lead  with  why  and  let  those        attracted  to  that  why  create  their        own  deEinition  of  what.”    
  22. 22. “Live  by  a  tangible  set  of  daily        habits  and  processes  that  offer        proof  of  purpose.”    
  23. 23. Ques7ons  to  be  Asking  
  24. 24. •  What  do  you  want  in  your  life?     •  What  don’t  you  want  in  your  life?   •  What’s  really  holding  you  back?   •  What’s  your  superpower   Passion  ques7ons  
  25. 25. Purpose  ques7ons   •  What’s  your  purpose  story?   •  Who  do  you  want  to  see  your  business  as  a  hero?     •  How  can  your  business  serve  your  (team’s)  passion?   •  What  are  the  2-­‐3  highest  payoff  ac7vi7es?   •  What  do  your  clients  tell  you  they  value  most?  
  26. 26. [Value]  Proposi7on  ques7ons   How  do  we  find  a  unique  posi7on  for  our  business..   •  doing  something  that  nobody  is  doing?   •  solving  frustra7on  of  our  customers?   •  by  crea7ng  an  obvious  innova7on?   •  by  crea7ng  a  totally  unique  experience?  
  27. 27. Personality  Ques7ons   •  How  do  we  want  our  customers  to  experience   us?   •  What  words  do  we  want  them  to  use  when  they   talk  to  colleagues?   •  If  my  company  was  a  person,  would  I  want  to  be   friends  with  it  based  on  the  exhibited  traits?  
  28. 28. Being  Inten@onal  about:     u  Passion   u  Purpose   u  [Value]  Proposi7on   u  Personality      ….Leads  to  Clarity  
  29. 29.  Culture  is     clarity  amplified   •  Shared  stories   •  Shared  beliefs   •  Shared  plans   •  Shared  planning   •  Shared  outcomes   •  Shared  ownership  
  30. 30.                  Clarity  communicated    leads  to        Community    
  31. 31. Clarity  is  focused  strategy   Culture  is  clarity  ampli2ied   Community  natural  outcome  of          clarity  communicated  
  32. 32. Focus on the ideal client ProfitableNot profitable Don’t Refer Refer
  33. 33. Ideal  customer   • Demographics • Psychographics • Geographics • Behavior • Triggers    
  34. 34. Demographics   These  are  the  sta7s7cal  characteris7cs  of:   •  Gender     •  Race   •  Age   •  Company  type   •  Company  size   •  Employee  count   •  Industry  /type  of  business   •  firmographic  variables  (such  as  industry,  seniority,   and  func7onal  area)  
  35. 35. Psychographics   These  are  any  ajributes  rela7ng  to:   •  Personality   •  Values   •  Aktudes   •  Interests   •  Lifestyles   •  Usage  rate   •  Loyalty  
  36. 36. Geographic   •  This  is  where  your  ideal  customers  are  located   »  Actual  address/city/town     •  Style  of  building  (office  park,  strip  mall,  and  so   forth)    
  37. 37. Behavior   •  How  do  your  ideal  clients  act?     »  Use  Credit/Lease  or  Pay  up  front   »  Focused  on  return  or  cost?   »  Peer  Influenced   »  What  is  their  company  culture?     »  Their  aktude  toward  employees?     »  Their  aktude  toward  customers?   »  Their  aktude  towards  technology?  
  38. 38. Triggers   This  is  what  causes  them  to  take  ac7on   Examples:   »  New  CFO/CEO/VP  Sales   »  Genera7onal  Shin   »  New  Product  Line/Product  mix  change   »  Other  Management  change   »  Regulatory  change   »  Geographic  expansion  
  39. 39. Finding  More  Ideal  Customers…   You  have  to  know  more  about  them..     3  groups  of  ques7ons  which  will…   …uncover  your  uniqueness  (or  lack  of)   …help  iden7fy  market(ing)  opportuni7es   …help  inform  on  internal  alignment  issues    
  40. 40. Ask  Your  Ideal  Customers  -­‐  Uniqueness…   •  Why  did  you  chose  us  in  the  first  place?     •  What  are  our  strengths?     •  What  do  we  do  that  others  don’t  or  didn’t?     •  What  is  the  biggest  problem  we  have  solved  for  you?   •  If  I  were  to  ask  you  one  word  that  best  describes  us   what  would  it  be?   •  Would  you  refer  us  and  what  would  you  say?    
