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Inspir-ah! - Top Global Campaigns that Inspire Us


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Here are some of the most amazing digital campaign that gives us at Kuliza our daily dose of inspiration. There is just so much more to be mesmerized by, but a little reminder to better ourselves everyday is always a great idea. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed exploring them.

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Inspir-ah! - Top Global Campaigns that Inspire Us

  1. 1. Inspire-ah! –Top Global Campaigns that inspire us
  2. 2. Why Share Inspir-Ah with you? At Kuliza, we’re inspired every day. By the dreamers, the believers and the fearless doers who dared to think outside the box to mold their products from their deep undying passion. Sharing their stories is our way of saluting their success and saying thanks for their inspiration be better our best every single day. So sit back and be amazed. Just like we were.
  3. 3. Technology
  4. 4. The Inside Story LG An LG tweeting refrigerator is definitely worth talking about. The fridge was set up at the production company “Baluba” run by Swedish comedian Peter Settmanand his friends. Every time someone opened the doors, the fridge sent out a tweet with an attached live video stream. People got an “inside” view into the daily work and a chance to see visiting celebrities. Campaign Highlights •1 tweeting fridge •Covered by 2K influential blogs and newspapers •72 M earned media reach
  5. 5. The Zoom Project Nokia The Zoom Project breathed new life into news. A number of reporters were placed across the globe and covered news requests from people on Twitter. People were able to experience news in new light, and all of it was hosted on a responsive website. The Project site’s Windows Phone-inspired interface allowed users to "zoom" into each story on the page. Campaign Highlights •80 stories created •200 K views of site and film content zoom-project
  6. 6. Soundation Google + Hangouts A unique experience with remote music social collaboration with the assistance of Google Hangouts by allowing music lovers across the globe collaborate remotely to bring a unique experience to virtual music. Campaign Highlights •50 quality remixes posted on #dariaremix •18 users/min using Soundationon google hangouts •1 million soundationfor google + hangouts
  7. 7. EOS Photochains Cannon A creative experience weaves out a simple, but very powerful digital campaign. It’s as simple as a person takes a photograph, selects his cherished detail in his snap. This becomes the inspiration for another photographer to shoot. As this process repeats, it creates a photo chain of cherished photographs and photographers. Campaign Highlights •97 photos uploaded everyday since launch •12 minutes average time on website •20,000 photos uploaded •67% increased market share
  8. 8. BING Maps Decode –JayZ Autobiography meets technology when Bing collaborated with JayZas part of a digital scavenger hunt. With JayZ’sautobiography placed in different locations that were relevant to the book, these locations allowed Bing Maps to be used to full potential by participants solving clues to where the page will be released. Simple, yet effective in delivery.
  9. 9. Smarty Pins Google Maps To encourage people to explore Google Maps, Smarty Pins lives up to its name by navigating people to trivia based on various places. Players can choose from six different categories and answer questions by dragging the pin to the correct location on the map. Players begin with 1,000 miles, earning more for quick and/or correct answers while losing miles for inaccuracy. Campaign Highlights •11 million questions answered •2 million pin trophies collected •5:20 average engagement time
  10. 10. Galaxy Wonderland Samsung What makes Malaysia a wonderland? Samsung asked Malaysians to encourage them to celebrate their culture. Natives submitted stories, doodles, photos and videos captured and created on their Galaxy Note II that shared with the world what Malasiais about. These ideas inspired the Galaxy Wonderland microsite that featured a Yunamusic video for the song ‘Home’ which was shaped by her favorite submissions. Campaign Highlights •1 million MalasianRinggit earned •5,000 submissions a month •4,26,888 page views
  11. 11. Be More Dog O2 At Bemoredog, get welcomed by a cat with an eager, dog-like outlook. The cat begs you to connect your mobile device and play a multi- platform game of Frisbee. The campaign moves beyond the simple click and incorporates gestures and makes great use of the improved mobile platform. Campaign Highlights •404,808 Frisbee throws •780,902 visitors
  12. 12. Entertainment
  13. 13. Plugged in live Theatre VML –Folly Theatre An interactive theatre experience where the audience downloaded VML theatre app before the show. By voting, the decided the pattern of the play including costumes, props and songs the actors sung while the gleefully watched their decisions unfold on stage Campaign Highlights •1817 active sessions during show •6,803 screen views during show •753 real time social media shares center-screen
