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Referral marketing is the same as helping your business to grow, all by itself. But referrals don't just happen. This presentation explores ways to be better with your referral processes. Presented to Sage Australia/New Zealand at the Partner Insights Summit.

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Helping your business market itself final

  1. 1. Helping Your BusinessMarket ItselfDan Kraus, President
  2. 2. Leading Results Overview•  Instructors for the Sage Marketing Academy•  Marketing services firm – coaching and consulting »  1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching »  Fractional VP of Marketing »  Social Media Coaching and Learning »  Referral Marketing Coaching and Classes•  Authorized Duct Tape Marketing coaches (4)•  Clients World-Wide•  We help our clients stop wasting money on marketing that does not create results
  3. 3. Leading Results - Core Marketing Mantra•  Dont talk about the products you sell; talk about the problems you solve.•  Then talk about the remarkably different way that I will experience working with you as you solve those problems.•  Be sure you tell me what I get; NOT what you do. Because I dont have time to figure out if what I need is what you do.
  4. 4. Definition of MarketingKnow Like Trust TRY Buy Repeat Refer
  5. 5. Therealities of referral
  6. 6. People make referrals because they need to
  7. 7. All business involves risk
  8. 8. Consistency builds trust
  9. 9. Nobody talks about boring businesses
  10. 10. The  Marke)ng  Hourglasssm   Know • Who and how • Ads • Referrals Like • Web site/blog • Reception • Newsletter Trust • Search • Expert content • Sales presentation Try • Webinar • Evaluation • Nurturing Buy • Service team • New customer kit • Finance/delivery Repeat • Post project survey • Cross selling • Quarterly events Refer • Results reviews • Partner intros • Peer2peer events ©  Duct  Tape  –  all  rights  reserved  
  11. 11. The  Marke)ng  Hourglasssm   Know Like Trust Try Buy •  Customers Repeat •  Repeat Customers Refer •  Evangelists ©  Duct  Tape  –  all  rights  reserved  
  12. 12. Authentic strategy •  Ideal customer •  Identifiable difference •  Supporting elements •  Culture Alignment •  Expectation •  Customer Community
  13. 13. Why are referrals so rare? •  Referrer’s need a frame of reference, a position, to think of referral within. •  They need to know what you’ll do. •  They need to know, like and trust you.
  14. 14. What is Referral Marketing?Systematic process that takes word of mouth advertising to its highest level•  New clients•  Qualified leads•  Repeat business
  15. 15. Passive vs. Active ReferralsPassive•  No system or processActive – organized system•  Works in any industry•  Works for any business
  16. 16. Target referral sources•  Customers•  Strategic partners »  Anyone who serves your target market »  Doesn’t compete with you
  17. 17. Leverage Customer Community•  Promoters •  Offers –  ID your champions –  Customer only and evangelists and offerings foster them –  Portal•  Education •  Tools –  User Groups (virtual) –  Pass along offers –  Newsletters –  Perfect Introduction –  Knowledge Flashes
  18. 18. Customer Referrals•  Set Expectations•  Educate on your process and perfect referral•  Choose moments of truth to act•  Follow up•  Reward
  19. 19. Set Expectations•  Introduced in the sales process•  Reinforced in contract negotiation•  Stated again during consulting engagement•  Introduction of your perfect prospect to entire client site•  Reinforced again at user groups•  You will also refer to them (Blank perfect introduction for your client)
  20. 20. Educate on your process•  How you can spot our ideal client »  List of trigger statements•  How to present our core message•  Our follow up process•  Testimonials – It’s not just you…
  21. 21. Moments of truth (touchpoints)•  After the first meeting…•  After contract signature•  After critical milestones are successful•  Quarterly communication•  Executive Visits Write down and rehearse the words
  22. 22. Follow Up & Reward•  Follow up is critical –  Make sure they know what the status is of the referral they gave•  Return the favor –  Get them to complete the perfect profile in return•  Rewards –  Personal, business or community –  Small token just for thinking of us
  23. 23. Strategic Partner Referral System•  Target•  Educate•  Offer and then Execute•  Follow-up Consistently
  24. 24. Target Specific Industry partners •  Who else could be motivated to refer business to you? »  Obvious Ones: Technology providers, Accountants, Venture Capital/Investors »  Less so: Lawyers, Telephony, Copier, Bankers, Management Consultants, Marketing Consultants •  Think next in line, think outside your industry »  Real Estate Agents, Chamber Leaders, Business Brokers •  Ask YOUR customers
  25. 25. Research before Approach•  LinkedIN•  Facebook•  Twitter•  Other Social Media Sites•  Their web site …It is a sales call!
  26. 26. Educate – Use the perfect intro•  How you can spot our ideal client•  How to present our core message•  Our referral offer•  Our marketing process Get agreement to a lunch & learn and reciprocate
  27. 27. Strategic partnering•  Guest Blog•  Newsletter or web content•  Endorsed mailings•  Leverage of lists for marketing programs•  Win win workshop•  BNI•  For business (soft) or for revenue (formal)
  28. 28. Give them an offer to make for you•  Gift Certificate Giveaways »  Free “area” assessment »  Tune up•  Special price for their customers•  Co-branded information or product/service
  29. 29. Create a group of referral partners•  Create a referral group of complimentary services »  Each service markets for the group to their clients•  Share Nurture or Customer Lists•  Provide co-located training classes or joint seminars
  30. 30. The value of a group Partner Partner Partner YOU Partner Partner
  31. 31. We help small businesses stop wasting money on marketing
  32. 32. A referral may not be a lead, but may have tremendous value- An introduction-  A new partner-  A new vendor
  33. 33. Referral Summary•  Ideal Customers refer good prospects•  Referrals don’t just happen•  Create your customer community•  Set Expectations•  Plan (manufacture) M-O-T•  Follow up and Over-communicate
  34. 34. Offer #1Complete the evaluation, get the slides and a copy of the perfect introduction
  35. 35. Offer #2•  Marketing Hour Glass Audit –  You complete our questionnaire –  We spend an hour or so with you to review your marketing against the Marketing Hour Glass Check the box for the free 45 minute business evaluation
  36. 36. We help small businesses stop wasting money on marketing Thank You Please take a moment to complete presentation evaluation Contact Us Web: Email: Phone: +1-704-875-1188 Skype: LeadingResults Twitter: @LeadingResults ; @LauraBLorenz FaceBook: