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English Essay

  1. 1. Name : Kelvin Ng ID : 0315081 Module : English 1 Session : FNBE april intake 2013
  2. 2. Pre-writing Less leisure time due to hard work Weak time weak time management Family responsibility Friend issue bad habit Wasting time High expectation influeces Economy status social life
  3. 3. 24 Hours A Day Nowadays, younger generation always complains about insufficient time to complete the task. ’24 hours a day isn’t enough for me’ they said. Less leisure time due to pressure to work hard in their study causing not just health problem but even more. Youth couldn’t manage their time well, family responsible and having problem communicate with their friend that causes them to lack of leisure time by huge pressure of hard work in academic. Most of the youngster encounter problem of weak time management. We save it, spend it , waste it , never had enough of time. Time management is actually very important as we need to plan what we should do tomorrow. According to the Free Time Survey done by Persuadable Research Corporation in October 2011, over 95% in all age range spend their valuable leisure time on internet for Facebook , Tweeter , Candy Crush and etc. We should get rid of the habit and go for the healthier one such as sport, board game and etc. That habit is perfect time killer that absorb most of your time on it. Otherwise, instead of so mean ‘releasing pressure’ while playing those games is actually bring more pressure. Additionally, those habit will not also a time killer but also a waste of money , there are some game which is not free and have to purchase. Most of people having habit those not finishing things that leave the thing half way and definitely the task undone will create more work for them. Multitasking had always lead to multiple things unfinished. There are some pressure causes by family responsibilities. Those parents had high expectation of their children in their academic but had ignored their feeling and keep squeezing their timetable with other activity such as piano class. Scholarship is one of the attraction and motivation for those students that have weaker economy status they work very hard to get the best result they could because they know that their family can’t afford their coursing fee to enter the university they want. Thus, they work very hard that more than the others to ensure they get a best result as they could and used all of their time just for study. Even worse, there are some unfortunate children which have to work when they study that causing them have to squeeze their time for study. Family issue is the hardest factor to come up with a solution, different person have a different based of family and economy status. Friend also plays a big part in this issue, there are some people who like fame so much that they even work hard in academic to beat their friend. The pressure given by themselves just to achieve better than his friend in academic result gives them more pressure. Some of the people look down to those who is low achieving in academic, just to preserve their friend, they often give themselves
  4. 4. huge pressure to do well in the exam or score the assignment. In another case, their friends could influence them to skip classes or breaking the rules which is wrong yet he wants to be good achievement in academic also. Trying to maintain balance between academic and social life is hardest task for a student which given them pressure that both are important to them. In a nut shell, time management is very important, being responsible with their family and to maintain their social life with academic isn’t that hard. They could set up a timetable to manage their time and keep them according to the timetable. Try to discuss with family when we encounter problem, they might able to help you or even lower your weight on your shoulder. For the friend issue, just be careful when we choose friend as it might affect our life as friend is closes person right after our family.
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