  14. 14. This is for the players PS4 The immersive experience blends real-life and virtual imagery told from the first-person perspective of a gamer. The game weaves out his journey as he's dropped into a world featuring characters from popular PS4 titles. The experience featured 50 hidden elements, or 'Easter eggs', that revealed exclusive videos, artwork and downloadable content. Campaign Highlights •100 K visitors in 3 days •9 average minutes spent •50 eastereggs index.html
  15. 15. Warner Bros Joker’s Job Interview A very interesting campaign from Warner Bros focused on identifying the right Ally for Joker in hunting down Batman. Comedians masked as the Joker interviewed more than 5000 applicants through google plus for a paid mission to hunt down Batman. The campaign celebrated the launch Batman AkhamsOrigin video game in France Campaign Highlights •500 K views •10% share rate •250 live interviews
  16. 16. Automobile
  17. 17. Try my Hybrid Toyota The "Try My Hybrid" campaign featured Toyota hybrid owners who were werekind enough to let strangers test drive their car. Potential car owners found hybrid owners geographically close to them by zip code or socially close through Facebook. They could also view videos from other test drives to get a feel for the hybrids. Campaign Highlights •300 unpaid volunteers •163000 unique page visits •34% increase in recall value
  18. 18. Dumb Ways to Die Metro Dumb Ways to Die is a public service announcement campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to promote rail safety. The game invites players to avoid the dangerous activities engaged in by the various characters featured throughout the campaign. The activities include things like getting toast out with a fork and poking a stick at a grizzly bear.
  19. 19. Smile drive Volkswagon Volkswagen created a cheerful SmileDriveAndroid app to help people share memorable experiences from the road. To drive awareness and downloads of the app, Volkswagen got the assistance of YouTubeand Google+ creator community. Those chosen, including cook HilahJohnson shared their travelogues generatingmaps, photos and videos for their fans. Campaign Highlights •1.5 million total views •8,970 apps downloaded in the first month •2x increase in ad engagement
  20. 20. Chevy Game Time Chevrolet Chevy Game Time explores a live second-screen experience that lets viewers interact in real time with commercials and the game itself. Each time a Chevrolet commercials aired, viewers could win a car by answering trivia questions about the commercial. This got entire Super Bowl parties to watch the ads very closely, multiple times -on TV, then in the app, then on YouTube. Campaign Highlights •130 K people playing simultaneously •21M questions answered •700k App downloads in a week
  21. 21. Corolla Touch Drive The Corolla touch drive sculpts the online car shopping experience by letting the audience explore the features of their new release with the assistance of a mobile app. Simply put, it’s test drive at the palm of your hand Campaign Highlights •250 K users took the test drive •30% more Corolla mobile shoppers •3 + minutes spent on site
  22. 22. Consumer Products
  23. 23. Social Alarm God Morgan To begin the day on a nice note, God Morgan, Sweden’s third largest juice brand, launched a very cool social alarm where users connect their FB and Spotify accounts to this App. By doing this, They received access to millions of songs in the Spotify library and send it as a wake-up call to a friend or set it as their own alarm. Users can also record custom wake-up messages. Campaign Highlights •4 different platforms in one innovation •20 M unique alarm tunes •100% better waking experience
  24. 24. Crème Egg Bake Cadbury An interactive online bake off where users share their favouriterecipes that include Crème eggs on Google plus. As an icing on the cake, popular Chef Erik also shared his favouriteCrème Egg recipe during a google hang out session with fans Campaign Highlights •7.9 million views on social platform •36k engagement on Google plus •3 million organic views •
  25. 25. Gumulon Chew controlled gaming Using custom face tracking technology, stidelaunched a simple chew controlled game which tracks your mouth with the front-facing camera of your mobile device. Every time you chew, the character jumps. They also added a barcode recognition feature that allowed people to unlock bonus features. Campaign Highlights •2.2 Average session time (minutes) •4.5 star rating on app store •200 K downloads
  26. 26. You are not you when Hungry Snickers Snickers used Google to reach out to hungry people at work every time they made a spelling mistake and reminded them that they can’t spell when hungry. An algorithm was created of the most common 21,500 misspelt words and rerouted them to the Snickers webpage every time they misspelt a word. Campaign Highlights •4,90,429 engaged audience •21,500 misspelt words
  27. 27. Pleasure Hunt Magnum The goal of this game is to collect as many Bon Bons–the new magic ingredient in Magnum Temptation –that is scattered across the internet in the shortest amount of time possible. Altogether, this creates a playful and casual game experience that treats the user to a surprising and tongue-in- cheek journey across the internet.
