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Sell and market through a straw webinar


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Your marketing and sales messages are much stronger when you have a plan and a target. In this web seminar, we discussed the key challenges, market trends and business development cycle - and how to leverage them for success. You can view the webinar replay by sending an email and requesting access

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Sell and market through a straw webinar

  1. 1. The  Sales  Funnel  is  Dead  Marke2ng  &  Sales  Through  a  Straw  
  3. 3. My  CV  •  25  year  sales  &  marke2ng  veteran    –  9+  years  with  Great  Plains  SoCware  (‘89-­‐’98)  –  6+  years  with  SAP  (‘03-­‐’09)  –  Allaire  –  Macromedia  –  Infinium  SoCware  –  ADP,  Con2nental  Cable  (Comcast)  •  Founded  3  companies  •  University  of  MassachuseVs,  Marke2ng  
  4. 4. Leading  Results  •  Marke2ng  services  firm  –  coaching  and  consul2ng    u  1:1  Coaching  &  Consul2ng,  Group  Coaching  u  Frac2onal  VP  of  Marke2ng  u  Public  Rela2ons  &  Social  Media  Consul2ng  u  Referral  Marke2ng  Coaching  and  Strategy  u  Leading  Results  Sales  and  Marke2ng  Academy  u  Hubspot  Cer2fied  Partner  •  Authorized  Duct  Tape  Marke2ng  Consultants  •  Offices  in  Los  Angeles,  Boston,  Philadelphia  and  CharloVe  •  Clients  throughout  North  America  &  Australia  •  We  help  you  put  the  POWER  in  your  WOW  so  you  stop  was2ng  money  on  marke2ng  that  doesn’t  get  results  
  5. 5. Leading  Results  Core  Marke2ng  Mantra  •  Dont  talk  about  the  products  you  sell;  talk  about  the  problems  you  solve.      •  Then  talk  about  the  remarkably  different  way  that  I  will  experience  working  with  you  as  you  solve  those  problems.    •  Be  sure  you  tell  me  what  I  get;  NOT  what  you  do.    Because  I  dont  have  2me  to  figure  out  if  what  I  need  is  what  you  do.    
  6. 6. Challenge 1: Ideal Customer is Anyone..•  Messaging must be vague due to lack of focus•  No way to gather usable data to help customers•  No referabilty
  7. 7. Challenge 2: No Focus On Differentiation•  Company WOW is indistinct•  Sales & Marketing talk about generic features &benefits•  Deals are won/lost on price
  8. 8. Challenge 3: Lack of Repeatable Process•  No Process for creating repeatable, sustainablecustomer delight •  No Process for gathering usable customer datafor insights
  9. 9. Challenge 4: No Systematic Approach for Finding New Customers•  Website under-performs•  “Hope” for referrals•  Traditional Marketing programs under-perform•  Few metrics & no improvement process
  10. 10. Challenge 5: Sales & Marketing seem tobe in different companies•  Marketing passes a “lead”, sales says its not•  Marketing says sales isn’t following up•  Marketing creates messaging; sales uses itsown – sometimes completely unrelated
  11. 11. The Big ProblemBusiness Growth is unpredictable and inconsistent
  12. 12. True customer loyalty comes from insight
  13. 13. We crave predictability
  14. 14. We have less patience than ever
  15. 15. We want real relationships, not just Facebook ones
  16. 16. expectations are higher
  17. 17. there’s no such thing as perfect
  18. 18. The sales cycle is longer than ever
  19. 19. attention is the new scarcity
  20. 20. the MP3 is good enough
  21. 21. The  short  version:    -­‐  I  want  to  find  you  when  I  need  you    -­‐  You  will  respond    -­‐  I  want  you  to  work  my  way    -­‐  I  will  always  have  other  op2ons  
