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The #AdvSelfie:


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The #Selfie : Modeling Your Online Persona to Support Student Success
#NACADAmelb Conference 2015, Melbourne, Australia June 26, 2015
#AdvSelfie digital handout: and Slide Deck

Our students are sharing their lives online with friends, family, and peers. Often times they’re willing to share their lives with us too. But many advisors are hesitant to heed the invitation. Developing your own online persona can help to create an open atmosphere for starting conversations, addressing mental health issues, and growing a network of support. So... go ahead, take that selfie. Post it up and put it online... you may be surprised what comes of it!

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The #AdvSelfie:

  1. 1. The #Selfie: Modeling your Online Persona to Support Student Success Laura A. Pasquini, Ph.D. Lecturer – University of North Texas, USA Postdoctoral Researcher – Royal Roads University, Canada @laurapasquini #AdvSelfie #NACADAmelb
  2. 2. 1
  3. 3. [Eh?]
  4. 4. #AdvSelfie Resources Follow me @laurapasquini
  5. 5. What’s a “Selfie”? Syllabification: sel·fie Pronunciation: /ˈselfē / NOUN (plural selfies) INFORMAL A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media #AdvSelfie
  6. 6. • It’s a picture with your face in it. • You took the photo yourself. (Or with your neighbor who has a mobile.) • It is shared on the internet. Use the hashtag for today’s workshop: #AdvSelfie ….and … GO! Selfie Rules
  7. 7. #AdvSelfie Post your pictures!
  8. 8. Let me take a #selfie… #AdvSelfie
  9. 9. Exhibit A – Perpetual Celeb #Selfie #AdvSelfie
  10. 10. Exhibit B Dangerous Adventure #Selfie #AdvSelfie
  11. 11. Exhibit C – What I’m Doing Now #Selfie #AdvSelfie
  12. 12. Exhibit D– Now Everyone Snaps a #Selfie? #AdvSelfie
  13. 13. Exhibit E– The New Family #Selfie Photo #AdvSelfie
  14. 14. Exhibit F – The NACADA #Selfie FTW! #AdvSelfie
  15. 15. @charlienutt takes his 1st #Selfie (9 May 2014) #AdvSelfie
  16. 16. Center for #Selfie Improvement #AdvSelfie
  17. 17. #Selfie Research #AdvSelfie
  18. 18. What does the #selfie Mean for Academic Advising today? “changing self-representations and how they connect the individual to national and global identities.” ~Uimonen, 2013 Seeing Ourselves Through Technology #AdvSelfie
  19. 19. The 7 Vectors: Identity Development 18 1. Achieving competency 2. Managing emotions 3. Moving through autonomy toward interdependence 4. Developing mature interpersonal relationships 5. Establishing identity 6. Developing purpose 7. Developing integrity (Chickering & Reisser, 1993) #AdvSelfie
  20. 20. 19 Why do you share a #selfie or about yourself on social media Higher Ed? #AdvSelfie
  21. 21. Why do you share a #selfie or about yourself on social media Higher Ed? #AdvSelfie
  22. 22. Why do you share a #selfie or about yourself on social media Higher Ed? #AdvSelfie
  23. 23. Why do you share a #selfie or about yourself on social media Higher Ed? #AdvSelfie
  24. 24. Will this happen when the end is nigh? #AdvSelfie
  25. 25. “Self-authorship is a strong basis to advance learning outcomes, prepare our students, and include reflection for our learning experience.” (Baxter Magolda & King, 2004) #AdvSelfie
  26. 26. Model & Mentor Identity • Do you like spam? Do you like “bots”? Customers don’t either. • What is your organizational brand? • What information do you want to share? • Start with these questions, and then add in personality and variety. @julieclarsen Via @julieclarsen #AdvSelfie
  27. 27. #AdvSelfie
  28. 28. #AdvSelfie Make it informative & fun! Thanks, Shu!