  28. 28. Fire the Chef MrDelivery Interesting, for the first time in history, MrDelivery fired the chef from its own logo as he is now irrelevant with the addition of interesting products along with food and great services. The campaign kicked off with a viral teaser. Flyers, E- mailers and social media rants continued from the Chef. Campaign Highlights •Popular on primetime radio •Sales up to 51% •Minimal cost, Maximum virality
  29. 29. Magic Vision Band Aid Magic vision featuring the Muppets, an augmented reality app that allows parents and children to enter a magical entertainment world featuring interactive performances by Kermit the Frogand friends. Designed to make kids feel better about their "boo- boos,“. The app also includes photo-sharing and Band-Aid 'moviehouse' experiences.
  30. 30. Are you IN? L’oreal In celebration of reaching more than 300,000 followers on LinkedIn, L’orealtook a unique approach by creating visual ways for its community to share an ‘IN word’ or ‘IN moment’ that best describes themselves and share it on social networking sites.
  31. 31. Retail
  32. 32. The Curved Experiment Samsung A cross-screen experiment by Samsung's Curved UHD TV that transports users to the Coliseum and gives them a front-row seat at a gladiator match. After visiting the website on a desktop, users are prompted to the accompanying mobile site, where they enter a code to tune up their devices. They can then use their smartphones to pan the Coliseum and extend the screen 180 degrees. Campaign Highlights •173 K youtubeviews •91K site visits •1.5 average minutes spent on site
  33. 33. Gold window Jay Z An out-of-home brand awareness concept to launch his new men's fragrance, Gold. Using a 84-inch, 4K display and more than 600,000 lines of code that had previously only been theoretical, JayZtransformed more than 143,000 passersby into liquid gold using Fluid Dynamics Campaign Highlights •143K interactions •8.2 million pixels shaped liquid gold on display
  34. 34. Mystery of the stolen wallet Louis Philippe To promote their new winter/autumn collection Louis Philippe took the experience to a whole new level by means of gamifiedcampaign which involved participants solving the mystery of the stolen winter wardrobe. The participants were given several clues to solve the mystery stand ultimately won fantastic prizes Campaign Highlights •1,77,438 fans on Facebook
  35. 35. The Liberation Only Jeans An online teen movie meets an interactive shopping experience. With a simple click, the movie freezes to let you browse through every item of clothing worn by characters to browse, like, pin, tweet and buy. It’s a fashion catalogue, a movie, a game, a music video, and the world’s first on-demand video retail environment. Campaign Highlights •442% increase in interaction •3 Cannes Lions •1 million views across 100 countries
  36. 36. Build with Crome Lego Build everything from sky scrapers to dinosaurs using nearly 1000 bricks with the google map of Australia as the base plate. Users can publish designs or share using a unique URL. Campaign Highlights •527 published builds •23 million page views •7.3 million visitors
  37. 37. Interactive Lookbook Stylepit A digital interactive fashion catalogue which showcases a fast snapshot of its range of products where users could pan the ultra-long lookbookin slow motion, click on any of the clothing pieces and purchase or share them on social media. Campaign Highlights •192% increase in visitors •42% revenue growth
  38. 38. Canadian Way of Spring Tire Digital Catalogue An interactive retail catalogue inspired by the passions of real Canadians. From an urban gardener and blogger in Quebec to a couple building backyard bliss for their sons in Vancouver, all sorts of people shared how Canadian Tire helps them do the things they love.Each page reflects the unique Canadian way of life. Campaign Highlights •2.5 million views •36% returned to the catalogue on more than one occasion •15 page views on average, per visit
