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J hudlow behaviorism


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J hudlow behaviorism

  1. 1. Behaviorism { By Jessica Hudlow
  2. 2. What? Who? How? My Classroom
  3. 3. • A philosophy that everything organisms do is called a “Behavior”• Philological disorders are treated by modifying the environment and changing behavior patterns.
  4. 4. • According to behaviorists animals and people learn to behave through a system of rewards and punishment. • People are conditioned to act the way they do after years of “rewards” both positive and negative.Back to Menu
  5. 5. • Born Sept. 26, 1849• Won Nobel in Medicine• Born and died in Russia• Originally Worked with nerves and reflexes
  6. 6. • Experienced with dogs, conditioned them to drool when they hear a bell• When he brought food forward they drooled, then he rang a bell when they did.• Soon the dogs associated the bell with food making them drool.• This process of behaviorism is called CLASSIC CONDITIONINGBack to Menu
  7. 7. • Teachers can use this to “reward” students using good behavior• Teachers can also condition negative behavior via punishment.
  8. 8. • Students yearn for attention and praise so they will want to do things that get them “rewards”.• Students mimic actions that they see other kids doing that gets them rewards• Students will see negative consequences and will refrain from doing them Back To Menu
  9. 9. • Ill give praise when a child answers an answer correctly. • Gold Stars for completed homework, 30 stars= prize • Negative behavior means loss of stars • Continued bad behavior is a note home to the parentBack to Menu