  22. 22. The  funnel  is  the  wrong  metaphor    Searching  for…   S2ll  searching  for…  
  23. 23. End  to  End  Business  Development  Know   Like   Trust   Buy   Repeat   Refer  TRY  
  24. 24. What  are  you  really  Marke2ng  &  Selling?  • Your unique insight• Your unique product/service• Your unique process• Your unique experience• Your unique people• Your unique guarantee• Your unique packaging/delivery…..Against a prospect’s problem(s)
  25. 25. Reset  Know  Like  Trust  Try  Buy  Repeat  Refer  Differen2a2on  Repeat-­‐ability  Ideal  Customer  No  Systems  Defini2on  Business  Development  Cycle  Business  Development  Challenges  Loyalty  from  Insight  Predict-­‐ability  No  Pa2ence  Real  Rela2on-­‐ships  High  Expect-­‐a2ons  No  Perfect  Long  Sales  Cycle  AVen2on  Overload  Good  Enough  is  Okay  Marketplace  Trends  
  26. 26. So,  What  do  we  do  with  all  this  background?  
  27. 27. Business  Development  System  1.  Strategy  before  tac2cs  2.  Planned  Business  Development  Cycle  3.  Publish  educa2onal  content  based  on  insights  4.  Use  a  total  web  presence    5.  Use  a  lead  genera2on  trio  6.  Integrate  selling  and  data  gathering  7.  Live  by  the  calendar    
  28. 28. Start  with  Strategy!    Who  is  your  Ideal  Customer?  
  29. 29. Ideal  Customer  -­‐  Key  Insights  -­‐  “A”  Perfect  Offer  Key  Insights  -­‐  Create  educa2onal  content  -­‐  Specific  messages  for  sales  -­‐  Specific  messages  for  marke2ng  -­‐  For  web  -­‐  For  tradi2onal  programs  -­‐  Cuts  through  the  noise  “A”  Perfect  Offer  -­‐  Packages  or  bundles  ease  buying  -­‐  Repeatability  possible  -­‐  Repeatability  =  predictability  -­‐  Creates  offers  for  sales  &  mktg  -­‐  Value  pricing  possible  -­‐  Create  manageable  expecta2ons  You  can  build  differen2a2on  &  a  targeted  WOW  Pricing  moves  to  background;  Offers  reduce  sales  cycle  Systems  &  processes  build  trust  Insights+  Content+  Offers  =  Try  Purchase  Happens:  -­‐  Expecta2ons  met  -­‐  Trust  drives  real  rela2onship  Happy  customers  share  data  and  results  Happy  customers  refer  You  can  build  systems  &  processes  that  deliver  WOW  Growth  
  30. 30. It  Hinges  on  Understanding  Marke2ng  &  Sales  must  understand…  •  The  challenges  of  the  prospect  »  As  specifically  as  possible  •  The  insights  &  experience  you  bring  »  As  it  applies  to  the  prospect  and  their  challenges  •  The  unique  value  of  your  offers  (business)  »  As  it  relates  to  the  prospec2ve  customer  •  The  prospects  language  set  »  The  exact  words  they  use  
  31. 31. Market  and  Sell  through  straws  It  is  not  100  prospects  in  one  funnel    It  is  5  prospects  in  20  straws    Focus  •  Key  insights  •  Specific  messages  •  Offers  that  solve  challenges  Results  •  Higher  Conversions  •  Increase  referability  
  32. 32. Summary  •  Sales  and  Marke2ng  must  work  hand-­‐in-­‐hand  to  gather,  understand  and  communicate  insight  •  Business  Development  is  an  integrated  system  •  Be  mindful  the  9  trends  as  you  market  and  sell  
  33. 33. What  Next  ?  •  Integrated  Business  Development  Review  »  You  complete  our  ques2onnaire  »  We  spend  45m-­‐60m  with  you  to  review  your  business  development  process  for  quick  wins  and  long  term  changes  to  consider    
  34. 34. Thank  You  &  QuesWons    Put  the  POWER  in  your  WOW  and  stop  was2ng  money  on  marke2ng    Contact  Us  Web:  Email:  Phone:978-­‐562-­‐4161  TwiVer:  @LeadingResults  facebook.comleadingresults