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Case Study: Kuliza Builds Booking Engine for Treebo Hotels


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Treebo Hotels, a tech-enabled chain of affordable and reliable hotels in India, worked with Kuliza to build an end-to-end e-commerce hotel booking platform. An Uber for hotel rooms, the platform enabled the discovery of the unorganized budget hotels segment. To know more about our recipe to design and development, take a look at our case study below:

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Case Study: Kuliza Builds Booking Engine for Treebo Hotels

  1. 1. TREEBO Context Treebo enhances booking experience with Kuliza Treebo, a budget hotel chain, wanted to kick-start its launch with a simple, elegant website. They partnered with Kuliza to build a website that reflects their unique proposition of high-quality hotels at an affordable price. Technologies VISUAL DESIGN USER EXPERIENCE BACKEND FRONTEND
  2. 2. Objectives “ Kuliza collaborated to create a booking website with unmistakable design and engineering. Most importantly, it’s one that we’re immensely proud of and only too happy to direct people towards. I have no hesitation in recommending Kuliza to anyone looking to develop a fabulous transaction gateway in the hospitality sector. ”Kadam Jeet Jain Co-founder, Treebo 01 Delightful experience without compromising on navigation and functionality 02 Converting visitors to continuously engaged customers 03 A niche online destination for budget hotel chains 04 Balanced visibility on website between Treebo and listed hotels 05 Compatibility across devices 06 Fast and seamless backend engine to handle traffic surges
  3. 3. Challenges Solution 01 MARKET REVIEW First, Kuliza worked with Treebo to dive deep into market research and understand the target audience of budget hotels. It was identified that the traffic initiated was not just from laptops but from mobiles and tablets as well. Hence, it was extremely important to have a responsive website. 02 BENCHMARKING Top global hospitality sites were reviewed and it was observed that best practices followed a clear pattern: small horizontal and collapsible navigation bars and check-in and check-out dates on the homepage were common. The homepage was also accompanied with a cost calculator, room information, appealing colours and legible fonts. 03 INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE The website was given a simple, de-cluttered, horizontal presence to keep the flow continuous. Keeping the different persona’s in mind, a location widget was added to highlight local attractions. To balance brand presence with other hotels, the homepage contained only the Treebo brand. Based on dates and room availability, the user Don’t have any in the right structureProblem: Dynamic addition of features within given timelines Problem: Integration of third party booking engines and API errors Fix: Parallel execution of design and development phase along with agile sprint wise development Fix: R&D into understanding third party APIs and modifying implementation for smooth integration Problem: Bridging gap between booking and overall experience Fix: Elegant visuals took over the classic yet simple website. Appealing colours to address freshness and vitality, an accordion navigation, a convenient sticky feedback button, and sharp distinct fonts to address codes
  4. 4. chooses a hotel depending on their preference and convenience. To facilitate easy booking, the user experience and interactions were simplified. 04 WIREFRAMES As a result of different personas, a skeleton flow of the website was laid out. It was ensured that the designs were compatible across all devices. 05 VISUAL DESIGNS AND UI DEVELOPMENT Kuliza assisted Treebo with designs that were simple yet scientific. As the most important aspect of the design process, this step involved effort in ensuring all challenges were addressed. The main ingredients of the website were: elegant and enhanced visuals replaced the classic yet simple Treebo website; appealing colours to add freshness and vitality; an accordion navigation; convenient sticky feedback button; and sharp distinct fonts to address the challenge of readability versus legibility. 06 APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT The site was built using Django framework to ensure rapid development outputs. To manage scale and traffic spikes, Kuliza designed a horizontally scalable architecture using AWS Ec2, Gunicorn Supervisor, Nginx. In addition, PostGreS was also used to achieve scalability in reads and writes. Simultaneously, Kuliza worked with exposed APIs from Hotelogix (a third party hotel booking engine) as it offers a centralized, comprehensible and flexible way to manage operations seamlessly. CCAvenue was used as the payment gateway. The complete development was done using agile development methodology to derive quick development outputs and rapid client and market feedback. Capabilities • 2x increase in searching budget hotels using an integrated map feature • Quick book option enables customer loyalty • 5000 visitors per day