  29. 29. Digital Identity: Your Online Traces What could an online persona do to help your students? - What’s on your advising page? - How do you support students online or beyond an appointment? - This does not need to be social media! #AdvSelfie
  30. 30. Online Identity IS Your Identity Have you Googled Yourself Lately? #AdvSelfie
  31. 31. Student - Advisor Relationships #AdvSelfie
  32. 32. Image c/o Where do your advisees connect? #AdvSelfie
  33. 33. Digital Identity Development in The #AcAdv Community • Open honest identities create vehicles for relationship building • How are we bringing an identity as we advise and support our students? #AdvSelfie
  34. 34. Split Self #AdvSelfie
  35. 35. Authentic #Selfie Interactions… When interacting in these social spaces students: - Develop a rapport & connection - Share major/career goals - Identify issues and challenges on campus - Establish a mentoring relationship - See appropriate models for online behavior - Reach out for help (cyberbullying, harassment, etc.) - Disclose personal wellness & mental health #AdvSelfie
  36. 36. What Happens On Campus Goes On YouTube [Or elsewhere.] #AdvSelfie Shout out to @ACPA & @equalman + MORE! #ACPAdigital
  37. 37. How Do you Want to Support Digital Identity Development? How can you help your students with their “digital stamp” in university? What types of outreach and support are available? Where can they go for mentors and models online at your campus? Sample Book from #ACPA15 #AdvSelfie
  38. 38. #AdvSelfie– Examples in Higher Ed #AdvSelfie
  39. 39. Be who you want to be! #AdvSelfie
  40. 40. Contest and Participatory #AdvSelfie
  41. 41. Show your pride! #AdvSelfie
  42. 42. Getting Connected to Advising UNT’s goal to get FTIC students enrolled early #UNTadvised contest
  43. 43. Meeting Students Where They Are #DigitalAdvising @YourSchool!
  44. 44. #WIUnselfie movement: Focus on the We and not the Me #AdvSelfie
  45. 45. 45
  46. 46. 46 #ugstSTORY
  47. 47. SocialConnection
  48. 48. 48
  49. 49. #asbABQ13 49
  50. 50. • Use of social media & technology does not mean sensitive data will be shared. EDUCATE your campus!!!! • Like all things, proper training & support are needed: • -protocols • -privacy • -challenges • -suggested practices #AdvSelfie
  51. 51. And we learned… -privacy concerns & questions -limited institutional support -lack of training/development -the “one mic” approach Joosten, Pasquini & Harness, 2013
  52. 52. Communities of Practice @nancywhite #AdvSelfie
  53. 53. Image c/o Luke Mahan Find a Space… Web 2.0 #SocialMedia Social Web New Media Platform App
  54. 54. Connecting to the Advising Network a few NACADA & #AcAdv Tweeps I follow on Twitter
  55. 55. 56
  56. 56. Reactions to said Charlie #selfie…
  57. 57. “It’s not about the technology, it’s all social” - Tanya Joosten (@tjoosten) #AdvSelfie
  58. 58. Or give them a hashtag… #AdvSelfie
  59. 59. @tanyajoosten #edusocmedia #edtech #sachat #highered #AcAdv #SApros #AdvSelfie
  60. 60. Follow: #AcAdv & @AcAdvChat About:
  61. 61. The SA Collective About #SAcommits via @Kristen_Abell #sachat
  62. 62. 1. Be social 2. Respond 3. Share 4. Connect 5. Start the conversation 6. Keep it going: make time Flickr photo c/o furiousgeorge81 Be a Participant
  63. 63. The #AdvSelfie Challenge Mentoring/Modeling appropriate online and digital identities. Be the example 30 Day Social Media Challenge via @Melissa_Venable perhaps? #AdvSelfie
  64. 64. Here’s Your #AdvSelfie Challenge 1. Take a picture of your office. 2. Link to a motivating song or video. 3. Describe what you’re looking forward to. 4. Talk about something funny. 5. Try out a “Throwback Thursday.” #TBT 6. Share something inspiring. 7. Post an image. 8. Give a shout out. 9. Say thank you! 10. Share your story. #AdvSelfie
  65. 65. Resources from this #AdvSelfie Presentation Let me know how your #AdvSelfie Challenge goes!