  39. 39. A trip out to the sea Guy Cotton Guy Cotten, a brand leader in marine clothing and safety equipment, encourages more people to wear life jackets by scaring boaters into wearing them- always. He does this by creating an experience that simulates drowning and creating a realistic experience in which viewers continuously scroll up a page to stay afloat. Campaign Highlights •3 million users in 3 weeks •99.97 % positive comments •Accessed by 223 nationalities
  40. 40. MISC
  41. 41. Life’s Little secrets Prudential Lifting the spirit of listening and understanding to the next level, prudential asked its customers to share ‘secrets’ for a more fulfilled life. These messages, on a variety of topics including health, relationships and career can be shared through popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo. Campaign Highlights •1367 and counting live posts •20% increase in brand connection
  42. 42. Projeqt TBWA worldwide Giving stories a heartbeat, Projeqtlets you grab your old presentation or create a new one by pulling live tweets or blog feeds, inserting an interactive map, adding audio notes or simply streaming videos that you've found on the web - they can all live in real-time and be shared for everyone to see. Campaign Highlights •8000 hours spend on project •10+ million project impressions
  43. 43. Slavery Footprint Made in a free world How many slaves work for you determines the slavery footprint. Making participants answer simple questions on their everyday lives, slavery footprint score is calculated. This score can be shared on social communities or a letter can be sent to an organization demanding information on modern day slaves in their supply chains. Campaign Highlights •1 lakh survey completed in first month •40,000 shares
  44. 44. Yeti Holiday Window Saks Fifth Avenue Saks Fifth Avenue inspired people to make mastercardpurchases by connected the customer's mobile device with the in-store storytelling. The user selected one of Saks iconic snowflakes and flicked it into the window; then—voilà!—the snowflake instantly appeared inside the window!. Campaign Highlights •7 Million social impressions •21,000 unique visitors
  45. 45. The Eco Project Penguin Books A crowd sourcing digital companion to a novel, The Echo Project capitalizes on the author's strong following. With the help of DARE Toronto, the campaign digitally interprets the book page by page, enabling the site to contain 402 pages of videos and pictures with varying levels of interactivity. Campaign Highlights •1 best seller book •50+ fan created pages •2.5 average minsspent on site
  46. 46. Fuel Band Nike Nike Fuel Band is the fuel band which tracks everything that you do. A motivational fuel metric that tracks every movement, step, time and every calorie burned. The band turns red to yellow and green to celebrate reaching your goal. Nike fuel is a way to gauge daily activities and lets you compete with anybody, no matter who they are.
  47. 47. Play Spent Spent is an immersive online experience created to raise awareness of the complex issues involved with poverty and homelessness and galvanizing the support needed to address those issues. The experience involves making tough decisions to survive poverty and make your way through. www.playspent,org
  48. 48. Couple up to Buckle upScandinavian Airlines To encourage customers to use frequent flyer miles instead of stacking them, Scandinavian Airlines launched a 2 for 1 campaign with two unique QR codes across every touch point enabling couples to make bookings together. Only by combining both codes, the offer deems valid. The offer could be found on print, banners, and Facebook. Campaign Highlight •All tickets sold out
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