Get the Trash Out of your Funnel


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  • Some of you know me and some don’t. Some are NMCC graduates and are here for a refresher. Some have heard me speak and want to hear the message once again—can never hear about referral too often or too much. Some of you I don’t know yet. I’m going to change that right now!
  • Maybe you feel like this or your customers do
  • Transition: When you adopt referral marketing you address all of these issues. Let’s find out why/how
  • Don’t have to be a follower-find your own direction. You will hear my opinions today—may be different than you’ve heard before or different than the way you’ve worked before—agree or not. Know what works--share
  • How do you do they’re “qualified?”Lists—one Partner told me that lists they get are a waste—people not there anymore, wrong contact information, not qualified
  • Try to make lists sound qualified--NO
  • Shannon—I think I took this from the web—needs to be replaced
  • Shannon—need new image—maybe someone who look like has authority
  • Shannon—This slide’s a mess. Need new image (s) Can also break into two slides if you think it has more impact.
  • Shannon—image showing a perfect client
  • Joanne – not sure if this violates any copyright. Check with your contact and let me know how to proceed.Shannon—got this from the web and love it. If we can’t keep, I’ll connect with my person at Cartoon Resources, and maybe we can come up with something
  • Shannon—something showing opposites—This is a lead in to the next slide
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  • Shannon—a build
  • Shannon—Can you create a chart here? Maybe a checklist of criteria with the actual criteria too small to read, but enough detail so people can see it’s a chart.
  • Shannon—image of firing someone
  • Shannon—need image here. This is tougher—I want to show a cost to do business with a PITA—costs a lot more than we imagine
  • Shannon—need image
  • Pre-sold: Know who we are and the work we do delivers solid business resultsTrust: Referred by a respected sourceShortens: Eliminate prospecting—demand gen occurs through people you knowCompetition: What?Face-time—Where we want to beCosts: No line item on a profit and loss statement for referrals
  • Ask: When you receive a qualified referrals—your ideal client and wants to talk to you.STAND UP AND CLAP—STAY STANDING
  • A plan is not a plan unless it’s written. If all you do is write and put in a drawer you will have a 70% better chance of achieving your plan than if you never wrote it.
  • YES—stand upNO—stand up
  • I close the gap (use hands)Consistently hear—forget, no mining referrals, nice when they happen. What if you made them happen—every, single day?Referrals work whether:New project within existing customerNew business unit within existing customerBrand new customersCollaborating with other partners
  • Questions
  • Get the Trash Out of your Funnel

    1. 1. Get the TrashOut of Your Funnel October 9, 2012
    2. 2. Welcome! I’m Joanne Black
    3. 3. I’m Here In San Francisco
    4. 4. The Book On Referral Selling
    5. 5. How Are Your Customers Doing?
    6. 6. Business Challenges 1. Reaching the decision maker 2. Converting prospects to clients 3. Budgets cut 4. Getting qualified leads 5. Making time to follow-up
    7. 7. Discuss Today • Why the shape of your funnel matters • The damage when your funnel is clogged • Get the “right” people in your funnel • How to create real velocity in your sales funnel • Identify your Ideal Clients and fire the others
    8. 8. You Will… • Increase your conversion rate • Have the best people in your pipeline • Shorten time moving prospects to clients • Work with only qualified leads • Calendar 3 meetings in 7 days
    9. 9. Joanne’s Points of View Contrary to popular belief
    10. 10. The Traditional Sales Funnel Too many unqualified leads …clog up the funnel
    11. 11. Consider… If leads are “unqualified”, are they really leads?
    12. 12. Typical Demand Generation • Companies that promise to deliver “qualified leads” to your inbox • Companies that sell you lists • Website visitors • Social media • Downloads • Blogs
    13. 13. Qualified? Research makes it ok?
