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The Journal Submission Process


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The steps to submitting your manuscript to an academic journal.

Published in: Education
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The Journal Submission Process

  1. 1. THE SUBMISSION PROCESS BEFORE YOU SUBMIT Select your target journals Cite articles from your selected journal in your manuscript Pay attention to formatting and APA guidelines Use a plagiarism checker Be patient- The review process takes time MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION Be specific when writing your methodology section Discuss statistical assumptions Justify your approach/steps Discuss decision points Be thoughtful with your recommendations for future research REVIEW PROCESS (FOR MOST JOURNALS) Editor does a desk review (Does this topic fit the journal?) Manuscript passed to reviewers Feedback sent to editors Feedback compiled Decision letter: Accept, Revisions, Reject CORRESPONDENCE WITH EDITOR Pay attention to feedback Respond to all reviewer comments Be timely with revisions Ask questions of clarity if needed Be respectful TOP REJECTION REASONS Out of scope for the journal (desk reject) Poor writing (grammar & spelling mistakes) Not following APA guidelines or journal formatting Lack of theoretical framework Issues with the method Becoming a Scholar and Author: Academic Journal Submissions