Kuliza Social Technology Quarterly (Vol. 1 | Issue 1)


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The report aims to help people learn the latest development and trends in the social technology space. Social Technology is a fast emerging field which is currently gaining a lot of attention from brand owners, product heads and investors. The purpose of this report is to help people stay up to date and get valuable insights in this space so that they can make better decisions.

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Kuliza Social Technology Quarterly (Vol. 1 | Issue 1)

  1. 1. Contents4 Apps 25 Social CRM 4 Guest Post: Building Trust - 25 Trends: How Mobile Apps The Not So Obvious Way Are Transforming CRM by Ashwin Raghunath by Kaushal Sarda 5 Research:The Rise Of 28 Guest Post: The Best Facebook Commerce Corporate Medicine by Diarmaid Byrne by Laugh-Out-Loud Team 8 Research: Facebook Apps For 31 Research:Value Of Marketing Campaigns Gamification by Achintya Gupta by Kaushal Sarda11 Research: 5 Tools To Power Your 34 News this quarter: Top News Twitter Research Scoops In Social CRM by Diarmaid Byrne by Kaushal Sarda14 News this quarter: Top News Scoops In Social And Mobile Apps by Aram Bhusal 36 Online Communities 36 Trends: Emergence Of Event16 Social Commerce Based Online Communities by Achintya Gupta16 Trends: 7 F-Commerce Strategies 38 Case study: Marketing With For Brands Online Cricket Communities by Achintya Gupta by Achintya Gupta18 Case study: Understanding The 40 Research: Global Brands Social Commerce Bubble And Their Social Media Adoption by Kaushal Sarda by Achintya Gupta21 Research: How Brands Are Using 42 News this quarter: Top News Mobile Commerce Scoops In Online Communities by Diarmaid Byrne by Achintya Gupta23 News this quarter: Top News Scoops In Social Commerce by Nitin Saboo