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Social Media Strategies - social3i - School of Visual Concepts - October2010

  1. 1. | Seattle Washington blog Developing Social Media Strategies School of Visual Concepts October 6, 2010 Andy Boyer Xavier Jimenez
  2. 2. Copyright Note The material used in this deck is a combination of content originally created and developed by social3i Principals, as well as content sourced by researching social media in major search engines and content sharing sites. Hopefully all charts and graphs in the deck attribute the work to the original owner, along with a link to where the content was sourced. However, due to the widespread sharing of this deck, it is possible that some information is not accurately attributed. We apologize for any errors, and are not making any claims that all of the data in this presentation is the original work of social3i Consulting. If you feel your work has been unfairly distributed or represented in this presentation, please contact social3i Proprietary and Confidential 2
  3. 3. About Us • social3i is a small but nimble marketing services consultancy • We provide Large-scale brand analysis, audience research and social marketing programs for major global brands and mid-sized companies. • Background with RealNetworks, Publicis, Microsoft, Photoworks, venture- backed startups, non-profits, and minor league baseball. • Join us: • • Twitter: @social3i • Social Social Intelligence & Ideation & Influencer Marketing Insight Planning Marketing Program Competency Development Training social3i Proprietary and Confidential 3
  4. 4. Agenda 9:00 Intros 9:15 Section 1: The Social Marketing Imperative P a 9:45 Section 2: Social Media Best Practices and Case Studies r 11:15 Email Break t 11:30 Section 3: Learning About Your Brand, Market and Competiton Online 1 12:15 Lunch 12:45 How to: The Blueprint for Building a Social Marketing Campaign (Part 1) P 1:30 Real Life Case Study – Teatro Zinzanni a “How We Do Social Media on a Shoestring” r 2:15 Real Life Case Study – Merrill Gardens t “Organizational Development” 3:00 How to: The Blueprint for Building a Social Marketing Campaign (Part 2) 2 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 4
  5. 5. | Seattle Washington blog Section 1: The Social Marketing Imperative (Aka… Why are we doing this?)
  6. 6. What we’re READING in 3rd party research The Social Web is influencing customer decisions 77% of all internet users participate in social networking sites Viewing on social sites has surpassed personal email usage 70% of consumers trust opinions, posted online, by other online consumers Data: Nielsen Research / Comscore Media Metrix 2009 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 6
  7. 7. What we’re HEARING in the marketplace Social monitoring & marketing has evolved… • Listening is important, but it’s not enough. • Measuring social marketing efforts using KPI’s is now a best practice. • Exemplary brands, are now expected to intelligently join in the conversation to meet consumers on their terms. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 7
  8. 8. What we’re SEEING brands do Marketing Best Practice: • understand what is being said about your brand, leverage data to improve traditional marketing efforts Sales Best Practice: • understand where to find more leads, and who influences your core audiences Research Best Practice: • crowdsource ideas faster and fill out missing pieces of data from traditional research Customer Service Best Practice: • understand what issues customers are having, and where those customers are going for solutions. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 8
  9. 9. The Mainstream Has Adopted Twitter social3i Proprietary and Confidential 9
  10. 10. News at the Speed of Social Media 3:26 pm photo was posted to Janis Krum’s ―@jkrums) twitter profile New York Times broke the news at 3:48 pm and didn’t post to the frontpage until 4:00 pm social3i Proprietary and Confidential 10 Page 10
  11. 11. Consumers want to say hi 13,000,000+ Fans! social3i Proprietary and Confidential 11
  12. 12. Social to mainstream social3i Proprietary and Confidential 12
  13. 13. Social to mainstream social3i Proprietary and Confidential 13
  14. 14. Social to mainstream social3i Proprietary and Confidential 14
  15. 15. Mining social for memes social3i Proprietary and Confidential 15
  16. 16. Mining Social for memes social3i Proprietary and Confidential 16
  17. 17. | Seattle Washington blog Social Media Stats for Boardrooms and Cocktail Parties
  18. 18. Theme 1 - The Face of the New Internet is Social social3i Proprietary and Confidential 18
  19. 19. The Social Media Heavyhitters social3i Proprietary and Confidential 19
  20. 20. The Social Media Heavyhitters social3i Proprietary and Confidential 20
  21. 21. People trust blogs The Blogosphere is a wealth of product and marketing information, both for consumers, and marketers. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 21
  22. 22. Marketing Budgets are Integrating Social social3i Proprietary and Confidential 22
  23. 23. Marketing Budgets are Integrating Social social3i Proprietary and Confidential 23
  24. 24. Random numbers 1. 90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know; 70% trust unknown users, 27% trust experts, 14% trust advertising, 8% trust celebrities (Econsultancy, July 2009, Erik Qualman, Socialnomics) 2. 75% of people don't believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements (Yankelovich) 3. 70% consult reviews or ratings before purchasing (BusinessWeek, Oct. 2008) 4. 51% of consumers use the Internet even before making a purchase in shops (Verdict Research, May 2009) 5. 45% say they are influenced a fair amount or a great deal by reviews on social sites from people they follow (46% say reviews in newspaper or magazine influence them.) (Harris Poll, April 2010) social3i Proprietary and Confidential 24
  25. 25. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 25
  26. 26. | Seattle Washington blog Section 2: Best Practices for Social Media
  27. 27. Basic Logos We Need to Know Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Wordpress Blogger Wikipedia Foursquare MySpace Flickr social3i Proprietary and Confidential 27
  28. 28. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 28
  29. 29. Defining Channels (The Brian Solis Flower) social3i Proprietary and Confidential 29
  30. 30. Social Marketing Objectives The Long Term Goal: Giving customers a say in developing, Influence supporting and evangelizing your brand Melding social into your overall marketing program Integrate Enagaging with fans, followers, press, analysts and critics Interact Basic benchmarking, auditing and listening to conversation about your brand, customers & products Interest Develop marketing and business plans without benefit of any data or insights generated on the social web about you or competitors Ignore social3i Proprietary and Confidential 30
  31. 31. | Seattle Washington blog Case Studies
  32. 32. Resources for the class: social3i Proprietary and Confidential 32
  33. 33. Customer Support - Comcast social3i Proprietary and Confidential 33
  34. 34. Customer Support - Comcast social3i Proprietary and Confidential 34
  35. 35. Dell Idea Storm social3i Proprietary and Confidential 35
  36. 36. Mad Men Yourself social3i Proprietary and Confidential 36
  37. 37. Mad Men Yourself social3i Proprietary and Confidential 37
  38. 38. Mad Men Yourself Results • The Mad Men Yourself site received a whopping 1 million unique visitors. • Out of those 1 million, 600,000 of them created avatars — not too shabby for what’s essentially just a silly toy. • The first episode garnered 3.3 million viewers, and went on to become one of Nielsen’s Top 10 timeshifted primetime TV programs with a 57.7% increase in viewership. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 38
  39. 39. Starbucks Conversation social3i Proprietary and Confidential 39
  40. 40. Starbucks social3i Proprietary and Confidential 40
  41. 41. Why you need to monitor social3i Proprietary and Confidential 41
  42. 42. Small Busines Awareness – Common Craft social3i Proprietary and Confidential 42
  43. 43. Blendtec: social3i Proprietary and Confidential 43
  44. 44. Awareness – Blendtec: WillItBlend on YouTube Channel Views: 5,647,785 Total Upload Views: 138,247,121 Joined: October 30, 2006 #33 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Directors #64 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Directors Page 44 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 44
  45. 45. Coca-Cola Happiness Machine social3i Proprietary and Confidential 45
  46. 46. Spreading the Happiness <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&a mp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US&am p;fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object> social3i Proprietary and Confidential 46
  47. 47. The Fun Theory social3i Proprietary and Confidential 47
  48. 48. Bing Jingle social3i Proprietary and Confidential 48 Page 48
  49. 49. Papa Johns social3i Proprietary and Confidential 49
  50. 50. “Buying” Fans? – Papa John’s • 150k fans Day 2 • 100k fans Day 1 • Levels off` social3i Proprietary and Confidential 50 Page 50
  51. 51. Social Media Social Media for PR & Brand BaconSalt’s Integrated Campaign social3i Proprietary and Confidential 51 Page 51
  52. 52. Integrated Planning - TeatroZinzanni social3i Proprietary and Confidential 52
  53. 53. Local - The Met Grill social3i Proprietary and Confidential 53
  54. 54. Local – The Met Grill social3i Proprietary and Confidential 54
  55. 55. The Taco Trucks…. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 55
  56. 56. Foursquare Tutorial Copyright Flair Media on Slideshare: foursquare-reviewing-locationbased-platforms-for-business social3i Proprietary and Confidential 56
  57. 57. Gowalla Great case study on Gowalla written by Vayner Media social3i Proprietary and Confidential 57
  58. 58. Wikipedia – How REI Edits Their Page and Respects the Community social3i Proprietary and Confidential 58 Page 58
  59. 59. Fail: Motrin Backlash social3i Proprietary and Confidential 59
  60. 60. Fail: Nestle’s Facebook Debacle social3i Proprietary and Confidential 60
  61. 61. What Happened • Environmental activist group Greenpeace has long been putting the pressure on Nestle to stop using palm oil, the produ • A provocative new Web video campaign (warning: may be a bit nauseating) on behalf of Greenpeace's U.K. arm targeted the food manufacturer as a threat to the livelihoods of orangutans, and according to Greenpeace, Nestle lobbied to have the video removed from YouTube, citing a copyright complaint. • Greenpeace supporters--whom the activist group had encouraged to change their Facebook profile photos to anti-Nestle slogans that often incorporated one or more of the company's food logos--started posting to the Nestle fan page en masse. • Nestle countered with a mild threat: "To repeat: we welcome your comments, but please don't post using an altered version of any of our logos as your profile pic--they will be deleted." social3i Proprietary and Confidential 61
  62. 62. Fail: Whole Foods social3i Proprietary and Confidential 62
  63. 63. Fail (Or win?) Skittles goes all Social Day 1 Page 63 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 63
  64. 64. Day 2 Page 64 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 64
  65. 65. Day 3 Page 65 October 7, 2010 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 65
  66. 66. The Result Page 66 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 66
  67. 67. | Seattle Washington blog Section 3: Building Social Media Measurement Best Practices, Tools, Examples & Case Studies
  68. 68. How to Build Measurement Best Practices Social Monitoring Tools First rule of Analytics = If you are in a hurry…slow down…and make sure you are asking the right questions. Human Powered Analysis Second rule of Analytics = Make sure everyone in the organization “I see a lot of peoples time get “chewed up” in Cycles where they is “on board” with performing have no time to do anything but reporting. One of the things about S.M.A.R.T. measurement analysis is it takes some pretty detailed, focused time where you can sit in front of a computer and really work with the tool and work Third rule of Analytics = Put tools with the data. “ in there place. Reliance on tools, - Gary Angel, President Semphonic is a rookie mistake and often fuels analysis paralysis… social3i Proprietary and Confidential 68
  69. 69. Online Business Measurement Quadrant Community Buzz/Conversation Uncontrolled •Brand commentary, •Brand commentary, rants, ratings and other UGC raves and other UGC published on corporate published on third-party Benchmark social website, microsite. websites, web applications channels first, and mobile. then plan • Cost per CS resolution programs • UGC content /total content • Volume Sentiment • Engagement • Sentiment Website Audience •Traditional marketing •Traditional marketing messages/content messages/content published on published on corporate website or third-party website or microsite. microsite. Controlled • Bounces, Unique Visits • Impressions • LP conversion • Click Through Rate • Sales • Sales On Site Off Site Content social3i Proprietary and Confidential 69
  70. 70. Creating a Measurement Plan social3i Proprietary and Confidential 70
  71. 71. Building measurement best practices takes time Programmatic Don’t put unrealistic The realistic goal: expectations or • Methodical conditions on • Predictable yourself or your • Scalable team Complexity Experimental Start here: Beware the endless Benchmark strategic cycle of testing that focus areas and pick a prevents you from few fun projects scaling your results Novice Expert Maturity social3i Proprietary and Confidential 71
  72. 72. Write a Measurement Brief 1 2 Start with a business question, 3 problem, issue or opportunity 1. From that question, set clear and simple Business Objective(s) 4 2. Define Goal(s) designed to achieve objectives 3. Strategies must support goals 4. Metrics and the tools needed to measure the success, should be (S.M.A.R.T) social3i Proprietary and Confidential 72
  73. 73. New Measurement Tools & Technologies social3i Proprietary and Confidential 73
  74. 74. Social Intelligence Tools The new field of "Social Intelligence" uses highly specialized tools to collect, cleanse, catalog, analyze and report on conversations happening on the social web. These tools count social actions and measure impressions, buzz & sentiment. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 74
  75. 75. Some tools we use social3i Proprietary and Confidential 75
  76. 76. Radian6 – Best for the Enterprise Feedback Pros: Largest company reviewed by Forrester. • Easy to use widget based dashboards • Real-time data can be configured to listen and respond to UGC posts as they happen. • Tracks established social media KPI’s (volume, engagement and sentiment) with automated workflow tools to turn this data into action. • Allows multiple users to immediately engage with important conversions via the engagement dashboard. Cons: Data quality has some serious issues. • Spam hygiene requires significant time investment by the tool operator • Scoring of sentiment in twitter has known defects* that have yet to be addressed in the latest version of this tool • Volume based pricing can make this tool expensive for novice users. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 76
  77. 77. Alterian – Best for Midsized Companies Feedback Pros: One of the largest data sets among all tools, and a dashboard built for Analysts. • Data warehouse has nearly 4 Billion conversations indexed as far back as 2004 • Dashboard built for analysts to do both qualitative and quantitative analysis. • Customizable sentiment dictionary allows for the most accurate sentiment tracking of all NLP based tracking tools. • Email reporting capabilities are good. Cons: Data latency concerns and workflow tools require custom configuration to be impactful. • Volume based pricing can make this tool expensive for novice users. • Workflow tools are complicated to configure • Customer support services are slow to respond. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 77
  78. 78. Lithium – Good for Small Companies Feedback Pros: Decent coverage at a reasonable cost • Dashboard collects data in real time. • Excellent video capture data • Email reporting capabilities are good. • Flat fee pricing for unlimited search results. Cons: Workflow tools are not powerful enough for engagement • Facebook data coming soon • Twitter data is incomplete social3i Proprietary and Confidential 78
  79. 79. Viral Heat – Good for Start-ups Feedback Pros: Low price/ decent service • Uses data aggregators to do a better job than google alerts • Dashboard built for quantitative analysis. • Email reporting capabilities are good. • Pricing as low as $9.99/month Cons: Data latency concerns and workflow tools require custom configuration to be impactful. • Can’t go back in time • Workflow does not empower engagement • Customer support services are slow to respond. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 79
  80. 80. Shoestring Dashboard – Good for lots of things Feedback Pros: Free/low cost tools, widgets and time can get you 70% of what paid tools provide for less than 30% of the cost. • Free Buzz monitoring tools are plentiful • widget based tools can organize, filter and present large amounts of data quickly • Major social channels can be monitored effectively using elbow grease. Cons: Lacks the coverage and analytical power of paid tools • Free tools do not cover the entire social web • Free tools do not provide deep analytical capabilities • Free tools do not integrate workflow for engagement purposes social3i Proprietary and Confidential 80
  81. 81. Measurement program example social3i Proprietary and Confidential 81
  82. 82. An Organic sunscreen manufacturer wants to understand whether social media can increase brand awareness and trial. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 82
  83. 83. Example – Acme Sunscreen Listen [Research] Hypothesize Track Test Re-test (Learn) Listen Key Learning from Radian6: Identify top social media Blogs sending traffic to your site include mommy locations based on volume of blogs, where site discussion is highly on topic and organic sunscreen there are specific mentions of organic sunscreen conversation products which are increasing in frequency over the last 30 days. Benchmark Key metrics that can be used to evaluate Overall Brand mentions were mostly neutral, outreach opportunities (82%) but 16% positive and only 2% negative for the period. Using RADIAN6 to look at conversations from the last 90-days, we found over 500 Area Key Metric highly relevant blog Volume Volume of Posts (break down by keyword ] conversations. Engagement Comments/Posts [broken down by topic] Sentiment Brand Perception [Positive, Negative and Neutral] social3i Proprietary and Confidential 83
  84. 84. Example – Acme Sunscreen Listen Hypothesize Track Test Re-test (Learn) Hypothesize Engagement Rank Blog URL Posts Comments Rate 1 The Mommy Blog 90 680 7.56 Research shows people use 2 MommyBlog 90 300 3.33 blogs to share information, 3 Just Another Mommy Blog 30 220 7.33 about chemical-free sunscreen, 4 Blonde Mom Blog 50 100 2.00 5 Modern Mommy Blog 40 70 1.75 and some even mention your 6 So Close 30 70 2.33 brand name, Branded product 7 Kim Chi Mamas 20 60 3.00 conversation is highly focused 8 News From Hawkhill Acres 20 60 3.00 on “Chemicals” and “fragrance”. 9 Writing Mamas Salon 20 40 2.00 10 Joy Unexpected 20 40 2.00 11 Soapbox Mom 20 40 2.00 Hypothesize that a highly 12 Sarcastic Mom 20 40 2.00 focused and product specific 13 Mom101 10 30 3.00 14 June Cleaver Nirvana 10 30 3.00 outreach campaign, on the top 15 Absolutely Bananas 10 20 2.00 20 mommy blogs, promoting 16 Crunchy Domestic Goddess 10 20 2.00 your products may find success 17 Committed Parent 10 20 2.00 in this community. Play Groups Are No Place 18 For Children 10 10 1.00 Mom To The Screaming 19 Masses 10 10 1.00 20 Mom’s r us 10 10 1.00 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 84
  85. 85. Example – Acme Sunscreen Listen Hypothesize Track Test Re-test (Learn) Track Configure web analytics tools to segment traffic coming to your website via tweets, blog posts, Facebook wall posts etc. Determine which content and what source is driving the most desired behaviors. Compare earned media cost per action to paid media. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 85
  86. 86. Example – Acme Sunscreen Listen Hypothesize Track Test Re-test (Learn) Test • Test offers of 20%-off the sunscreen on the mommy blogs where the discussions are taking place. • Display Buys • Personal “on-topic” and Buy ACME relevant engagements sunscreen & win a ride on this unicorn! social3i Proprietary and Confidential 86
  87. 87. Example – Acme Sunscreen Listen Hypothesize Track Test Re-test (Learn) Rank Top RT's Clicks Learn 1 Fussypants 190 2 Queen of Spain 110 • If you find success, re-test creative that is 3 CrunchyGoddess 100 platform and media specific as well. 4 JessikaKnows 88 Moms: Get 20% off the only truly chemical- 5 Type A Mom 60 free sunscreen this week only. 6 Resourceful Mom 55 7 PhD in Parenting 54 • Ex. create a Twitter promotion: 8 Geek Mommy 53 9 Rocks In My Dryer 52 • Identify top Re-tweeters 10 SarcasticMom 50 • Track CTR using url shorteners • Identify top LP’s Total Clicks LP Visits CONV. % • Compare cost per action to paid media Sage 54 2.07% Lavender 63 2.42% 2,604 Melon 95 3.65% Coco Butter 29 1.11% Fragrance Free 88 3.38% social3i Proprietary and Confidential 87
  88. 88. Example checklist of well executed measurement For online businesses:  Measure causal actions (activities, transactions).  Measure the change in traffic over time and whether the ratio of “organic traffic” changes in relation to other social media activity.  Compare change in social traffic to other channels. For offline businesses:  Focusing on “softer metrics” like achieving greater brand awareness, customer advocacy and content ‘pass-along’.  If you get sales that don’t come directly from the web, like from CSR’s, look to co-relate factors that align with long term business success. Example: changes in the top ten questions CRS spend time on and whether this increases or decreases CSR efficiency. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 88
  89. 89. Measurement Case Studies social3i Proprietary and Confidential 89
  90. 90. Case Study – Naked Pizza • Naked Pizza a New Orleans pizza takeout and delivery restaurant with a mission to make an unhealthy and popular fast food healthier, more nutritious, and better tasting! • Naked Pizza has annually revenues of over 1 Million and has a significant twitter presence • The CEO posts up to 15 times a day and said his company is now posting as well and primarily using Twitter to market to an area with a 3 mile radius of their stores. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 90
  91. 91. Case Study – Naked Pizza • Naked Pizza has a sustained 20 percent of • 20% of total sales dollars coming from its Twitter sales from presence. twitter • They use Google Analytics to monitor their • Set a one day website activity and determine which pizza’s sales record of are best sellers to its online audience which 65% of sales from Twitter drives a significant portion of its total business • 85% of new • By aggressively measuring its most profitable customers channel, Twitter, it has made such a difference from Twitter for Naked Pizza that they removed the “call for delivery "billboard in front of the restaurant and changed it to “twitter – follow us for specials –” social3i Proprietary and Confidential 91
  92. 92. Case Study – Pink Cake Box • Pink Cake Box is a specialty baker in New Jersey that specializes in custom wedding cakes, cupcakes and cookies always made with an individual flair. • In order to stay connected to their customers, PCB employees blog, post videos and images of their cakes on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. • • As a result of very small but focused marketing budget they’ve been on the Rachel Ray show, Food Network and CNN Headline News. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 92
  93. 93. Case Study – Pink Cake Box • Use blog to offer • PCB measures and manages blog a constant stream of new performance using Google Analytics cakes, contests, & videos. • Initially they placed an emphasis on traffic, which worked, but they quickly • Over 2000 twitter followers reached a saturation point where high and 4700 traffic started contributing to a deluge facebook fans. of “information seekers”. • The blog sees • They began focusing content on about 120,000 visits per month products that lead to better order and drives a conversions and phone calls. They used majority of custom cake data to inform product direction and sell orders. more cakes. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 93
  94. 94. Questions? social3i Proprietary and Confidential 94
  95. 95. | Seattle Washington blog Section 4: Building a Social Marketing Strategy
  96. 96. Before You Get Started – Know WOMMA’s Rules It’s all about the Honesty ROI. Ethical word of mouth marketers always strive for transparency and honesty in all communications with consumers, with advocates, and with those people who advocates speak to on behalf of a product. * Honesty of Relationship – you say who you’re speaking for * Honesty of Opinion – you say what you truly believe; you never shill * Honesty of Identity – you say who you are; you never falsify your identity social3i Proprietary and Confidential 96
  97. 97. A Checklist (One Blueprint, not necessarily the DEFINITIVE Blueprint) 1. Define a Goal. 2. Start listening to the conversations 3. Decide upon a target audience. 4. Determine your budget – time and money. 5. Evaluate internal staffing options. 6. Evaluate your available content. 7. Choose your social brand. 8. Set up a dedicated email address 9. Lock down your urls and hide pages. 10. Decide upon an identity. 11. Build an editorial calendar. 12. Keep pages hidden and load content into the channels. 13. Go live. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 97
  98. 98. Defining Goals The Long Term Goal: Giving customers a say in developing, Influence supporting and evangelizing your brand Melding social into your overall marketing program Integrate Enagaging with fans, followers, press, analysts and critics Interact Basic benchmarking, auditing and listening to conversation about your brand, customers & products Interest Develop marketing and business plans without benefit of any data or insights generated on the social web about you or competitors Ignore social3i Proprietary and Confidential 98
  99. 99. Defining Goals • Is this an exercise for Awareness, Trial, Purchase, Retention or Referral • How do I know if this is successful? • How do I know if not doing anything is hurting me? • What does perfection look like? • Understanding Viral vs Targeted. social3i Proprietary and Confidential 99
  100. 100. IS SEO one of the goals? social3i Proprietary and Confidential 100
  101. 101. Listening and Discovery Tool social3i Proprietary and Confidential 101
  102. 102. Listening and Discovery - Going offsite to find conversation already happening social3i Proprietary and Confidential 102
  103. 103. Using LinkedIn for simple ground work social3i Proprietary and Confidential 103 Page 103
  104. 104. Developing a plan - Discovery • Where do my customers and competitors spend their time online… For fun… and to find info? • What kind of devices do my customers use? • Where do I want my brand – and my name – to have “presence” and be personally managed? • Where is it unsavory, irrelevant, or not valuable to maintain and invest in brand presence online? • What are the least expensive and time-consuming ways I can “amplify” and extend the reach of my existing marketing campaigns and activities? Page 104 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 104
  105. 105. What should I expect? • How large is your addressable target market? • How often will you have news? • Are you using Social Media for Awareness, Trial, Retention or Referral? • Are you going to actively engage with the customers? • Will you use the customers’ feedback? • Benchmark your competitors’ efforts  How much time do you think they are devoting?  Can you compete with that level of involvement? social3i Proprietary and Confidential 105 Page 105
  106. 106. Key Social Performance Indicators • Awareness & Education: Are we contributing to the overall awareness of the brand, the product, and its features? • Trial: Are we driving new significant and high-quality experiences with the product? • Loyalty: Are we driving repeat visits to/sessions with the product? • Engagement: Are we driving engagement with our consumers through communities and connections? • Evangelism: Are we creating evangelists that will share the brand’s and product’s virtues to others? 106 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 106
  107. 107. Where in the Marketing Life Cycle to Focus Awareness • Being found in search • Developing interesting content Retention Referral • Involving Customers • Customer support – with development Publicy solving process customer issues • Giving customers • Taking customer ways to promote feedback your message social3i Proprietary and Confidential 107
  108. 108. Determining Level of Effort/Time/Money social3i Proprietary and Confidential 108
  109. 109. Decide how much control you can let go… social3i Proprietary and Confidential 109
  110. 110. Defining Channels (The Brian Solis Flower) social3i Proprietary and Confidential 110
  111. 111. Understand content cycles • A video on YouTube gets 50% of its views in the first 6 days it is on the site, according to data from analytics firm TubeMogul. • After 20 days, a YouTube video has had 75% of its total views. • That's a really short life span for YouTube videos, and it's probably getting shorter. In 2008, it took 14 days for a video to get 50% of its views and 44 days to get 75% of its views 2010-5#ixzz0vSdScBK1 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 111
  112. 112. What will you share with the community? Eloqua on social3i Proprietary and Confidential 112 Page 112
  113. 113. Develop Internal Best Practices Documents Example: Best Practices for Company Blogging Tip #1. Recruit multiple bloggers Effective blogs are updated frequently. But many small marketing teams struggle to find the time to continually feed the beast. Having multiple contributors ensures your blog will be a compilation of multiple viewpoints and relevant expertise that attracts a variety of readers. Tip Tip #2. Enforce regular posting Maintaining a consistent schedule is essential to a successful blogging strategy. Get the CEO on board. Tip #3. Share metrics and reward success Run internal contests to single out the blogger whose post was shared the most. Shares the metrics from the team’s blogging and social efforts to show the rest of the company how important their contributions are. Source: Marketing Sherpa social3i Proprietary and Confidential 113
  114. 114. Build Editorial Calendar Editorial Calendar Date Offline Retail Group Aggregated Blog Facebook (In Twitter (In YouTube Foursquare Event Content on addition to addition to Web Site general replies and discussion) discussion) Sun 10/10 Mon 10/11 Tues 10/12 Wed 10/13 Thurs 10/14 Fri 10/15 Sat 10/16 Sun 10/17 Mon 10/18 Tues 10/19 Wed 10/20 Thurs 10/21 Fri 10/22 Sat 10/23 Sun 10/24 Mon 10/25 Tues 10/26 Wed 10/27 Thurs 10/28 social3i Proprietary and Confidential 114
  115. 115. | Seattle Washington blog Supporting Tools for Execution
  116. 116. DandyID social3i Proprietary and Confidential 116
  117. 117. Url Shorteners – ― , , etc…‖ social3i Proprietary and Confidential 117
  118. 118. Twitter Tools – CoTweet social3i Proprietary and Confidential 118
  119. 119. Twitter Tools – TweetDeck (Also Hootsuite, Seemic) social3i Proprietary and Confidential 119
  120. 120. Twitter Counter social3i Proprietary and Confidential 120
  121. 121. Tweet Stats social3i Proprietary and Confidential 121
  122. 122. Tweet Volume social3i Proprietary and Confidential 122
  123. 123. Tube Mogul • Allows one upload to launch to the majority of the video sharing sites simultaneously. • Keeps stats on each of your channels that allows you to measure historically. • Limited plans are free and then paid plans offer increased reporting and site upload options. • social3i Proprietary and Confidential 123 Page 123
  124. 124. | Seattle Washington blog In Class Discussion – Teatro Zinzanni and Merrill Gardens
  125. 125. | Seattle Washington blog Extra – How to Create a Facebook Tab
  126. 126. Customization social3i Proprietary and Confidential 126
  127. 127. Customization social3i Proprietary and Confidential 127
  128. 128. Customization social3i Proprietary and Confidential 128
  129. 129. Customization social3i Proprietary and Confidential 129
  130. 130. Customization social3i Proprietary and Confidential 130
  131. 131. Customization social3i Proprietary and Confidential 131
  132. 132. Customization social3i Proprietary and Confidential 132
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  134. 134. social3i Management Bios Andy Boyer Xavier Jimenez Colin Lamont Integrated Marketing Integrated Marketing Integrated Marketing & Strategy & Planning Research & Ideation Mobile Campaigns Andy Boyer was a Principal at social Prior to co-founding social3i Xavier was Colin Lamont has 15 years direct media agency Spring Creek Principal and Analytics Practice Head at marketing, e-commerce, and product Group from 2007-2010, leading client social media agency Spring Creek management experience in helping build campaigns inside Microsoft and other Group in Seattle Washington. Xavier has and grow consumer products and services. companies, developing short and worked with Fortune 500 brands like Most recently, he was the Vice President of long term social media strategies,, RealNetworks, American Marketing at GotVoice, an Ignition Partners and recruiting a team of Engagement Greetings, T-Mobile and Microsoft to funded mobile solutions company that was Leads and Community Managers. deliver deep consumer insights using successfully sold. An expert of integrated His previous experience is emerging media measurement marketing, Colin leverages social media highlighted by six years in e- technologies. As chief social intelligence outreach to support direct marketing, commerce marketing at streaming strategist, Xavier is tasked with qualifying branding, PR, speaking engagements and media pioneer RealNetworks from and transforming raw data from online events to cost-effectively grow companies. 1996-2002. As Co-Founder of video, mobile advertising, widgets, blogs, Previously, Colin worked at RealNetworks, social3i, Andy develops holistic social social networks, and other user starting in 1995, & culminating as Director media programs that are integrated generated content into deep customer of Consumer Marketing for the RealGames into overall marketing efforts. intelligence. and GameHouse divisions in 2006. Twitter: @aboyer Twitter: @xjimenez Twitter: @social3i Linkedin: Add Andy to your network Linkedin: Add Xavier to your network Linkedin: Add Colin to your network E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: social3i Proprietary and Confidential 134
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