Countable and uncountable nouns, my presentation for english classes


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Countable and uncountable nouns, my presentation for english classes

  1. 1.  Countable nouns are nouns which we can count. They have singular and plural forms. Example:Bristle- bristlesBeaver-beaversElk-elksDress- dressesApple- apples
  2. 2.  They don’t have different plural forms.They don’t go with a, an, one, two and so on. They can be used alone or with some/any/much etc. These include:1)Many types of food.2)liquids.3)materials.4)Abstract nouns.And some other nouns.
  3. 3.  Yoghurt Flour Meat Cheese Butter Rice Salt Sugar BreadEtc.
  4. 4.  Coffee Tea Oil petrol Water Alcohol Milk KefirEtc.
  5. 5.  Wood Plastic Silver Gold Glass Crystal China ConcreteEtc.
  6. 6.  Knowledge Wisdom Love Justice Freedom Confidence BeliefEtc.
  7. 7. Research, luggage, baggage, hair, weather, behaviour, ad vice, news, fun, accommodation, information, equipm ent, rubbish, furniture, crockery, cutlery, money, jewell ery, machinery and so on.
  8. 8.  We can use a, an, one, two etc. with nouns such as coffee, tea etc. when we order something.Example:We’ll have two coffees, please.
  9. 9.  A piece of cake etc.  A carton of milk A glass/ bottle of water etc.  A bowl of sugar A jar of jam etc.  A bit of cheese A packet of rice etc.  A drop of water/liquid A loaf/ slice of bread  A lump of sugar A pot of honey/tea etc.  A pile of rubbish/ wood etc. A cup of coffee/tea Some of the nouns above can A kilo of meat/ cheese be also used with plural countable nouns. ( a kilo of A bar of chocolate/soap lemons, a bowl of berries A tube of toothpaste ,etc.) A can of soda
  10. 10.  Some nouns can be used as countable and uncountable, it depends on what you mean saying something.Examples:1) I’d like a glass of orange juice, please./ He took off his glasses and enjoyed the sun.2) I enjoy reading Sunday paper./ Could you give me a few pieces of paper? I want to write a letter.3) I found the most beautiful iron chair ever!/ Is this iron hot yet? I’m afraid of getting burned.
  11. 11.  A couple of, several, (a) few/ many, a ( good/large/great) number of, both + countable nouns. (too) much, (a) little, a great/ good deal of, a small/ large amount/ quantity of + uncountable nouns. A lot of, lots of, (hardly) any, some, no, plenty of + countable AND uncountable nouns.
  12. 12. Singular Plural1) ( economics, Nouns such asmaths.) and so2) (gymnastics, athletics, etc.) on.3) ( billiards, darts, etc.)4) ( measles, mumps, etc.) E.g.: Her quite high.And the word “ ”.When we talk about Nouns which refer to objects which consist of two parts, such as: , etc.E.g.: Three thousand miles is thedistance from here to that country. and so on.Group nouns such as:and so on.