    14. 14. They May Just Be • Curious • Expanding their knowledge • Researching a competitor • Sending a link
    15. 15. “Lead” Sorters A, B, C • Prioritize • What work on • What put aside
    16. 16. More Sorters • Suspects • Prospects • Clients • Dead
    17. 17. Looks Like…
    18. 18. Joanne’s Point of View Generating Qualified leads is the most important step in your sales process
    19. 19. Why Qualify? Ensure Prospects • Match your capabilities • Are willing to talk to you • Value your services • Don’t waste your time
    20. 20. Who Qualifies? • You? • Marketing?
    21. 21. The Role of Marketing – Advertising – Conferences – Email campaigns – Website presence – Direct mail – Marketing automation
    22. 22. The Role of Sales Getting in front of the “right” people
    23. 23. But You Might Say… – Prepare for the meeting – Craft questions to ask – Overcome objections – Uncover the real issue – Decide team roles – Propose – Present – Close – Follow-Up
    24. 24. If You Don’t Get to The Right People Nothing else matters…
    25. 25. Joanne’s Point of View Generating Qualified leads is the most important step in your sales process
    26. 26. Typical Qualifying Criteria • Industry • Geography • Business Unit/Function • Company Size
    27. 27. Other Typical Qualifying Criteria • Budget • Authority • Need • Timeframe
    28. 28. Begin the Qualification Process
    29. 29. Two More Criteria • Kind of person • Business situation or need
    30. 30. Who is Your Ideal Client?
    31. 31. Who Is Your Ideal Client? • Collaborative • Listens • Values our work • Respects deadlines & deliverables • Keeps promises • Sense of humor • Open to new ideas • Budget authority
    32. 32. Is This Ideal?
    33. 33. Ideal Client Who is the opposite of our Ideal Client?
    34. 34. What You Don’t Want A PITA client!
    35. 35. Fire the PITA Wears us out
    36. 36. Fire the PITA Frustrates us
    37. 37. Fire the PITA Makes us angry
    38. 38. A PITA Client • Drains our energy • Wastes our time • Uses too many resources • Is never satisfied • Never refers us • We don’t make money
    39. 39. Your Criteria Select your specific criteria YOUR CHECKLIST 100% 50 sample 0
    40. 40. Your Criteria • If they don’t match your criteria, you have a PITA on your hands • Fire the PITA now
    41. 41. You Know Who They Are PITA clients are an opportunity COST
    42. 42. You Know Who They Are PITA clients are an opportunity LOST to work with our Ideal Clients
    43. 43. Fire the PITA Say NO! Don’t create an opportunity cost for your business.
    44. 44. Statistics From a Sales VP 10 percent improvement in conversion rates in the beginning of the qualification process can result in…
    45. 45. This Result A 40 percent increase in sales productivity
    46. 46. The Big Question How do we increase our conversion rate?
    47. 47. The Answer? Turn the funnel upside down? …this won’t work.
    48. 48. The Answer Get only qualified leads in your sales funnel
    49. 49. The New Funnel Get more qualified leads… …and increase velocity through the funnel.
    50. 50. How Do You Get Qualified Leads? Through referrals
    51. 51. Referred Prospects You receive an introduction!
    52. 52. Why Referrals Work • Pre-sold • Credibility and trust • Sales time shortens • Competition goes away • Time with clients increases • No “hard” costs
    53. 53. Why Referrals Work What percent of the time do you get a new client? 30% 100 50% 80 70% 60 40 90% 20 100% 0
    54. 54. You Need a Targeted Strategy • Written referral sales plan • Weekly written referral goals • Methods to track and measure referrals • Accountability for results
    55. 55. Do You Have a Targeted Strategy?
    56. 56. What is Your Answer?
    57. 57. Targeted Referral Strategy It’s But it’s not
    58. 58. It’s About Velocity Qualified referrals will move quickly through the funnel
    59. 59. CSO Insights Barry Trailer bets his house •
    60. 60. It’s Not The number of leads in your funnel
    61. 61. It Is The number you get through that counts
    62. 62. It Gets Better Your new, faster-moving sales energy …will generate more qualified leads through referrals.
    63. 63. No More Smoke and Mirrors • Is the trash out of your funnel? • Are you ready to schedule your 3 meetings in the next 7 days?
    64. 64. Resources • • 415-461-8763 •