  41. 41. Ask  Your  Ideal  Customers  -­‐  Opportunity   •  What  changed  that  made  you  want  to  contact  us?   •  What  frustrates  you  about  _YOUR__  industry  as  a   whole?   •  If  you  were  going  to  go  out  to  the  internet  today  and   start  looking  for  __YOUR  PRODUCT/SERVICE__,   which  search  engine  would  you  use  and  what  would   you  type  in  that  you  are  looking  for    
  42. 42. Ask  Your  Ideal  Customers  -­‐  Alignment   •  Where  have  we  let  you  down?     •  What  types  of  communica7ons  or  interac7ons  with   us  do  you  think  would  make  your  job  easier  and   increase  the  value  of  the  rela7onship  between  our   companies?   •  What  3  things  would  you  tell  another  business   person  that  is  looking  for  ___YOUR  PRODUCT/ SERVICE___  today  to  make  sure  they  understood,   before  they  bought.   •  If  you  ran  our  business,  what  would  you  do   differently?    
  43. 43. My  Ideal  Client  –  Autobiography     Intro,  Timing,  Frustra@ons,  Solu@ons,  Benefit     Paragraph  one  -­‐  Introduc@on   Hi  my  name  is  (and  then  talk  about  some  common  characteris5cs   such  as,  demographics  and  geographics)   Paragraph  two  –  Timing     What  was  my  5ming  trigger  that  set  off  my  need  to  look  for  your   product  or  service?    What  solu5ons/benefits  am  I  now  seeking?            
  44. 44. My  Ideal  Client  –  Autobiography     Paragraph  three  –  Frustra@ons   What  are  frustra5ons  am  I’m  having  as  I  search  amongst  your   compe5tors,  what  do  they  ALL  say….  what  don’t  ANY  of  them  say   that  I  would  really  like  to  hear   Paragraph  four  -­‐  Solu@on    In  other  words  what  I  would  really  like  is  a  company  or  someone   who  can  ______________________     Paragraph  five  -­‐  Benefit    Because  if  you  gave  me  this,  it  would  allow  me  to  __________      
  45. 45. Picture  This   Can  you  put  a  customers  picture  on  a  wall  and   put  the  autobiography  under  it?  
  46. 46. Leading  Results   •  Marke7ng  services  agency  –  coaching,  consul7ng  and  doing     u  1:1  Coaching  &  Consul7ng,  Group  Coaching   u  Frac7onal  VP  of  Marke7ng   u  Public  Rela7ons  &  Social  Media  Consul7ng   u  Referral  Marke7ng  Coaching  and  Strategy   u  Leading  Results  Sales  and  Marke7ng  Academy   u  Hubspot  Cer7fied  Partner   •  Authorized  Duct  Tape  Marke7ng  Consultants   •  Offices  in  Los  Angeles,  Boston,  Philadelphia  and  Charloje   •  Clients  through  14  7me  zones   •  Our  clients  put  POWER  in  their  WOW            (process,  organiza7on,  why,  exper7se,  referability)  
  47. 47. Your  ideal  customer  profile  will…   •  Be  easier  to  market  to  (you  know  them)   •  Be  easier  to  sell  to  (you  understand  them)   •  Appreciate  you  more  (and  pay  a  premium)   •  Be  a  pleasure  for  your  staff  to  work  with   •  Refer  you   •  Help  you  grow  your  business  long  term  
  48. 48. Offer   Customer  Autobiography   Worksheet   We  help  small  businesses  stop  was7ng  money  on  marke7ng     Contact  Us   Web:   Email:     Phone:  704-­‐875-­‐1188   Twijer:  @LeadingResults   FaceBook:   LinkedIN: