English Assignment 1


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An cause and effect essay

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English Assignment 1

  1. 1. "The Millennials' Stress" an cause and effect essay Name: LEE JO YEE Student ID: 0314880 Course: Foundation in Natural and Built Environment (FNBE) April Intake 2013 Module: English 1
  2. 2. Pre -Writing Ego Task: High expectation from the family The norm of the society (Asian culture) Self behavior wants their children to bring honor and pride to the family Only looks at the good academic achievements or results instead of potential talent Look down to people with poor result - blame them Eg: Do not hire them for work eg: Do not accept them into university Force them into different tuitions, and give punishment if fail to meet expectations. Feel humiliated in front of other parents if their children are poor in academic. Thus, young people may lost interest in studies. They feel even pressure when they try their very best to be accepted by the society. ego Cannot accept people greater than him or her Set a lot of goals for himself or herself Willing to sacrifice their leisure time, not letting themselves rest They may end up having depression, anti-social
  3. 3. In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard in their studies. What do you think are the causes and effects of this condition? Plan your response, and then write a cause and effect essay. The Millennials' Stress Today with the invention of technology and machine man believe that themselves are able to succeed in anything. It thus leads to a higher demand of perfection in whatever we do, a faster pace of lifestyle and unconsciously a greater amount of stress is generated too in achieving such distinction. The same thing goes to the younger generation, the Millennials (18 to 33 years old) who are the future leaders in the next 20 years. They are found struggling in study and some even described it is an excruciating experience in handling these invisible yet powerful stress. The causes of these stress for the young people may be varied but can be categorized into the high expectation from the family, the norms of the society and their own behavior. Family with high expectation often exerts huge pressure towards their children. The children are expected to bring proud and honor to their family name and thus being put into different kind of tuitions and talent class such as music, ballet, advanced mathematics and etc. Their schedules have been piled up so that their parents would not be humiliated or embarrassed in front of the other parents, even it takes to kill their children precious leisure time. Ironically, when most of the parents try their very best to raise a genius and what they do not realize is that they are actually killing the children's talent, or even worse the interest and passion in learning. The norms of the society is one of the major factor too, typically Asian culture and society. The society tends to look down on people with poor academic results and ignore the potential talent that they have. For instance, they do not accept their applications into a university or do not hire them as an employee. This phenomenon
  4. 4. thus stresses the youngsters nowadays to study harder and harder to meet the guideline that the society has set. In the end, the street will be full of A+ scholars but without any of their soft skills (Ron, 2013) and communication skill developed --- like an army of robots produced by a factory with dry facts in their mind but zero critical thinking skills. Thirdly, the stress may caused by the youngsters themselves. Some of them practice egoism and could not accept the fact that others are greater or better than them. Hence, for example, they are willing to sacrifice their time spending with family watching drama or playing football with neighbor kids and use it to study instead. Some even set goals and targets for themselves in order to stand out from their peers, to full fill their desire to be the cream of the crop. The satisfaction and enjoyment upon reaching these goals may turn into an instant killing weapon when the students fail and could not handle the coming stress. This is why some them have depression, anxiety, being anti- social, alcoholism, insomnia, drug usage and worse case of all, choose to suicide (Rebecca & Vivien, 2006) --- as a way to run away from every responsibility and stress. In conclusion, high expectation from family, the norms of the society and the students own behavior are the causes leading to excessive that most young people face today. Stress can be a positive energy to motivate you to perform the best but in the same it can be an overwhelming power that drives you nuts.("Good Stress, Bad Stress" 2013) Always bear in mind: Resting, prepare you for a longer journey.
  5. 5. References: 1. Ron Torch. (2013, January). The Growing Importance of Soft Skills in the Workplace. (30th May 2013). Retrieved from www.torchgroup.com/TorchLiteJanuary2013.cfm 2. Rebecca P. Ang & Vivien S. Huan. (2006, July). Relationship between Academic Stress and Suicidal Ideation: Testing for Depression as a Mediator Using Multiple Regression. (30th May 2013). Retrieved from mres.gmu.edu/pmwiki/uploads/Main/schoolMED2010.pdf 3. Good Stress, Bad Stress. (2013). (30th May 2013) Retrieved from www.ulifeline.org/articles/426-good-stress-bad-stress