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Assignment 1

  1. 1. Name : Melvin Lim Wei JienStudent ID : 0315772IC No. : 950814-10-5493Subject : English 01Lecturer : Ms. Thrivlojana Perinpasingam
  2. 2. Pre-Writing (Listing)Causes : 1) Parental pressure2) Heavy education system3) Competition to success4) Wants to just get the degree certificate5) Worried about the futureEffects : 1) Anti-social may happen2) Suicidal, Commit Suicide3) Gets angry easily4) Frustrated easily5) Not enough rest
  3. 3. In most countries youngsters are lack of free time for their leisure activities andthey are normally busy studying because of their education authorities/teachers,parents, relatives and some other close peoples. Some of the major causes of thiscondition and some effects are included in this essay. Everybody agrees that the key tosuccess lies under hard work. Thus, everyone wants to study hard and be successfuland happy. However, this may lead to having very little leisure time and under a heavypressure because of studying hard. What are the causes and effects of this problem?Firstly, many countries tend to have a very heavy education system. In such acountry, people have to spend many hours at school every day, some even had nochoice but to sleepover. After coming back from school, they will have tons ofhomeworks and assignments that are supposed to be handed in the day after that or inthe same week. Obviously, they are left with very few choices except to do and to studyhard. If not, unfinished work will cause them to get low makes or even 0% marks.The competition for success and making sure they succeed in future is also themain cause for young people, which makes them wants to concentrate only on theirschool or college performance and making sure they get good results in the end. Inother words, without a right attitude, a person could enforce himself to study just to havecertificates. Young people also studies hard because they believe if they get a goodresult, they will have a brighter future.In addition, parental pressure is one of the other causes and it also leads thesituation to look worse. For example, as soon as a student arrives home from school, heis restricted by his parents, who make him or her do homework. Therefore, both
  4. 4. education authorities and parents have implausible influence on the young people.Young people have no choice but to listen to both education authorities and parents inorder to not disappoint them by getting low grades and unfinished work, and this causesthem to study harder and have additional pressure to their life.One of the effects is anti-social. Consequently, young people are putting more oftheir time in studying rather than socializing with friends and family. They tend to ratherstay at home and rush their highly amount of projects or homeworks given by theteachers than going out and relax with their friends. This makes them becomes veryanti-social and hard to socialize if they need to. For example, if they need to presentsomething or speaking in public, it might be a very big problem to them.Another effects of this is that youngsters tend to get angry and frustrated easilybecause of the pressure they are under. They are under so much pressure because ofthe tons of homeworks and project they get from school and that if anyone accidentallyannoys or disturbs them, they can’t be calm down easily and they’ll start to rage. Theyget angry so easily because they started to compiled their anger and hate towards thehomeworks since day one and that they will just rage out if they feel like they are beingannoyed by a person or something. Besides that, they will also not have enough restbecause of having to much pressure, they tend to not sleep easily in the night becausethey are frustrated about the next day.One of the main and common effects in some countries is commit suicides.Youngsters think that the easiest way to quit having so much pressure is to quit life, inother words, commit suicide and die. They quit life so easy because of the pressure that
  5. 5. the parents and education authorities gave are just too much to handle. Youngsterscan’t think maturely and properly because they get so much pressure and for them thebest way is to commit suicide.In conclusion, studying should be a good and fun thing to do, but having toomuch work giving by the teachers may cause a huge pressure to the young people.Also, especially when parents nowadays wants their childrens to get good grades andhave a bright future. In my opinion, education authorities and parents should also havea thought that giving too much work and pressure is not too good, they should try to fitin young people shoes and think for themselves. They shouldn’t make studying such adifficult and pressurize thing to do.
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