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Challenger sales


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Studies and results show that Challengers are much more performant than relation builders, problem solvers or any of the other typical sales types. How can you finetune your challenger skills and become a high value sales pro?

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Challenger sales

  1. 1. The challenger sales people
  2. 2. From “word by mouth” to “world of mouth”
  3. 3. Who scores the best? • Always willing to go the extra mile • Doesn’t give up easily • Self-motivated • Interested in feedback and development • Always has a different view of the world • Understands the customer’s business • Pushes the customer • Builds strong advocates in customer organization • Generous in giving time to help others • Gets along with everyone • Follows own instincts • Self-assured • Difficult to control • Reliably responds to internal and external stakeholders • Ensures that all problems are solved • Detail-oriented
  4. 4. Who are the Top Performers?
  5. 5. Who are the best at Selling Solutions?
  6. 6. 6 cards challengers know to play with
  7. 7. Products, services, .... Prospects & Customers Sales people Challenge the vocabulary
  8. 8. product promotion place price Seller was in charge
  9. 9. experience value access conversation Customer leads : +60 % of the B2B buying process happens without a buyer-seller interaction
  10. 10. Experiences Ambassadors Coach in a buying process 21st Century words to use
  11. 11. Who was that on the phone? touchpoints
  12. 12. Challenge your mindset
  13. 13. I have always done it like that I am not able to and I do not know that I am not able to I am not able to and I DO know that I am not I am able to, and it sure asks an effort to do it U.C U.I C.C C.I
  14. 14. Call sheet Objective : Customer contact details  Contacts I want to know – names  Number of people at work  Who are their customers?  How mobile are they?  Satisfaction rate with current systems  When latest change?  Why latest change?  Familiar with cloud computing?  Familiar with Office 365?  …..
  15. 15. Challenge your listening skills
  16. 16. Challenge 1. Listen actively 2. Isolate components 3. Check what is NOT said 4. Challenge the components Example “That looks too complex. We won’t need all this” + 4 items to challenge
  17. 17. Challenge your questioning skills
  18. 18. Place & Time Actions & Behaviour Resources & Knowledge Important things Roles & functions Mission & Vision Level with your customer
  19. 19. Challenge your replying habbits
  20. 20. Delete Deform Generalize
  21. 21. 23
  22. 22. Interesting to hear. Do you mean not interested as in - I have no time right now, - I am not the right person to talk to about this - We have other Sorry, we are not interested
  23. 23. Challenge your strategy
  24. 24. Social selling
  25. 25. Dream.Lead.Grow. sales force, hunter, farmer strategy buying coach, guide Disconnected approach Metric driven Focus on quota Sell to similar customers Product focus Sales skills are key connected sales model Customer centric New metrics and KPI’s Sell to extended buyer set Business value focus Business insights and communication skills are key Sales Manager Team Leader